Info to Know

Hello Everybody,

Wow, the chill in the air is quite different than what we had last week. It seems that winter is finally here, so please make sure your student has the proper clothing for outdoor recess and for walking to our specials. Thank you!

I want to thank you for returning your student’s report card so quickly. I hope you noticed the improvements from the 1st and 2nd grading periods, and I can’t wait to see what’s to come for this grading period. Since it’s the third grading, I will begin to grade a little bit harder because your student has learned a great deal so far, and I want to see how well they are remembering and applying all that’s been taught, practiced, and reviewed.

For the upcoming week,

Reading – We will begin the week with a realistic fiction, Luke Goes to Bat.

Vocabulary – We will be working on antonyms.

Comprehension Skills and Strategies – Sequence of Events and Formal and Informal Language

Phonics – Long i (i, igh, ie, y)

Math – We are moving along quite nicely on two-digit subtraction.

History – The class loved our discussion on the Oregon Trail and learning that children their age had to walk the 15 miles each day for six months before reaching the end of the trail. Next week, we learn more about the gold rush and how some earned their fortunes with clever inventions and business maneuvers!

Science – We will continue investigating the earth’s surface with sand, gravel, potting soil, and top soil.

Please come to Wood Acres on Sunday, January 26 from 2:00-4:00 for our annual Open House. It’s a great opportunity to see what’s to come for your student as a 3rd grader. Hope to see you there!

One more bit of information to know, Monday, February 17 we have no school, for Presidents’ Day but TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 18 AND WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 19 ARE PARENT-TEACHER CONFERENCES. I will be sending out a Sign-up genius for you to reserve a time to talk about how well your 2nd grader is getting ready for 3rd grade. Please let me know if you are out of town, so we can make other arrangements for your parent conference. Thank you.

I do believe that is all for now, and I hope you enjoy your day off from school. Please use this time towards helping and being kind to others in our community which is still Martin Luther King, Jr.’s message to one and all.

Yours truly,
Cheryl Leagan
2nd grade teacher
The Wood Acres School

5th Grade Weekly Update for Week of January 21st

Math: Last week, students learned how to multiply fractions and mixed numbers, and we introduced the meaning of dividing fractions. This week, we will learn the procedures for dividing fractions and mixed numbers.

ELA: We are working hard researching our presidents! If your child needs extra time, you can sign him or her up for Treehouse on Wednesdays. I work in the homework help room on Wednesdays, so I will be there to provide assistance. On Monday, I will introduce our outside reading novel for the quarter, The Watsons Go to Birmingham.

Science: We are concluding Investigation Two this week. Investigation Two allows students to explore the effects of gravity in the context of unbalanced forces. Students make a small and a large object, find the mass of each object, then conduct trials to establish the time that it takes for these objects to fall to the ground. In analyzing these trials, students are introduced to the formula for calculating acceleration. Through collating and presenting their data, students come to understand that while the force of gravity is dependent on the mass of the object, acceleration due to gravity is a constant 9.8 m/s2.

History: This week we continue to discuss westward expansion after the Civil War. We will learn more about the cattle frontier, the expansion of the Transcontinental Railroad, what it was like to be a cowboy, and farming the west. Students will create a creative writing piece that will showcase some of the topics we’ve discussed thus far. Students will also get to share their stories around a “campfire” and enjoy s’mores all while dressed as cowboys (of course, optional). It’s such a fun day!

Other: In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., we watched his “I Have a Dream” speech and students created their own speech with changes they would like to see in our world. They are extremely moving speeches and on display in the classroom! I’ve also given students an extra credit opportunity! I’ve challenged him or her to be the change they want to see in the world by completing a selfless act of kindness. For many, caring for our environment was something important to them. So, he or she could help pick up litter at a local park! Or, help a friend or family member do something you normally would not. They are suppose to snap a picture of the selfless act and bring it in by Wednesday to earn bonus points.

The 100th day of school is on Thursday! We will celebrate with our book buddies! On Thursday, we also have our meeting about Camp Widjiwagan. It will be held in my classroom following dismissal. Please let me know if you are unable to attend, and I am happy to send home the paperwork with your child on Thursday.

