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Dec. 18, 2018

Wow! What a special day we had!! The party moms and grandmothers went all out with reindeer cookies, 3 ornaments, a Santa game, shaving cream fun and holiday tattoos!! A huge THANK YOU to Amanda Collins, Gina Avelar, Jae Shim, Pete Guerrero, Priscilla Scruggs, MJ’s grandmother, London’s grandmother and Hannah Moore for showing our class a fun time!

How do like your child’s counting book? The children worked so hard and long in completing this masterpiece! What a wonderful teaching tool to keep for years to come and what do you know?…….made by your child! That is something to be proud of!

Your child may also have come home with 2 certificates… for reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and the other for recognizing numbers from 1-10. Don’t despair if you little one did not bring home the certificates……we will keep working with him/her.

On Thursday, we will wear our pajamas to school and see the movie, “Polar Express.” Don’t forget EVERYONE goes home at 12:45 in car line!!

Happy Birthday to London Moore and Mrs. Sloan who will celebrate birthdays on New Year’s Eve!!

Thank you to all our families for our own Money Tree! What a unique and adorable idea for displaying money! Do you think if we water it, it will grow more cash??

Last but not least, have a wonderful holiday break and may you be blessed in the New Year!
We’ll meet back on Thursday, Jan. 3.

Warm Wishes,
Wanda and Cindy

Dec. 7, 2018 Newsletter

It was a gingerbread kind of week! I told the flannel board story of “The Gingerbread Man,” and the children loved reciting what he repeatedly said, “Run, run as fast as you can. You can’t catch me, I’m the Gingerbread Man.” We heard other stories with the same theme. The children did a great job with the sequence activity of the disappearing Gingerbread Man. Of course it helped to eat the cookie while doing the project!! Yum! We played with Gingerbread play dough and cookie cutters. We decorated a paper gingerbread house complete with a family. Did your child put the family in order from smallest to largest?

We focused on the number 9 this past week. The class had some cutting practice as they cut out 9 road signs for their counting book. In Investigator Club, we counted and counted and counted some more—— making sure to touch each picture while counting!

Happy Birthday to Miss Effie Collins who turned 4 on Monday along with her twin sister in Mrs. West class.

We will continue next week with holiday activities and crafts and let’s not forget the number 10. We are also working on special gifts for mom and dad.

Have a nice week ahead, stay warm and dry.

Wanda and Cindy

Dec. 1, 2018 Newsletter

A little guy dressed in red made his appearance in our classroom to watch over the boys and girls. He flies back every night to give Santa his daily report on who was using their good manners. In case you haven’t guessed who it is –it’s “The Elf on the Shelf”! The class named him “Jingle” and the children have fun finding him because he is in a different spot everyday. The book and elf doll has become a well-loved tradition in our classroom as well as in many homes. Did you know the authors, Carol Aebersold and Chanda Bell (mother and daughter) live right here in Marietta?

We had Jingle help us to make a craft so we can count the days until Christmas. Just move the elf’s nose everyday until you get to Dec. 25th. Speaking of which, we will have our Winter Party on Tuesday, December 18. These moms signed up to help with the party: Jae Shim, Priscilla Scruggs, Molly Baer and Hannah Moore. Amanda Collins will be contacting you to coordinate the party. Can’t wait!! The last day of school before we break (Thursday, Dec. 20) will be a pajama day based on the Polar Express! Everyone comes to school in their PJs!!! How Fun! Remember, everyone goes home at 12:45 since there is no afternoon Tree House that day.

This week, we also focused on number 8. We practiced counting, stamping and coloring 8 objects. We placed 8 food items on 8 plates for our counting book. We also made an octopus with eight arms (really our hand prints) swimming in the deep blue sea.

Our coming attraction here next week at the best Early School class in Cobb County will be “The Gingerbread Man”! The boys and girls will hear stories, sing songs and make crafts about this traditional holiday character.

For the Investigator Club, we will focus on number 9 making nine signs for our counting book. Our counting books are coming home before the Winter Break. Just wait and see how great the books look!!

Recently, the class has learned to sing a song about the 7 days of the week. It’s to the tune of, “My Darling Clementine.” If your child can say or sing the days of the week in order, they will receive a certificate!

Have a very nice weekend.

Wanda and Cindy

Nov.11, 2018 Newsletter

This past week, the class heard the flannel board story of the first Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims landing in America. Upon arriving at Plymouth Rock, they found nothing but the beach and forest. They couldn’t stay in homes or check into the nearest motel. They were hungry and cold. We learned how the Native Americans came to their rescue and taught the Pilgrims how to survive in their new land. When the food became plentiful, the Pilgrims decided to give thanks and invited the Native Americans for a 3 day feast. To this day, we still carry on the tradition of this first Thanksgiving.

