September. 15, 2019 Newsletter

It is a weekend of celebrating the longevity of this learning establishment. I am looking forward to seeing our legacy families and teachers today at the birthday bash from 2-4 on our campus!! In this day and time, not many companies can boast being in business for 50 years! I am honored to be a part of half their history!! Please come and help us celebrate!

The children have adjusted nicely to the routine and schedules of our busy days. Mrs. Alger and I couldn’t be more proud!

We began our week with Little Cindy Circle (Puppet) who introduced her favorite shape to the class. We made circle bird feeders to feed our feathered friends. Later on in the week, we met Sammy Square. We also heard the story of “Spookly the Square Pumpkin.” Ask your child how Spookly’s strange shape saved the other pumpkins.

On Friday, we made patriotic crowns to wear to our celebration today! This art activity also involved patterning. The children stamped red and blue stars in pattern form on a strip to make the crown. Following a pattern, whether by sight or sound, is an important Math objective in Early School learning. In the future, there will be lots of opportunities for your child to show patterning. See photo below.

This week, we also practice our cutting skills. We started with a square because straight lines are easier to cut than circles! Remember “thumb up” when showing your child how to cut. If you are afraid of the mess, let your child practice cutting over a box top or tray, but they need to practice at home! You know the old saying….”practice makes perfect!” Buy good, sharp, child scissors like Fiskars or Scotch Brand……no plastic scissors…..they will only “chew” and not cut the paper.

Next week, it’s on to triangles, rectangles and ovals.

I am looking forward to conference days on Mon. and Tues. Sept 23 & 24. Don’t forget, there will be no school or Tree House these days.

See you at the Party!!

Wanda and Erika

Happy Birthday Wood Acres!

Dear Parents,

What an awesome week we’ve all had in our classroom!

We are right on track with our Super Kids curriculum and finished strong with our lesson on Golly the dog. The kids had a great time with all of our fun activities involving Golly and his love of garbage (silly dog)!Yesterday we introduced our newest Super Kid, Alf (not to be confused with that furry alien from the 80’s sitcom, I promise). Alf focuses on the /a/ sound and words like: Antarctica, ants, applesauce, and astronaut. Alf is short for Alfalfa and he is a boy full of adventure! He loves taking real and imagined adventures like camping, mountain climbing, and sailing the seas. However, he has some pesky friends that he can’t seem to shake, ANTS! They’re always on his backpack or on his pants. No wonder he dreams of having an anteater for a pet! For our introductory lesson, we discussed the beginning and middle /a/ in our words. There were several that tricked us, but we got better with practice.

In math, we had a hands-on activity where we used other shapes to create different or new shapes. Did you know that two triangles can make a diamond? Or that eight triangles can make a hexagon? The class worked in small groups to come up with as many variations of triangles, trapezoids, hexagons, squares, and rectangles. Nothing got past them! We also focused on color and shape patterns to create new shapes. It was really helpful to have smaller pieces that coincided with our lesson so everyone could have a visual on how different pieces can be moved together to make the shape they needed.

Social studies this week found us learning all about our Constitution! I took a moment to share a School House Rock video with the class about the Constitution and Preamble. Good thing the internet keeps all those classic educational jams! We discussed how the Constitution is a set of rules for all Americans and we decided that we should make our own Constitution too! Everyone came up with a rule and just like the Framers (you know, the guys who were first to sign off on those rules), everyone signed their name at the bottom. I even TRIED to use my fanciest handwriting to make it super official. If you’d like to see it, we have it hanging on the back of our door!

Also, everyone became scientists this week! We took our first trip to the science lab (Beaker Jr.) across campus with Mrs. Siegleman’s class and had a scavenger hunt. Everyone was able to find one piece of equipment that belongs to the lab and we all had a great time discussing each object (beakers, droppers, pinchers, scales, and even a life-sized skeleton)!  I’m so excited to teach experiments to the class each week, so keep your eyes peeled for some fascinating updates!