Week at a Glance:
Wednesday: Selfless Selfie Bonus Assignment Due
Thursday: 100th Day of School; Camp Widjiwagan meeting
Friday: Cowboy Day

4th Great Weekly Update Week of January 20th

Don’t forget! Monday is MLK Day, we do not have school or tree house services available that day. We have a fun week planned! On Wednesday, we’ll do a little craft with our Book Buddies, and on Thursday, we’ll celebrate the 100th day of school with a fun activity.

Math: This week, we will continue our study of division. We’ll review zeros in the quotients on Tuesday and then cover division with money and order of operations. We’ll take order of operations into the next week since it’s tough concept and a basic element of algebra.

History: On Tuesday, students will complete an activity that has us thinking more about the importance of Martin Luther King Jr. and his contributions to our history. We’ll hear powerful words spoken, come up with our own dreams, and learn a little about a great man. We will also continue with our study of the Constitution. Planning the Constitution and the Constitutional Convention will be the big focuses of the week. At report card time, we discussed how important it is to go back over notes and/or lesson questions a second time once we’ve discussed them. This is a great practice to put in place!

ELA: We are finish up our verbs unit this week. We’ll review our final lesson, contractions, on Tuesday. Then, students will receive a cumulative assignment that will help them prepare for the test on Friday. Notes pages in the grammar section are also good study tools! We had a solid start working on note cards Friday and will continue the research throughout the week. Starting this Tuesday, January 21st, I will be staying after school on Tuesdays while my daughter is in a Cooking Class with Mr. Rogers. I am offering up time for students work on their research papers from 3:00-4:00. This is a great time to get ahead if you know your student is going to be absent, or to catch up if they are absent. If your child wants to stay after school on Tuesdays, please send me an email or verbal confirmation by Tuesday morning!

Science: On Tuesday, students will have the opportunity to make test corrections using data books and summary worksheets. Therefore, students must make sure they bring data books to school. If they did not already turn in their summary sheet to me on Friday, they should bring it on Tuesday. Later in the week, we will investigate chemical energy, including endothermic and exothermic reactions!

January 17, 2020 Newsletter

How about that awesome Counting Book your child brought home this week?!! I know you will agree with me that this project is a keeper because it is one your child can read by himself/herself over and over again. Be proud of the work your little one did to complete this book.

This week the class began learning the alphabet. The alphabet will be introduced through the Investigator Club with Dilly Gator putting on an alphabet show. All her friends will take part with costumes and props. The children, in small groups, will recognize the uppercase letters and learn a little about letter sounds. They will trace letters and write them in various materials like shaving cream, rice, sand, just to mention a few, and pay close attention to the letters in their name. Since the boys and girls loved “The Number Jar” so much, we will continue with “The Alphabet Jar.” The snack kid will bring one item that begins with the letter we are focusing on in the jar. The class, in turn, will ask the snack child questions about his item. This activity is not only fun but reinforces letter sounds and verbal development.

We started with letter A and heard the story and song, “The Ants Go Marching”. We stamped ants on letter A which was really an anthill. We tasted sweet, red apples and green, tart apples and then made a graph. The red, sweet apples won by a landslide from observing the photo. In the future, we will make more graphs.

For letter B, we had a blast blowing bubbles outside and we blew air through a straw to make colorful bubbles in soapy paint. We laid paper over the bubbles and presto made bubble painting!! We also interacted with puppets while I read, “Brown Bear, Brown Bear.”

Be sure to save the letter crafts your child brings home and display them in his/her bedroom or playroom. A good way to display all 26 letters is to hang them on a “clothes line” so they can look at them daily. It makes for a great teaching tool and they can feel proud of their work!

In honor of Dr. M.L. King, the boys and girls made a special project about kindness.
Don’t forget, Monday is a school holiday!!

Happy Birthday to Mira (Jan.5), Beau (Jan. 11), and Caleb (Jan. 15) who turned 4 this month!!

