GAZETTE#9 November 18th

Today, we met Frits, our new Superkid. The children love his song about flat fish that flip and flop. In this unit, we will learn about two different types of sentences: the telling sentences and the asking sentences. The children will easily be able to recognize them.
THE WORD LIST TEST IS Thursday, December 5th.
Chapter 5 is all about numbers to 31. We are learning how to identify the numbers and compare them. This week we are learning to identify numbers through 30. We also talked about what it means if a number comes before, after or between. In order to identify those high numbers, we will learn how to make groups of tens to make counting easier. THE CHAPTER 5 TEST IS ON Tuesday, December 10th
This week, we are starting our new Lab Learner Unit: Making and Recording Observations. We’ll learn in the prelab how important details are. In the first investigation, the children will be introduced to the formal process of making and recording observations, as they will investigate whether different materials can be added to and separated from water. The children will discover that some of the substances can be separated using a sieve while others cannot. In addition, we will learn that labeling the drawings provides a way for the observations to be shared and discussed with others.
It is hard to believe, the holidays are coming up and very quickly this year. In our classroom, we will see how people around the world celebrate the holidays.
If you would like to share a holiday you celebrate with us, please let me know. We would love to learn about different traditions.
Mrs. Siegelman and Ms. Kathie

Hello Mr. Turkey

Dear Wood Acres families,

Gobble, Gobble your the one, we give thanks for your little ones! Mrs. Thomas and I would like to thank you for all the amazing support this far and for supporting our school as a hole. We are very thankful to be a part of your child’s early childhood years and to be able to teach them to grow into the flowers they need to become.

Our study of numbers continue as we transition from seven into eight. For creativity, we will add this number into our number book. (Eight plates) We will work on our fine motor skills by peeling smelly food stickers onto the plates.

The week our theme is “Pilgrims and Native American”. We will be spending some time learning the history of who the Pilgrims and Native Americans were, and how they worked together to create the first celebration we know today as Thanksgiving. The children will create dream catchers and rain sticks and we will also continue to practice our songs, “Hello Mr. Turkey” and “I’m Glad I’m Not A Turkey”.

This week in Investigator club we will be focusing on the following:

Social and Emotional: “Make Things Right”
Objective is to learn to problem solve.

Literacy: Rosalita Salita lapbook
Objective is to listen and follow along with the story.

Friendly Reminders;

– Our Thanksgiving celebration is this Wednesday at 10:30 in your child’s class. We can’t wait to give thanks for all we have! If you have not done so please let us know if you will be attending. Thank you

– Early dismissal is Friday at 12:45 during carline. Lunch will be provided.

– Fun Friday is pajama day. Wear your favorite cozy pjs to school. Our book buddies will be joining us for the morning to play and read some stories with us. Oh what fun!

– Wood Acres will be closed the week of November 25th – November 29th for Thanksgiving break. We will resume back to school on the December 2nd.

Have a safe and healthy week!

Ms. Orsano and Mrs. Thomas

November 17, 2019 Newsletter

This past week, the class heard the flannel board story of the first Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims landing in America. Upon arriving at Plymouth Rock, they found nothing but the beach and forest. They couldn’t stay in homes or check into the nearest motel. They were hungry and cold. We learned how the Native Americans came to their rescue and taught the Pilgrims how to survive in their new land. When the food became plentiful, the Pilgrims decided to give thanks and invite the Native Americans for a 3 day feast. To this day, we still carry on the tradition of this first Thanksgiving. Like the pilgrims, we discussed in class, what we are thankful for and made a turkey to display those people or things.

On a personal note, the Pilgrims’ journey reminded me of my 6th paternal grandparents who took that long voyage, not from England, but France, to New Orleans in 1719 when the city was just 1 years old! Like the Pilgrims, they endured terrible hardships of hunger and disease and in Louisiana, add hurricanes and yellow fever! I am sure that many of your ancestors made the journey to America seeking a better life for themselves and their descendants. How fortunate we are that they made that courageous journey so we can be Americans!!

Okay now, let’s fast forward to the present. We learned about number 7 through coloring, counting, stamping and tracing. Since there are 7 days in a week, I took the opportunity to teach a catchy tune that Barney (yes, that purple dinosaur) taught many preschoolers about the days of the week in order. You learn concepts a lot faster if you sing them. (Think the ABC Song). We also had a ball dancing to, “The Weekly Rap,” where we do a different action for each day of the week.

We are preparing a few songs for Wednesday”s Family Feast. Hooray and thank you very much for signing up to bring food from “Sign Up Genius”. We will have a nice spread of food. Don’t forget, the feast is at 11:00 in our room. Hope you can make it.

