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Homework for Monday, May 7, 2018

Homework Tonight Includes:
1) Study for Spelling Test & Vocabulary Test Friday
2) Two spelling options due Friday
3) Moon Flip Book- the first four pages need to be completed by this Thursday
4) Roman Numeral Quiz this Friday
5) Notes pages due this Wed.
6) Math Worksheet- Both Sides

Homework for Monday, April 30th

Homework Tonight Includes:
1) Reading Log & Math Facts
2) Spelling Test & 2 options on Thursday
3) Math Workbook- complete page 169 on factoring
4) Grammar – complete pages 212 & 213
5) Animal project research notes due Wed. May 9th
* NO vocabulary test this week!

Weekly Update from Mrs. Pumphrey (Aril 30-May 4th)

Save the Date:
May 4th- 3rd grade Cinco de Mayo Celebration with Mr. Turner

May. 5th- Field Day

May 21st- 23rd- Camp WAWA

May. 25th-Last Day of School (1:00 dismissal)

Important Notes:
Roman Celebration: Thank you all for helping with the Roman celebration! Despite the rain, the children had fun, and it was a great day of learning that would not be possible without the help of many hands! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Animal Research Dates:
Notes Pages due: Wed., May 9
Rough Draft due Wed. May 16
Final Report due: Mon. May 21
Visual Display due: Wed., May 23

Students will be presenting on Thursday, May 24th. If your child will be absent that day, please make arrangements so that I can accommodate your schedule. This project is mandatory.

Please note that students we will do some work in class, but most of the work will be completed at home. I would recommend that your child type their rough draft and final copy.

What’s Going on in our Classroom:
Reading: We are finishing up our in class book reports, and will also use reading time to work on on animal research.

Spelling: The words include, amateur, infectious, prompt, woe, absorb, invest, predict, slumber, negotiate, dreary, chill, picturesque, sufficient, pattern, grace, devotion, boast, actual, elegant, and inquire. Test on Thursday!

Vocabulary: On Friday, May 11th the students will take an assessment that is comprehensive to all of the words we have studied so far. The next few days we will be writing sentences and stories to review the words. Next week’s spelling list are vocabulary words that students are responsible for spelling on the final vocabulary assessment.

Math: We are working on measurement, order of operations, problem solving, and factoring.

Grammar: We are learning how to punctuate quotations.

History: Students will be learning about Roman numerals.

Science: We will begin learning about the phases of the moon.

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