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Wonder Abounds at Woods Acres

Wisdom begins in wonder.” -Socrates
Wonder abounds at Wood Acres and it is never more evident than at the start to a new school year, especially this one. Children wonder who their teacher will be. They wonder when recess and lunch will happen. They wonder if someone will play with them. They wonder when they will learn to ready, divide, and write cursive. They wonder if they will do well in class, have much homework, or make new friends. Wonder does abound.

This year the wonder of our planet, its place in the solar system, and the rare occurrence of a total eclipse had us in awe and wonder as hundreds of Wood Acres students and families filled the campus plaza and Quad, donned viewing glasses and were properly awed by this “wonder”ful event. Now that is how to kick off a school year! Wonder did abound.

Our goal each school year @ the Woods is to remain steadfast in seeing that each child experiences wonder in each classroom, each grade, and each program. As the cadence of our school year begins to hum, routines established, and the initial wonders subsides Wood Acres does not disappoint. In a school for all seasons, the natural wonder of butterflies, caterpillars, and graceful sidewalk shadows reminds all of us that wonder does abound! Join us often this year to find the child in each of you and the wonder that is discovered every day at the Woods!
Happy New Year to all!

We Matter!

Graduation Day for our 8th graders and the Honors Assembly for all students have come and gone and the campus is quickly transforming into a fun, sun filled summer camp for two months. And while bidding farewell to students, some of whom has been here since they were two years old is bitter sweet, the students’ speeches at graduation about the importance of Wood Acres in their lives brought tears to our eyes and an overwhelming sense of pride for our school. We matter! We impact lives! We mold the future! We model what we preach and walk the talk of teaching, learning, and caring each and every day! Just listen to the words of our graduates to confirm these amazing feelings!