Thank you to Jenny Park, Caleb’s mom, for reading to the class on Friday.

Next week, we will discuss more about the first Thanksgiving and Number 8. This Friday, will be “Pajama Day.” Everyone will wear their pj’s to school!! How fun!!

Mrs. Roussarie and Mrs. Alger

Full of Thanks!

Hello and Happy Sunday!

What a great weekend! The Bulldogs won, started some holiday shopping with my daughter, and completed a stitching project that I started almost a year ago. I am delivering this special gift to my cousin’s son for his first Christmas. I feel quite blessed and I have so many reasons to be thankful so let the celebrating begin.

Speaking of celebrating, these next couple of days will be very exciting, festive, and so much fun. First, I MUST thank Mrs. Garza, Mrs. Wolfe, and Mrs. Costa for helping our students make the cutest little decorations for our Thanksgiving feast. Also, thank you to those who signed up to help with our Thanksgiving Feast. If you are bringing in food, setting up our room, or cleaning up when the day is done, I truly appreciate it.

As far as our Thanksgiving Performance, if your student is dressing up as an Indian, any earth-tone colored clothing will be perfect. We are making vests this week to be worn during the performance. If you student is dressing up as a Pilgrim, then black and white clothes will be great for the collars and bonnets we are making in class this week.

Depending on weather and temperature, there is a possibility that our performance will be done outside in our Outdoor Classroom. I will keep you posted and let you know before Thursday what we will do. You may want to bring a blanket to sit on or put on your lap just in case.

This Week:

Reading: This past week, most of my 2nd graders picked out the non-fiction book they want to read for the next book report. If a change is needed before our holiday break, please let me know because I have other non-fiction books to choose from.

Language Arts: We will be taking a week off from our typical Journeys Textbook and spend the week learning about the history of the first Thanksgiving. We will also be working to complete flip books that will go home by the end of the week. Please note there will be no spelling list for next week which means no vocabulary, reading, or language arts homework. Yeah!!!

Math: Our Chapter 3 tests were well done. I am very proud of their hard work; especially with those line plots because they can be tricky! Soon, we will be working on our two digit addition with carrying over.

History: We are moving along in history and will be discussing haikus, kimonos and bonsai trees and their importance to Japanese culture. We will also be working on creating our own haikus.

Science: We are continuing on with Earth Surface and inspecting white marble and black obsidian.

Please let me know if you have any questions! As always, thank you for all YOU do!

A note from Mrs. Armstrong, our 4th grade teacher:

In years past, the fourth grade class at Wood Acres has made sandwiches for MUST ministries for our Thanksgiving philanthropy event. Their rules regarding food have changed recently, and we are unable to make sandwiches on campus because we do not have a certified kitchen.

Mrs. Armstrong has been in contact with MUST and found a great substitute! MUST Ministries gives out hygiene kits to outreach clients and from their pantries to individuals in need. Fourth grade is collecting items so that they can assemble the kits on Friday, November 22nd on the early release day. Their goal is to create 50 kits of the two different types of kits they are collecting, for 100 kits total. One of the kits contains smaller travel size items and the other contains full sized items. If you travel a lot and have some items at home, this is your chance to clean out your cupboards! The item list comes straight from MUST and they greatly appreciate our event because they are very low in their supplies at this time of the year.

All items can be dropped off in Mrs. Armstrong’s classroom on the top floor of Turner Hall behind the glass doors.

Hygiene Kits for Outreach clients (can be travel sized)
Soap/Body Wash
Chap Stick
Face Towel (Washcloth)
Shaving items for men

Hygiene Kits for Save It Forward Pantries
Full Sized Shampoo
Full Sized Toothpaste
Bar of Soap

Thank you so much in advance!

Hope your weekend was awesome and I am really looking forward to seeing you on Thursday at 9:00 for our Thanksgiving Performance.

Yours truly,
Cheryl Leagan
2nd grade teacher

Parent Update

I hope everyone has enjoyed a lovely, fall weekend with your families. As we were mostly indoors all of last week (due to weather), we look forward to the week ahead with sunshine and warmer weather!! This past week we spent time learning the number seven (please continue to review with your child), and crafting some special surprises to share on Wednesday at our Family Feast.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Family Feast on Wednesday, November 20th @ 11:00 for our celebration. Thank you all for volunteering to fill the table with yummy food! The children are excited, and eager to preform for you. Please arrive on time, as we will mingle for a few moments, preform and enjoy the feast!