I was so impressed by the boys and girls cutting skills!! Did they practice over the Winter Break? If you look carefully at the bulletin board Mrs. Alger made, you can see the beautiful snowflakes the children cut out. Now granted Mrs. Alger helped some, but I was Wowed by how intricate the snowflakes were!

Mrs. Roussarie and Mrs. Alger

All of US!

Dear Parents,

Boy has our class been busy, busy, busy!

We have officially finished meeting all of our Superkids and are discussing the letter U for us! Boy is this class excited!  We have learned how to write both the capital and lower case letter and have worked hard to come up with words beginning with U. Now that we have introduced all of the Superkids, we will start the Superkids Club in a couple of weeks. This is where the class will focus on blending letters to form new sounds that will help teach us reading skills, as well as segmenting sounds with spelling. We’ll also focus on comprehension with reading and will also work on more detailed writing assignments. There will be a new packet of words and information coming home with each club book, so be sure to check your child’s folder!

This week we finished up chapter 6 in Math. We learned about equal and unequal parts, lines of symmetry, tallying surveys, and several different types of graphs! I must say, all of the children excelled on this chapter! Keep up the good work kiddos!

In science, we finished up our lab on observation and data and will move on to hibernation next week! Our last unit talked about observing different patterns in the world. It also discussed lines of symmetry just like our Math lesson covered!

In social studies, we finished up our unit on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The class was very attentive when we played his, “I Have a Dream” speech and worked hard to come up with their own dreams for our country. I have to say that social studies seem to be the favorite out of all subjects- the class is so full of questions and stories about what they are learning.

For a fabulous fun Friday treat, we got together with our book buddies! Each of us read a book to our buddy and then enjoyed lunch with them! These kids sure love catching up with their buddies!

Please remember that open house is scheduled for Sunday January 26 from 2pm to 4pm. I hope to see all of you there in 1st grade!

Don’t forget the word of the week is: symmetry

With love,
Ms. Porto and Ms. Kathie

January 17, 2020

Hello Everyone! Our week went as follows:

* Jellybean Science (pictures attached)
*New story in Pre reading: Jingles, Poems & Rhymes
* A trip to the computer lab
*Jellybean graphing in math
* Working on gymnastics in PE
* So, our letter of the week was “J”, of course
Next week will be the letter “K”

Reminder: Monday is school holiday, so we will see you all on Tuesday!

Have a great weekend – Mrs. Staggs & Mrs. Tallman

Happy 2020!!!!

Dear Parents,

Welcome back!

We hope that you all had an enjoyable and restful winter break!  I was delighted to see everyone again and if I’m not mistaken, it seems like everyone grew an inch!

Our class didn’t skip a beat on Monday when school resumed. In math, we reviewed our lesson on bar graphs, picture graphs, pictographs, and tally marks. Then moved on to equal and unequal parts. We learned about lines of symmetry and if we wanted to share with a friend we would have the exact same amount just to be fair 😉 This math lesson happen to coincide with our Science unit! During Science we discussed patterns and different lines of symmetry. There we go with that cross curriculum again! The class has really enjoyed their time in the lab with Mrs. Siegleman’s class!

In Superkids, we finished up learning about EttaBetta, which made that soft vowel e sound, before the break and when we returned, we met a new friend Hot Rod! Hot Rod loves racing and perfecting his car The Fast Cat! He also loves going fast and “hitting the gas”! We have learned how to write the letter H and have come up with many words that begin with the h sound. These kiddos sure do enjoy Hot Rod!

Social studies this month will have us focused and learning the important lessons from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as well as others like Rosa Parks. This is a difficult lesson but teaches the children all about kindness. Be sure to ask them what they remember learning about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the life he led.

During P.E. this week, the children began their gymnastics unit, how fun! We started off slow by tackling the balance beam. Mrs. Goodson taught our class how to walk forwards and backwards on the beam! It was challenging for some but we sure had fun doing it!

We’re excited to be back at school and can’t wait to share all the exciting things that will be happening in 2020!

Word of the week is back! Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is this week!

With love,
Ms. Porto and Ms. Kathie

January events and news

Good evening!!

