Raspberry Pi Demonstration

The 4th and 5th grades were treated to a wonderful and very informative demonstration of how a Raspberry Pi works. This is not a yummy, gooey dessert. It is a very small computer that can be used to make an endless number of electronic equipment. It has a board the size of a credit card with all the connections you would find on a regular sized computer. This part gets a little boring and technical for some, but others will appreciate the specific information if they think taking on a project with this would be fun. There is a 40 pin GPIO for wiring, 4 usb ports, LAN ethernet port, audio jack, CSI camera connection, HDMI port for video monitor, micro usb for power connection, DSI display port, and a micro SD memory card slot. This Raspberry Pi will be used to light up our HiVE sign that the 5th graders made. We are using LED pixel string lights that have individually programmable bulbs along the string. This allows us to program lots of different patterns, colors, and movements with the lights. Mr. Ryan Neily, a Wood Acres dad, offered his time to come in and talk about the history and uses of the Raspberry Pi. He hooked up the lights and showed the students the code he had used to make the lights do the different movements and colors. He used a simple drag and drop program called “Scratch” so they could follow what he was doing. The students were amazed every time the lights came on and did something new! Their favorite thing to do was change the RGB color settings. This was a great demonstration and we would like to give Mr. Neily a big THANK YOU from all of us!! Look for one more post about the finished HiVE sign. It will be hooked up before the last day of school!

News Flash!

Good Morning –

Well, we have made it to the last week of school! It is always hard to believe how fast it seems to arrive. Somehow we always make it!

Of course just because it is the last week, that doesn’t mean that the learning has stopped!! Everyday we are working on assessing what they have learned, and encouraging them to continue to do their best. We are still working on number writing and recognition, position words, identifying left and right, rhyming, identifying letters and sounds. as well as proper formation. Whew! The last couple of weeks are important in wrapping up all of the details!

Last week we celebrated our summer birthdays with a fun snack an goodie bags. Thanks to the Leeper, Armstrong, Coffey, Dickerson, and Belknap families. The kids really enjoyed it. Thanks also for the gift of a new classroom snack leader bag in recognition of my own summer birthday! Very fun!!

Jake’s Nana, Beth Armstrong, has generously donated the materials, and her time, for our Book Buddy end-of-year gifts. We are decorating pots with fingerprint insects and planting marigolds tomorrow! Thank you Nana!!

Today we are heading over to Camp WAWA (Wood Acres) to eat lunch with our book buddies. The classroom is set up with tents and a “campfire.” It is always a big hit and a good way to say good bye to our friends.

Our End-of-Year party is on Wednesday of this week at 11:30. It looks to be a fun, fabulous time for all. Thanks in advance to everyone for signing up to bring food. We will end the day with a luncheon for all to share. If your plans change and you are suddenly free to come, please do. We always have plenty of food to share!!

Note: We are planning to have several water games during the party, so please send in a change of clothes and shoes, in case your child gets extra drippy!!

Thanks a ton.

Ms. Manning

May 20, 2018 Newsletter

Good Evening Families,

Where did the school year go? It seems like we just had Meet & Greet and here we are with just 5 days of school left!

This week will fly by…..our party is Tuesday and Friday we honor the 8th grade graduates as the school assembles on the quad.

We are happy to announce that we completed the alphabet last week! A certificate will be coming home soon if your child can identify every letter.

Last week, the class learned about the life stages of a frog. We made two projects that reflected these stages. I read a delightful book, “The Caterpillar and the Polliwog,” by Jack Kent. It tells the story of a friendship between a caterpillar and a polliwog. This one you have to check out of the library.

We celebrated Summer birthdays early for Ryan Leveille and Taela Long! Happy Birthday in July!!

Please let me know if your child will be absent this week.

Have a good week ahead.
Wanda and Leslie

The final week of fourth grade!