Next week, we will continue with Thanksgiving theme and introduce the number 8. We are also asking for a donation of one apple per child for a special project. If you would be so kind as to have this in by Tuesday morning, we would greatly appreciate your help!

Enjoy your evening!
Liesel West and Marian Phillips

5th Grade Weekly Update for Week of November 18th

Photo Highlight of the Week: Our students had so much fun helping our book buddies create a Thanksgiving turkey! Check out additional pictures below!

Math: Last week, students enjoyed playing partner games, like Goofy Gorilla and Fraction King, in order to practice some of the skills we are learning within our unit! Problem-solving will be our focus this week as we wrap up our current unit. Students will learn how to use our knowledge of least common multiple and greatest common factor to help us solve word problems. This can be a difficult concept for some. Therefore, encourage students to use the graphic organizer that will be given in class to help with the homework!

Our unit test will be on Tuesday, December 3rd when we return from Thanksgiving break. We have soaked in a lot of information within this unit! Students will complete a study guide on Thursday that will provide additional practice putting together all the skills we have learned.

ELA: On Monday, we will hold our oral discussion about Turn Homeward, Hannalee and students will take a comprehension quiz to check for understanding. I’ve selected some of the quiz questions that students created themselves on last week’s assignment. Our Shades of Gray chapter 9-10 vocabulary test will be on Wednesday.

This week, students will practice identifying the meaning of unfamiliar words by using context clues and learn about the different types of conflicts. In our previous novel study, students learned that we can identify the protagonist of a novel because he or she is the one that often undergoes a change. Now, we will learn that the protagonist often experiences conflict that helps bring about this change. Students will learn that conflict can be both internal and external and will identify the different types of conflicts. We will take a closer look at our current novels to compare and contrast the different types of conflict that are at play.

I am LOVING the selfie-challenge wall! Please continue to send in those pictures for bonus points! With a little extra time off next week, it would be a great time to explore the great outdoors and explore our local Civil War sites!

Science: Last week, students learned that there are different types of levers. They learned that a first class lever has the fulcrum in the middle, a second class lever has the load in the middle, and a third class lever has the effort in the middle. We studied real-world examples and students created a poster showing the different types of levers that will be on display in our classroom. In lab, they are creating a first class lever and learning how the length of the effort arm affects the amount of force needed to lift an object. They will discover that lengthening the effort arm decreases the amount of effort needed. In our next trials, however, they will discover that this still does not change the work done though and will explain why.

History: This week, we’ll resume Daily Geography studying the Mercator Projection map and latitude and longitude. We’ll discuss the differences between the Robinson Projection and the Mercator and find the locations of specific continents and oceans using coordinates. Continuing our Civil War studies this week will include a closer look at some important people during this time period. We’ll discuss Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and Ulysses S. Grant. For Jackson, we’ll watch a biography that shares his quirks and contributions. On Tuesday, ask your student how he rode around on a horse during his days at West Point! We’ll also look at some important contributions from women and African Americans.

Other: Unfortunately, I caught the stomach bug my daughter had earlier in the week, and I was out on Friday. Therefore, I will send home Friday Folders and midterm grades on Monday! I am attaching an additional copy of the midterm grade for you to keep at home. Please sign and return the original copy on Tuesday. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, I am happy to schedule a time to meet or talk on the phone!

Please join us on Friday, Novemeber 22nd at 11:00 a.m. to enjoy a family feast together! With all of the other activities going on with our younger ones on campus, we like to keep our feast more casual. It will begin at 11:00 a.m. and end around noon. Families are welcome to join when they can and stay as long as they like. Other family members are welcome to join too! Just please RSVP with our room parents, so we know how many to expect. A Sign-Up Genius list was created where you can sign up to contribute. We are looking forward to this time together!

We also have early dismissal at 1:00 p.m. Afternoon Treehouse services will not be available. Please let me know of any transportation changes! Thank you!

Week at a Glance:
Monday- THH Ch 7-8 Assignment Due; THH Comprehension Quiz; Midterm Grades
Tuesday- Return signed progress report
Wednesday- SOG Ch 9-10 Vocabulary Test
Friday- Thanksgiving Family Feast at 11:00 a.m.; Early dismissal at 1:00 p.m. (No Afternoon Treehouse services available)

Upcoming- Thanksgiving Break- No school November 25th-November 29th; Chapter 4 Math Test on Tuesday, December 3rd

4th Grade Weekly Update Week of November 18th

ELA: Don’t forget! The spelling list on the back of the agenda is the current spelling list and will be tested on Friday. We will continue to read Rules this week, reading through chapter 11. We are going to pick up our Word Study and Phonics book this week, focusing on the ti and ci sounds, Vowel Sounds ai, ay, ei, ey, and vowel sounds ind, ild, and igh.