This email is filled with lots and lots of important and useful information. January is the start of quarter 3 and is the busiest quarter of the school year.

Spelling tests: Beginning the week of January 20th and lasting until the end of the year, we will only have 1 spelling test a week, and it will be on Fridays. There will no longer be an opportunity to re-test. The spelling list will also increase from 10 to 15 words a week, starting February 3rd. This helps prep the students for second grade when they need to spell 15 with an increase to 20 words a week.

Superkids: We started More Adventure of Superkids this week. It is our final series in Superkids…sniff, sniff. Please practice the word list that came home last week Monday. Not only will they be tested on these words periodically, but they are also encouraged to be used in their writing.

Math: Timed math tests will begin next week, January 13th, with the 4’s. We did a practice test last week (they came home in Friday folders.) Each student will make flashcards and will keep them in their desks. I highly encourage all students to have both addition and subtraction flashcards at home to practice nightly.
You received their first study sheet Friday in preparation for the test next Wednesday.
The test is timed for 2 minutes and they need to answer 25 addition facts. There will be all combinations of 4’s up to 12. Ex. 4+12, 12+4, 11+4, 4+11 and so on down to 4+0.
Everyone takes the test on Wednesday.
Those who receive 100% do not need to re-take the test for the rest of the week.
Those that did not get 100% re-take on Thursday, and if need be on Friday, too. Be prepared for tears for the first few weeks. This is a new concept and many expect perfection. It is hard to do 25 facts in 2 minutes (especially with 6, 7, 8, and 9 math facts.)
Friday’s grade is the final grade I take.

Footprints: We will continue with 1 Footprint sent home and 1 done in class a week. We have 9 to complete for the quarter. We will complete our first Footprint together next week. We will talk about using the word ‘and’ in our sentences to join two ideas together. Our sentences should be a bit longer and filled with more details from the story. Most students should be completing these with little assistance.
We are still having a difficult time understanding how to correctly use quotations and dialog in our sentences, so I am asking that there are NO QUOTES in their HOME Footprints.
I promise these have a purpose!! If done correctly, they will learn to become independent writers who will be able to summarize any story given to them, which is a key tool needed in 2nd grade.

I updated the calendar and created a few sign up lists to the Shutterfly account. We have many in-class projects and events these next few months, and I will need your help. Please take a look at the lists and see if there is anything you are able to contribute to the class. Thank you very much!

*1st event: 100th day. Each student makes a necklace (with 100 beads each) and a trail mix with (100 food items). This will take place on Thursday, January 23th.
*2nd event: Dr. Seuss in-class project. There are other materials and supplies that are needed as well, they will be posted on Shutterfly soon. We will start this project on February 3rd.
*3rd event: Valentine’s party. We will have our Valentine celebration on Friday, Feb 14th at 2 pm. There is a signup on Shutterfly to be a volunteer for the party. Sign up if you can! I will send home a paper copy of all the student’s names for kids to make out Valentine’s. There will be more details closer to the party.
*4th event: Leprechaun Trap. We will use remaining shoeboxes to make the trap but will need other items to lure those sneaky Leprechauns in. We will start this project on March 2nd.

Each subject has a common theme in quarter 3, and that is ‘to prep them for 2nd grade.’ Conferences are just around the corner, and I am looking forward to sitting down with each of you to share (and show) the growth your child has made this year. The sign-up sheets will be on Shutterfly shortly with available times.

Wood Acres Winter Open house is Sunday, January 26th. This is a great opportunity for you to meet and visit our 2nd-grade teachers, Mrs. Littleton and Mrs. Leagan. Not only will they share some of the curriculum for next year, but this also gives you an opportunity to explore their classrooms and ask any questions you may have.

I appreciate all your support in what I do each day. Your children are all amazing! It will be a long 3rd quarter….but together, we will get through it!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,

This Matters At Wood Acres.

  • High Expectations For Teaching And Learning

  • Strong Instructional Leadership

  • Safe Learning Environment For Everyone

  • Positive And Welcoming School Climate

  • Valuing Time On Task For Mastery

  • Close Home School Partnerships