On a personal note, the Pilgrims’ journey reminded me of my 7th paternal grandparents who took that long voyage, not from England, but France, to New Orleans in 1719 when the city was just 1 years old! Like the Pilgrims, they endured terrible hardships of hunger and disease and in Louisiana, add hurricanes and yellow fever! I am sure that many of your ancestors made the journey to America seeking a better life for themselves and their descendants. How fortunate we are that they made that courageous journey so we can be Americans!!

Also, in the early part of the 20th century, my maternal grandparents came to Louisiana
from Sicily as young adults for better opportunities. Life on the farm in Hammond, Louisiana was quite different from the small village life in Sicily.

Okay now, let’s fast forward to the present. We learned about number 6 through coloring, counting, stamping and tracing. The class had fun writing numbers in shaving cream! It’s a lot different using your finger!

Coming up this week: Number 7, Days of the Week, Patterning, Thanksgiving Food and “What are you thankful for?” The highlight of the week will come on Friday with our family lunch at 11:30. Please RSVP by email to Amanda Collins and sign up to bring a child- friendly dish on Shutterfly. Don’t forget there will be no Tree House on Friday afternoon. Everyone goes home by 12:45 or after lunch.

Happy Birthday to M.J. who turned 4 on Friday!!

Have a nice week ahead.
Wanda and Cindy

Nov. 3, 2018 Newsletter

What a fantastic Halloween party! Many, many thanks to the party mothers and grandmothers who put together exciting activities and ghoulish snacks for our youngsters. Everyone had a blast feeling in spooky buckets for bat’s feet (grape stems) and eyeballs (grapes) to name a few. The children played candy cane bowling, decorated small pumpkins and got tattoos. The class had a blast! For lots of pictures covering the party, log into Shutterfly.

Last week was reviewing numbers 1-5 with fun-filled games like Halloween Number Bingo and Number Scavenger Hunt!

On the agenda this week, we will learn about number 6 and Thanksgiving. Monday is our Computer class which happens on the first Monday of the month.

Tomorrow is Open House 2-4 p.m. for families who are interested in enrolling in WA. They can visit classrooms and meet teachers, including me. Spread the word.

Have a nice Sunday,
Wanda and Cindy

Oct. 27, 2018 Newsletter

What’s that sound coming from our classroom?? Why it’s children chanting, “5 Little Pumpkins Sitting on a Gate.” The class LOVED this chant! I always try to include the words so you can sing along with your young child too. To reinforce Number 5, we made a project by placing 5 pumpkins on a gate……so cute! Besides the five pumpkins, there are five monkeys too! Those five naughty monkeys teased Mr. Crocodile and they jumped on the bed. Ask your child to sing these classic favorites also.

We heard a few stories these past few days on how a pumpkin grows from a seed. We hope you like the fold-out display your child made showing this sequence. Learning to sequence a life cycle or a story is a very important goal in our Early School curriculum. It lets me know if your child comprehended what happened in the beginning, middle and end of the story. We will continue to do more sequencing this year.

Get those costumes ready for Wednesday. A parade and party are planned for the morning…..How Exciting! Please refer to the letter that was sent home about the costumes.

Wanda and Cindy

Oct. 20, 2018 Newsletter

Good Morning Families,
This week, I feel like Fall is finally upon us with cool mornings and if you look closely, you can see the leaves on top of our campus trees turning colors. Because we have cool mornings, the children are wearing their jackets to school. PLEASE LABEL ALL OUTERWEAR with your child’s name. I cannot tell you how many jackets are lost because children leave jackets on the playground, in Specials or in Tree House! Thanks so much!

We had fun this week with Number 3! First, the class heard the flannel board story of “The Three Little Pigs,” and then we created that adorable craft of the three houses. We acted out the story by singing the song from Jack Hartman. The kids loved it so much, we played it twice. Ask your child to tell the story to you. They also heard the flannel board story of “The 3 Silly Wishes,” about a woodcutter who is granted 3 wishes and inadvertently wishes for the wrong things. It is a hilarious tale!

One of my favorite themes to teach is Nocturnal Animals. Quiz your child to see if they can name some animals that roam at night looking for food. I loved the art project of the spooky eyes peering out of the tree. They heard the books, “Little Owl’s Night” and “Quiet Night,” which was anything but quiet! The children liked making the animal sounds you hear at night. In Art class, the boys and girls created adorable Nocturnal owls which we hung on the bulletin board in our room. If you get the chance, make sure to check it out! On Friday, everyone wore their pajamas to school What a nice, easy morning for kids and moms alike! We will have another pajama day before Christmas break.