History: On Monday, we’re going to make posters that cover the main ideas of the last three lessons we’ve covered with small groups. We’ll then move on to some of our last lessons including the Battle of Saratoga, Valley Forge, and discover how the fighting shifted towards the south. We’ll also resume Daily Geography; studying the Mercator Projection map and latitude and longitude. We’ll discuss the differences between the Robinson Projection and the Mercator and find the locations of specific continents and oceans using coordinates.

Science: We will continue our exploration of matter and pH this week. Last week, students tested the pH level of various liquids including vinegar, dish detergent, and lemon juice. We also explored how diluting these substances with water affects the pH level of these liquids. This week, we will investigate how to test the pH level of a solid, such as baking soda. Then, we will complete our post lab discussion to analyze the results of the data we gathered. I anticipate that our test over Investigation 4 and 5 will be the week of December 2nd. Students should begin reviewing the vocabulary terms for both investigations and the Investigation Four summary worksheet that came home in Friday Folders. Please remember that they need to keep the summary sheet to turn back in the day of our test! They use those sheets to help with test corrections.

Math: On Monday, we’ll look back at 16 problems students worked out on Thursday in our “multiplication rotation” (properly named by Eva, haha). We love some kinesthetic learning in the morning! Students rotate among their desks and work out different two-digit by two-digit problems. On Tuesday, we will move on to three digit by two digit multiplication and practice the rest of the week before our break! We might even do another multiplication rotation!

Friday Info: At 9:30, we will put together our MUST Ministry hygiene kits. I think we’re going to make our goal of 100 kits! It looks like we’re still running low on washcloths, full sized shampoos, and full sized toothpaste. All are welcome to help prepare the kits for MUST! After we stuff kits, we’re going to keep things pretty low-key for the rest of the day. Feel free to order pizza from Mr. Rodgers, go to a sibling feast, scootch out early to start your holiday, or hang out for Turkey Bingo, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, and popcorn!

Numbers Galore!

Dear Parents! 

We are gearing up for our feast next week and we absolutely can’t wait for you all to see our performance and to feast with us!

This week in Superkids we finished up hanging out with Tic, Tac, and Toc and their shenanigans too! We worked hard practicing our word list during the week and had our word list test on Friday. Everyone tried really hard and did a great job!

In Math this week we learned the numbers 12 through 16. We also talked about what it means if a number comes before, after or between. The kids did a good job with this difficult concept.

Spanish had us talking about Thanksgiving or Dia de Gracias! The kids really enjoyed talking about this with Mrs. Thorogood! During Art, we finished up our owls on a book page and moved on to getting messy with clay, How fun! Be sure to check out your child’s owl, they were sent home on Friday. In computer lab we worked on practicing the keys on the keyboard. Then we played educational games on ABC mouse and got to listen and watch a book on the smart board! We sure do love our computer lab time! Last but certainly not least, in Music we danced and sang our hearts out. We even learned a new song A Ram Sam Sam!

Our VIP for the week was Ethan! Ethan loves spending time with his family,  wishes he had flying skills and his favorite place to be is on a cruise! I completely agree about his favorite place! Thanks so much for sharing so many wonderful things about yourself Ethan, we sure enjoyed it!

Our feast is next Thursday, November 21st. The sign up sheet has been posted. Please make sure you have signed up as everyone is invited to come and feast with us!

Don’t forget the word of the week is Thanksgiving!

With Love,
Ms. Porto and Ms. Kathie

November 15, 2019

Hello and Happy Friday Everyone!
This week has flown by it seems and brings us to the end of the letter “L”. We will start with the letter “C” next week, so watch for the letter bag! Highlights of the week:
* Science was all about lemons…think smell, touch, and taste. Just about everyone ate their piece of lemon except for me. I just can’t do it unless it is lemonade.
* The kiddos had a trip to the computer lab for more learning using technology.
* In Art, the project was Dalmatians which turned out fabulous. They are hanging up in the room if you get a chance to stop in. Otherwise I will post a picture below.
* Our Book Buddies came by Wednesday to read to us and help make friendship bracelets.
* The week ended with a Mystery Reader, Mrs. Brown…excellent stories. Big thank you!!

See attached pictures and have a restful weekend!

Mrs. Staggs & Mrs. Tallman

This Matters At Wood Acres.

  • High Expectations For Teaching And Learning

  • Strong Instructional Leadership

  • Safe Learning Environment For Everyone

  • Positive And Welcoming School Climate

  • Valuing Time On Task For Mastery

  • Close Home School Partnerships