Dear Parents of Rising Fifth Graders,
Wow! I know that we still have an end of year math test, history quiz, and science quiz, but I am 100% certain that every one of my fourth graders will be transitioning to fifth grade! What a great year of learning, growing, and maturing this has been! Thank you for your support throughout the year, and thank you for entrusting your children’s minds to Mrs. Leagan and me. I will give you a subject by subject rundown on what to expect in science, history, and mathematics for the final week of fourth grade:
Science: Owl pellet dissections went beautifully! I was excited to see the enthusiasm that each scientist had throughout the entire laboratory procedure. They were engaged and careful about determining what the owl has eaten. Well done! There will be a science quiz on Tuesday on light and optics.
History: A quiz will be given on Tuesday over the first 7 lessons of Europe in the Middle Ages. We will complete our last project, Illuminations, and they will be sent home on Thursday.
Mathematics-for Mrs. Kuegeman’s class only: We will spend Monday and Tuesday reviewing and have the end of the year math test on Wednesday morning. Students have done a great job learning two digit divisor division. This skill will be on the end of the year test.
Thursday will be spent handing in books, cleaning lockers and desks, and cleaning up the classroom. Our End of the Year Party will begin at noon, lunchtime, and last until 3:00. Parents have been busy preparing for this final party adventure! Thank you!
Friday is the day of our Honors Assembly at 9:30. If you registered your child for the Duke TIP Program, your child will be recognized at this assembly along with other honor recipients and our eighth-grade graduates. The assembly will last about one and a half hours. If you attend the assembly, please feel free to take your student with you when you leave. School dismisses at 1:00, and there is no Tree House on this last day of school. Mrs. Leagan and I do not have any plans for students after the assembly.
Thank you again for a fabulous fourth-grade year. I am proud to send this group of students on to our fifth-grade team!

My best,
Cindy Kuegeman

Last Week of School

Hello and Happy Sunday.
Today, my husband and I attended two graduation parties for students I taught when they were in my second grade class. One young lady is off to Notre Dame in August and the other talented young lady will be attending William and Mary which are two very fine universities. Hard work, determination, and perseverance really do pay off. I know some day that I will be cheering on your student when that important decision is made as to the school they will be attending.

Well, we have only four and a half days left of fourth grade. They will be busy but awesome at the same time. Hopefully, you have been keeping your eyes on your student’s homework folder, so you know the assessments given this week.

Monday, May 21 – there will be a grammar spelling test along with a Unit 6 take home quiz, and for my homeroom, a Chapter 8 Fraction math test.

Tuesday, May 22 – all of my students will have a Unit 6 Grammar Test, spelling test, and vocabulary quiz, and my homeroom will have a CYP quiz on Chapter 12 Long Division.

Wednesday, May 23 – Grammar Book Test, a reading quiz on The Mule Egg, and my homeroom will have a Chapter 12 Long Division Test.

Thursday, May 24 – No assessments, no school work, and no homework from me!!! My homeroom will be spending time with our book buddies, cleaning out desks, lockers, and our classroom. End of the Year Party from 11:45 3:00!!!

Friday, May 25 – Honors Assembly at 9:30 for all students and parents to attend. Please join us as we congratulate our 8th graders and all of our students who make us proud every day.

Yes, it has been a great year, a busy year, and the best year ever for me. I have truly loved my job this year because I have been with so many awesome students. Thanks again for allowing me to spend my day with your terrific and talented student.

Yours truly,
Cheryl Leagan
4th grade teacher
The Wood Acres School

5th Grade Weekly Update for Week of May 21st

ELA: We are assembling our poetry books on Monday! They are AMAZING!! I’m so proud of all of the hard work that has been put into each page. We can’t wait to show them off on Wednesday at our Poetry Coffeehouse. We will continue to practice our poems right up until Wednesday morning. We worked on adding gestures to our poems this week. Most students were able to start their take-home grammar test that covers our last unit. Students are allowed to use their grammar workshop books, as well as, any worksheets sent home in Friday Folders. All tests should be turned in on Monday!

History: We will continue our Japan enrichment unit this week by creating a bulletin board displaying different aspects of Japanese culture. Be on the lookout for origami created by the students hanging in the room for our Poetry Coffeehouse.

Math: Students worked incredibly hard on their illustrated dictionaries last week and finished them just in time to use for the cumulative test. They did a fantastic job and will come home next week! This week, students will receive an envelope that contains all of the graphic organizers and resources we have created throughout the year. I recommend hanging on to these to help refresh memories during the summer and even to use for next year!

On Friday, students wrote letters to their future self, which we plan to mail to them seven years from now as they become high school graduates! We need your help by filling out the address form we sent home in Friday Folders and returning it with your child on Monday. We would also like to include a picture. You can send one in with your child or I can take their picture at school.

