Learning with your head and heart.

Early School

The Early School at Wood Acres is distinctively unique as compared with traditional preschool programs or Mother’s Morning Out options.  The Early School offers a rare third option:  an actual “school” for the earliest learners coupled with the purposeful play opportunities and socialization found in the more typical preschool programs.  Wood Acres early learners are ready for so much more than mere color recognition and routine step counting.  Wood Acres Early School students are surrounded by nationally rated, well-researched curriculum geared just for them in the areas of early literacy, numeracy, and the physical world around them.  Toss in classes in art, music, foreign language, physical education, technology, science, and the biggest sandbox in town!  This type of Early School environment both celebrates the joy of childhood and play as well as the joy of exploring and learning actual concepts and knowledge acquisition.  Wood Acres is the place to be for excellence in Early School education.

  • Navigating the Two Year Old Curriculum

    To describe a curriculum for our youngest Wood Acres students is to describe all things physical, all things social, and all things emotional. From “me”, “mine”, and “no” at the beginning of the academic year to “I do it!”, “we”, and “yes” by year’s end serve as great vocabulary descriptors of basic goals for the earliest formal childhood learning experiences. In the capable hands of our experienced Wood Acres faculty and staff, Wood Acres students in the Two Year Old Program flourish in a nurturing yet invigorating early school setting. The curriculum is designed to enhance student skills and levels of understanding. Wood Acres teachers of the Two’s interweave classic children’s literature throughout the curriculum to make learning more relatable and engaging. We believe in varying “ages and stages” as children develop at different rates and developmental levels throughout the school year. We recognize each child as an individual and work to motivate each child to progress at a stimulating pace without pressure or loss of self-esteem.


  • Navigating the Three Year Old Curriculum

    The journey for students in the Three Year Old Program begins with stimulating each child’s curiosity in the world around them, encouraging a love of learning, and developing early reading, mathematical, physical, social, and artistic skills. In The Wood Acres Early School, the joy for learning is as evident in the classroom as it is on the playground.


  • Navigating the Four Year Old Curriculum

    The journey for students in the Wood Acres Four Year Old Program begins with continued encouragement in a love affair with learning, developing and growing in writing, language and mathematical skills, fostering physical development, enjoying self-expression through art and music, and enjoying the sounds, songs, and cadence of another language. The Fours school day is longer, richer, and more focused on the natural progression from Wood Acres Early School to beginning Kindergarten the following year. Their math and reading program closely links the two years of learning into a powerful model of student success.


This Matters At Wood Acres.

  • High Expectations For Teaching And Learning

  • Strong Instructional Leadership

  • Safe Learning Environment For Everyone

  • Positive And Welcoming School Climate

  • Valuing Time On Task For Mastery

  • Close Home School Partnerships