This week in art we finished up our own skyscrapers, which were put up in our classroom on Friday. We know they’ll be proudly displayed for all to see. The class had a great time working on rectangles of various sizes and we love to see when two subjects (math and art) come together organically to create a new lesson!

We also finished up our week with our very first VIP, Connor! It was so much fun learning about Connor’s favorite things: bowling, cats, the beach, and of course the fact that he wishes he had a little brother 😉 Connor’s mom was able to visit for lunch one day this week too and that was such a fun day! Thanks Connor for sharing your poster with the class, we loved learning more about you! 

A few reminders as I finish up:

Conferences are coming up September 23 and 24! Thank you all for being so diligent and signing up, I appreciate it so much!

Don’t forget about the East Cobb parade on Saturday! Wood Acres will be walking in the parade! Come watch us and cheer us on! Also, Wood Acres has their 50th birthday/anniversary celebration this Sunday from 2pm to 4pm! I hope you all are able to come and share in some fun! We’ve worked hard to display handmade American flags, come see them in our classroom on Sunday! 

And our Word of the Week is ANTEATER!

As always, it’s such a joy for us to teach your child and learn more about them. Thank you again for allowing us such a privilege! We love our class so much!

Remember, “Think like a proton, always positive!”

With love,
Ms. Porto and Ms. Kathie

4th Grade Weekly Update Week of September 16-20

Thank you so much to the Allman family! On Tuesday, Mr. Allman shared different types of lenses and telescopes with our class! Thank you both for taking the time out of your busy day to give our class this special learning experience. On Friday, we met with our Book Buddies for the first time! We made bracelets and read books. Check out the pics below! I’m also uploading the pics to our Shutterfly site since I’m limited with how many I can load on my blog. So, if you don’t see an individual picture of your child with their Book Buddy, check out the Shutterfly site!

Please look in Friday Folders for confirmation letters for our upcoming conferences.

Tomorrow, on Sunday the 15th from 2:00-4:00 students are invited to attend the Wood Acres 50th birthday celebration! They each received a tshirt on Friday to wear if your family is able to attend.

Science: Last week, students experienced a real treat as Mr. Allman, Eva’s dad, set up a special demo about different types of lenses using high powered telescopes! It was very exciting! Students did very well on our first unit test. It was graded and sent home in Friday Folders. Now, we are continuing to explore the compound microscope and learning the different advantages gained with each objective lens!

Math: We will begin the first lessons of our combined chapter 2 and 3 addition and subtraction unit. A detailed list was attached to my last blog post of the lessons we will be covering if you need a refresher. Last week, we started the unit learning about addition properties: identity, commutative, and the associative. We will continue with addition algebra concepts, starting with expressions and variables. Students will use these variables to create addition and subtraction sentences. Some mental math skills will be reviewed from last year, but will increase in difficulty by using larger numbers and an additional addend or subtrahend. We’ll cumulatively review the skills and tie them all together at the end of the week!

ELA: Students did not receive a new spelling list last week; we’re taking a week off to focus on phonics and using the terms we tested on last week in context. The phonics skills we’re covering this week are consonant digraphs, such as sh, ch, th, wh, and ph. This would be a great time to work on the first quarter book report without spelling words to study! We’ll continue our novel study this week, by reading chapters 5 and 6 in Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. Over the course of the week, students will write journal entries in response to excerpts from the book and share them with their classmates to deepen their understanding.

History: With Constitution Day approaching, we’ll review the importance of the day and the history surrounding it. We’ll complete a little project that helps break apart the Bill of Rights terminology. We’ll then begin our next unit which will focus on World Mountains. This is a fun unit that ends with a project making a mountain brochure using Microsoft Publisher. Our first lessons will be all about mountain formation and finding examples of each type.

5th Grade Weekly Update for Week of September 16th

Photo Highlight of the Week: Happy birthday, Darby! We had fun celebrating this special day with you!