Science: On Thursday, students received a list of questions to help them prepare for our oral heat exam on Tuesday. Students were instructed to have a parent sign it to confirm it was seen at home, and I checked for the signature on Friday. Throughout this unit, students completed pop-quizzes after each investigation. These quizzes were weighted as a homework/participation grade. These will be useful for students to refer to as they practice answering the questions for the oral test.

Parents should have received a parent survey letter from me in Friday Folders. I thank you in advance for taking the time to complete these. Reflecting on the successes of this year help me as I plan for next year and seek areas to improve upon! You or your child can drop them off in a folder placed outside my classroom door on Monday! Thank you!

Events for the Week:
-Wednesday-Poetry Coffeehouse at 8:00, all are invited! Cookout Lunch with Book Buddies
-Thursday-Wacky Olympics from 8:00-10:00, volunteers are welcome
-Friday-Honor’s Ceremony at 9:30 in the Quad (weather permitting) Early Release at 1:00

Ms. Porto’s 4’s newsletter

Hey all!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a fabulous Mother’s Day! This week we continued to work on numbers!

We started off the week on Monday with writing the number six correctly! Then we went to Spanish where we reviewed color words! When we returned from Spanish, we worked on counting, recognizing, and writing the numbers one through ten. Once lunch was finished, we had our very last computer lab special! We played matching games on the smart board. We also played same and different games on the board! That was so much fun!

Tuesday we worked on writing the number seven correctly. Then we had snack outside so we could go straight to recess! When we returned from recess, we had a math lesson! We read the story The Acorn Hunt as a class! The book was about a family of squirrels who were collecting acorns to get ready for winter. We had to add and subtract! Boy are these kiddos getting the hang of this! Once math was over we went to our P.E. special where we practiced with hula hoops! We are getting ready for our big Luau party on Friday! When we returned from P.E. we worked on recognizing, tracing, and writing the color word red!

Wednesday we worked on writing the number eight correctly! Since it was rainy outside, we had some extra playtime inside! Once we finished circle time, we celebrated Devin’s summer birthday! Happy Birthday Devin! Then we worked on recognizing, counting and writing the numbers 15 to 20! Boy are we getting better at our numbers. Once we were finished with that, we went to our Art special. During Art we made a fish our of our foot! What a cool idea! When we returned from Art, we worked on recognizing, tracing, and writing the color word yellow!

We started off the day on Thursday celebrating Audrey’s summer birthday! Happy Birthday Audrey! Then we were off to Spanish where we reviewed! Once we returned from Spanish we had a little extra play time inside since it was too wet to go to recess. Then we were off to Music where we had a fun jam session with Mr. G! We were feeling the beat! When we returned from Music we had a math lesson! We read the story Rafael’s Messy Room! This story talked about position words. The children learned up, down, top, bottom, right, left, in front of, behind, under and many more! We even had to fill in the missing pictures in our own books! After we finished lunch we worked on recognizing, tracing and writing the word no!

We ended the week on Friday with writing the number nine correctly! Then it was time to party! We had face painting, painted picture frames, did the limbo, hula hoops, played cornhole, and ended with our graduation ceremony and a lovely slide show! Thank you, thank you so much to all the mom’s who helped make this party as amazing as it could be! We love you all so much!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Get ready for our last week of school next week!

Thank you,
Ms. Porto

A B C D E F Gee what a lot of fun we had with these

Can you believe the end of the school year is almost here! This week, we will complete the last letter of the alphabet and discuss the life cycle of a frog. As your little ones ZIPPED through the alphabet, they worked through recognition and sound of each letter. They enjoyed being creative through art and visual play. ABC’s are a part of me!

Your children enjoyed Investigator Club. We worked on physical awareness, social and emotional awareness, music and movement, and much much more! The children enjoyed learning all about the characters and why they are important to the club. Just remember, we are all Investigators!


End of the year party is Wednesday May 23rd at 10:30. If you have signed up to help out, please arrive at 10:00 to set up. Thank you!

Last day of school May 25th. Early dismissal is at 12:45 for all. Also if your child is coming in the morning of, please provide a hat and a water bottle as well. We will be celebrating the end of the year on the quad and it’s gets hot out there.

Mystery reader was a hit! We would like to welcome our last reader for the year, Mrs. Anthony. Thank you all for taking the time out of you busy schedule to read to our class. We enjoyed listening to some of your child’s favorite books.

Fun Friday is PJ day. Wear your favorite pjs to school.

Once again thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sharing you precious little ones with us this year!

Have a great week.
Ms. Orsano and Mrs. Alger

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