Our Halloween Party is fast approaching……..Wednesday, Oct. 31 and the party moms are busy at work preparing a fun day for the class. Our party will begin at 10:30 with moms setting up at 10:15. The children will wear their costumes and will parade through the Early School rooms before the party begins! More information will be coming home about the costumes.

I hoped you had the chance to visit the Book Fair last week. Thank you for the books I received from my Wish List. I do not know who donated “Pete the Cat….First Thanksgiving” book. Please let me know so I may give some hugs to your child.

On Friday, we had a birthday party for Bennett Sullivan who turned 4! Happy Birthday Bennett whose official birthday is today!

Have a Nice Weekend,
Wanda and Cindy

October 13, 2018 Newsletter

Good Morning Families!

We started learning numbers 1&2 and created the first two pages for our counting book. In the Investigator Clubhouse, the children interacted with the Number Board………..identifying numbers, finding sets of one and two on the flap board and counting. They heard the stories, “One Sun,” and “One of Each,” to reinforce these numbers. Speaking of numbers, the class had fun with the Number Jar. To encourage verbal skills, the snack kid brings a number of objects in the jar from home and does “Show ‘N Tell.” The children are learning to ask the snack child questions about the objects.

The class loved learning about scarecrows! We heard scarecrow stories and made the cutest plaque to show off their own scarecrow. It was not quite dry enough to take home Friday. Ask your child to sing and act out the song, ” I’m a Little Scarecrow”…’s hilarious!

It’s Book Fair Time! The book Fair is located in the Kdg. building (The Few Cottage).

Book Fair Hours are as follows:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 12 – 4
Thursday 12 – 6

Books purchased will benefit the school library.

Next week’s themes will be numbers 3 & 4 and nocturnal animals.

The photo is from Senora Thorogood’s Spanish class on Thursday.

Have a beautiful Fall weekend,
Wanda and Cindy

October 7, 2018 Newsletter

Good Afternoon Families,

“Old McDonald had a Farm” and other farm songs could be heard coming from our classroom this past week. What a blast the children had acting as farm animals and farmers! I hope you enjoyed the photo of your little one milking our “cow”!! Everyone looked so very cute dressed in their jeans, overalls and hats. One day we pretended to be sheep and sang a song, “Five Little Fluffy Sheep.” Each child participated in our mini musical. I predict some future Hollywood actors and actresses! We learned there are many types of farmers and crops. Vegetables and grains that are good for us to eat. Our pumpkin week will explain a little further how vegetables begin.

The class learned about ordering farm animals from smallest to largest in the barn. They did an excellent job with little supervision! This coming week, we begin patterning. We start off with simple AB patterns with objects, color and clapping. This is a very important part of beginning math in Early School! Let your child do patterns at home with toys or foods. Use two different cookies and let them create patterns.

Next week, we also begin Numbers and will start with numbers 1&2. Each child will make a counting book that will be bound. A book they can be proud of for years to come! Now don’t expect this book soon because it will take almost 10 weeks to see it. Another exciting activity we will begin is the “Number Jar” which will go home with the snack child everyday. A letter will be sent tomorrow explaining the jar. Children love to “Show ‘N Tell” and this is a fun way of achieving this.
The class will learn how to ask questions to the snack child about the object(s) in the jar. This increases vocabulary, thinking and verbal skills!! Wow!!

Enjoy the photos and have a great week ahead.

Wanda and Cindy

September 30, 2018 Newsletter

Good Evening Families,

Kudos to you, parents, for coming to the conferences last week. I hope you found them informative. I am looking forward to meeting with the families that took last week off to travel. I will catch up with you this week.

Since it was a short week and we missed some of our friends, we just did shape review. The class learned how to play color and shape Bingo. They also made a pretty shape collage and painted at the easel.

Every now and then Cindy and I will hear one of our Early Schoolers say something funny. Here are some awesome quotes from our boys and girls: “They always come back,” says Christian referring to mom or dad returning at the end of the day. After cutting strips of paper to make a flag, George said, “I can’t believe I just did that.” “I want to be a teacher when I grow up,” says Reese. “Why do you want to be a teacher?” ask Mrs. Sloan. “So I can do Circle Time,” replied Reese. “When I’m afraid, I go get mommy,” replied Trey.

Next week is Farm week with exciting activities planned. Friday will be dress like a farmer day. Don your jeans or overalls!

Enjoy the pictures and have a good week.
Wanda and Cindy

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