Math: Last week, we had fun playing Kaboom as we improved our mental math skills by studying the patterns of zeros when multiplying. Students also enjoyed our “Who Dun It?” game, where they solved math problems to solve a mystery, similar to the game Clue! We also practiced finding larger products with two and three digit multipliers as we played classmate trivia! Students were given a trivia fact about a classmate and solved a math problem to figure out who it was! This week, we will continue practicing finding larger products and learn tricks that will help us solve problems with zeros more efficiently. We will also practice problem-solving and learn how to evaluate exponents!

ELA: Last week, students worked incredibly hard to improve their writing by incorporating bigger and better transition words and adding supporting details! Students will have an opportunity to share the writing this week. In our current novel study, we suspect that the stranger in the yellow suit has a sneaky plan in mind. This week, we find out what that plan is! Our vocabulary test for chapters 15-19 will be on Wednesday! We will also introduce new words after the test. In grammar, students learned how to identify direct and indirect objects within a sentence. This week, they will learn how to diagram them.

Science: We concluded our exploration of the animal cell, and now, we are moving on to the plant cell! Within Investigation Four, students will discover that plant cells are also eukaryotic because they have a clearly defined nucleus. They will learn that the plant and animal cell have many organelles in common, however, the plant cell has a few additional organelles. These organelles include the cell wall and chloroplast. We will learn why these organelles may be present in plant cells but not in animal cells. As students complete assignments that will help them with their cell model project, I will grade them and send them home in Friday Folders with a note attached to keep it. Please look for references about the animal cell in the next Friday Folder!

History: We’re going to finish up our Daily Geography we didn’t get to at the end of the week on Monday. With Constitution Day approaching on Tuesday, we’ll use the week to celebrate and learn more about the Bill of Rights by completing a foldable that helps break down each one of the amendments. We’ll begin our next unit, Westward Expansion Before the Civil War later in the week. We’ll study one of the most notable explorers of the time period: Daniel Boone.

Other: Don’t forget to join us on Saturday for the East Cobber parade at 10:00 a.m. and our special celebration at Wood Acres on Sunday from 2:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.! Also, in Friday Folders, you will find a letter about parent conferences. Please sign and return these on Monday! On Friday, we will celebrate Johnny Appleseed with our book buddies!

Week at a Glance:
Saturday- East Cobber Parade at 10:00 a.m.
Sunday- Wood Acres 50th Anniversary/Constitution Day Celebration at the Woods from 2:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.
Monday- Return parent conference sheets and signed math test
Wednesday- Ch 15-19 Tuck Vocabulary Test
Friday- Book Buddies at 11:00 a.m.

Weekly Update from Mrs. Pumphrey

Save the Date:
September 15 @ 2:00: Constitution Day Rally Round the Flag celebration & Wood Acres 50th! Food trucks and fun! Third grade will be performing at the beginning of the program, which begins at 2:00!!

September 23 & 24: Parent Teacher Conferences

Important Notes:
Book Report: Our first book report is a fiction book and the students will be completing a Cereal Box Project. The completed project is due on Wed. Sept. 25th. Students will be presenting their book reports to each other.

What’s Going on in our Classroom:
Reading: Next week we will read Pop’s Bridge in our reading textbook. Test on Friday.

Spelling: Words include: fancy, absorb, serious, major, blurt, purpose, according, emphasize, involve, opinion, beaker, flask, weight, density, float, sink, materials, displace, estimate, and accurate. Test on Friday.

Vocabulary: Unit #4 words include: capture, coward, exclaim, gloomy, insist, passage, restless, shallow, shatter, and talent. Test on Friday. (Don’t forget to have your child use to help with the study of Unit 4 words.)

Math: We are working on adding larger numbers with multiple regroupings. We are also working on solving word problems. Next week we will take our chapter two math test, and begin subtraction with regrouping.

Grammar: Finishing up Unit 1.

History: We have begun our study of Canada. I will be sending home information regarding our Canada Vacation Project next week, and will have lots of examples on display. Feel free to look at them with your child to get some creative ideas.

Science: We are going over Investigation Two together, and working in our Student Data Record books.

As always, call, text, or email me with questions. Have a great weekend!

Friday News

Happy Friday everyone! Just a couple of quick things today. Our letter this past week was R and next week we will be working on the letter B. We have started our first Happily Ever After unit, Little Red Riding Hood and hope to finish up next week.

