Joy and Light

The candles of Hanukkah and Advent are lit as is the sense of wonder and anticipation of children everywhere. Diwali and its candles in the Festival of Lights glowed in mid-October this year, much to the enjoyment of many children around the globe and right here.  In our fervent efforts to be thoughtful and correct, we have almost ceased wishing each other anything but “Happy Holidays”.

What is important is that families here and everywhere have traditions and ceremonies to mark their most special and important celebrations and holidays. Passing those traditions down generation to generation creates the substance of who we are and how we fit together in our families and with each other.  Growing up in a coal mining town in Pennsylvania, I remember visiting Bonnie Lieberman’s home each December to celebrate Hanukkah with her family and wishing I could be Jewish.  I also wanted to be Catholic on Ash Wednesday, Greek Orthodox on Epiphany and in the children’s choir of the African Methodist Church near my hometown.  Why? Because it was special, unique, happy, yummy, and full of joy.

My wish for you this December is simply joy and light. Joy does the body good as well as the soul. Light brightens the shorter days of winter and warms us within and without.  Whatever brings you joy and light, may it fill this month and the coming year to the rim.  If you are hard-pressed to find it on any day, just stop by Wood Acres and listen to the joyous sounds of children playing and learning, laughing and growing.  It will light up your day.  It does mine!

Winter events coming up!!

Please make sure your kids are reading AND bringing back their purple folder for Mrs. Peltier. It is hard for her to assign and send home new books when the others are not brought back. She will return back to school tomorrow and will catch up on the reading folders that are here.

Wednesday, December 20th from 2-3 will be our holiday/winter party. I will get with the room parents to talk about options for a few games and activities, a craft to take home, and food to bring in.

Thursday, 21st, students will be able to wear their P.J.’s, bring a pillow and stuffed animal for movie. We will have a popcorn snack and warm hot cocoa drink.

Thursday, December 21st is an early release day (at 1:00) and there will be NO Tree House. We return from break Wednesday, January 3rd.

I​ can not believe how fast this year is flying by!! As always, if you need anything, please do not hesitate to ask.

High School Highway

“Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” – Dr. Seuss

This is a very exciting time of year for our eighth grade class. Fall is officially here, which means high school decisions are just around the corner. It is time to gear up your high school applications for all the schools you intend to apply to. While we are working diligently in the office to do our part to prepare supplemental materials as part of your application, please be mindful of deadlines for applications and recommendations. All important dates and deadlines can be found in the green folder given to eighth grade during the high school meeting back in September. Please consider attending open houses and parent information nights to learn more about the specific school and program of interest to you.

To kick off our high school process, we had the pleasure of several high school representatives visit Wood Acres to speak with our eighth grade class. The representatives spoke very enthusiastically about their schools and programs they have to offer, and left our students craving for more about the road ahead. We hosted Campbell IB, Blessed Trinity, Wheeler Magnet, Sprayberry ISLA, and Pope High School this year. This is the second year hosting high school talks with various schools in the Cobb County area. We appreciate the relationship we have created and maintained with these schools, and look forward to watching our relationships grow for many years to come.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to talk more about the high school process!

Holiday happennings

On Wednesday our class enjoyed making candy gingerbread houses with the help of Sima Valvani. The kids really enjoyed designing their own houses. Today we will be attending a concert put on by Mr. G and his students. All is well in the Jones class

Room with a View…

Welcome to Upper School English Studies, the room with the best view! As I sit here and type this, our 6th grade students are busy working on their newest writings… pretending that they work for Reindeer Realty, located in the frigid North Pole. Their goal is to create a flyer that will entice buyers to come and purchase their house, based on their vivid and descriptive writing. They are having a blast!
In 7th grade, we are writing a narrative about our best Holiday memory. The children are having fun sharing and recalling some of their best family holiday traditions.
And to top it off, 8th grade just finished reading “The Gift of the Magi”; truly one of the greatest holiday stories to date! The themes of love and sacrifice help with the true meaning of the holiday spirit!

I welcome you all to stop by any time and visit our mindful classroom. Most times you will find soothing sounds playing in the background while the students are hard at work. You may even spot some students taking a brain break by playing in the zen gardens or mulling over puzzle pieces!

8G – Upper School Science – Light

During this middle school Core Experience Learning Lab (CELL) students perform experiments centered around a light wave and the way it interacts with different objects and media.

Through experimentation and data collection, students explore the following questions: What is the relationship between the absorption and transmission of light through transparent objects? How does light interact with objects that reflect light? How does wavelength affect the perception of light? How does a change in medium affect the wavelength of light?

7G – Upper School Science – Acids and Bases

This middle school Core Experience Learning Lab (CELL) gave students the opportunity to investigate the concept of concentration by investigating acids and bases. Students examined hydrogen ion concentration using the pH scale, the effect of dilution of an acid on the pH, and the effect of neutralizing an acid with a base on the hydrogen ion concentration and the pH.

6G – Upper School Science – Atmosphere

This middle school Core Experience Learning Lab (CELL) provides the opportunity for students to perform experiments centered around Charles’ Law, the relationship between the temperature and density of air, and the relationship between the density of air and atmospheric pressure. Through experiments, students become aware of how changes in the temperature of areas of the atmosphere produce changes in its density. They also gain insight to how the rising and sinking of air that results from changes in density can produce changes in atmospheric pressure and the development of high and low pressure centers. Finally, conducting experiments that simulate the creation of high and low pressure centers and gradient forces help students understand the causes and characteristics of wind. Through their experiments, students gain understanding of atmospheric events, weather phenomena, and the scientific principles that govern them.

6G – Upper School Science – Kinetic and Potential Energy

During this middle school Core Experience Learning Lab (CELL) students began by experimenting with kinetic energy, the energy of motion, and observing the effects of velocity on kinetic energy. Potential energy was introduced, along with the equation for gravitational potential energy. Students examined the effect of height on potential energy and observed the conversion of potential to kinetic energy.

The conversion of potential to kinetic energy was further examined through the conversion of electrical potential energy to thermal and light energy, both kinetic. Finally, students explored chemical potential energy and its conversion to elastic kinetic via chemical reactions.

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