We had our first meeting with our Book Buddies today. They are sixth graders and today they came to our room and joined us for lunch…the kids had a fun time meeting and hanging out with the “big Kids”!

Have a great weekend!!

A Person’s a Person no matter how small they are. Dr. Seuss

Wood Acres families,

What a dazzling week we’ve had last week as we discovered new shapes and celebrated our country as a school community! Constitution day was a hit. The children looked so patriotic (and ADORABLE) dressed up in our school t-shirts and silly hats! Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to join us on this special day. Uniting together as a faculty, student body and family to celebrate our freedom is one of the things that makes The Wood Acres such a special place to be!

This week, we will continue with shapes as we introduce two more shapes, oval and rectangle. The children did a fantastic job during this unit as they discovered that shapes are everywhere. As we close out this unit, we will play some of our favorite games, shape bingo and hide n-seek shapes are just a few, but who knew the kids would enjoy these games to! For creativity, we will make Humpty Dumpty for the oval shape and rectangle people for rectangle. What creative little ones we have.

Investigator Club we will be working on the following;

– Social and Emotional skills: It’s ok to be me.
Objective is to understand that we are all different in many ways.

– Oral Language: Rectangle clap board.
Objective is to identify and match rectangles on the flap board.

– White Board: Forming rectangles on the board.
Objective is to use writing for a variety of purposes

Friendly reminders;

– Fun Friday is wacky hair day. Be creative and have your child come to school with their best looking wacky hair.

– Mystery reader is at 9:00. We would like to welcome Mrs. Hillery Caden’s mother with open arms. We are looking forwad to having her a part of our fun Friday and listening to some of Caden’s favorite books.

September Birthdays. We would like to wish Bailey a Happy 4th Birthday. May you have a day filled with lots of wishes that come true.

Have safe and healthy week!
Ms. Orsano & Mrs. Thomas

September 13, 2019

Another week has come and go and we are settling nicely into our new “work” routine!
We finished up our first book in our Happily Ever After Program and will be moving on next week with the story, “The Three Bears”. We did lots of work this week with our letter “R” by making rainbow fish (on display in the classroom- make sure to check it out!), rockets, a race car track and making a picture of a man raking fall leaves! It has been a busy week, but the kids did a great job keeping up. They all even got to go to the treasure chest today because they all did so well!
We had our first mystery reader this week and the kids loved it! They loved putting their heads down and seeing who it was and loved getting to learn more about airplanes! I also introduced our class pet, Tommy the Turtle, today and sent him home with our first friend! What an exciting day!
I hope to see you all at the East Cobber Parade tomorrow, at 10:00 and cheer on Wood Acres, as it is our first year in the parade! Ms. Hannah and I, along with lots of other Wood Acres staff, will be in the parade! And do make sure to come by on Sunday from 2-4 to help us celebrate Wood Acres 50th birthday and to celebrate constitution day! There will be dessert trucks, a concert and lots and lots of fun and laughs- make sure not to miss it! The kids were sent home with a red shirt today for them to wear on Sunday! Hooray to 50 years!!
Thank you all so much for celebrating this wonderful moment with us!

Hope to see you all this weekend!!

September 13, 2019

Hello everyone! Friday the 13th, full moon, hot weather, all make for a little extra crazy, here today! We finished up with the letter R, and are moving on to the letter B next week. There was fun in the sandbox today even though it was sweaty. Thank you to our Mystery Reader, Ms. Cortez for coming by…the kids always love that!

Tomorrow is the East Cobber parade, hope to see some of you around there. Also the celebration on our campus to say Hooray for 50 years of being a terrific school in East Cobb, on Sunday!

Have a restful weekend everyone…

Mrs. Staggs

This Matters At Wood Acres.

  • High Expectations For Teaching And Learning

  • Strong Instructional Leadership

  • Safe Learning Environment For Everyone

  • Positive And Welcoming School Climate

  • Valuing Time On Task For Mastery

  • Close Home School Partnerships