4th Grade Weekly Update of February 10th

I shared a couple of pictures from Friday on our Shutterfly site! It snowed for about five minutes on the way to art and I snapped a pic of mouths open trying to catch those flakes! Ha! Spirit Day was Friday as well, so we got some group pics.

A couple things about Friday Folders this week: Confirmation forms for upcoming conferences were included. Please make sure to sign it and send it back to me in the Friday Folder. Also, a purple sheet of paper about an upcoming philanthropic event led by the Junior Beta Club also went home in Friday Folders. They are raising money for the Chattahoochee Nature Center by selling Candy Grams that will be delivered on Valentine’s Day. If you would like to participate please make sure to send it your order to the front office by February 12th.

Forms for our upcoming Jekyll trip are due by Friday! Please make sure to send them in the Friday Folder or send them in with your student any time during the week. I sent out an email this week about Valentine’s Day on Friday. We will be distributing Valentines. Students are allowed to make a box and send it in, or we will make bags during study hall next week if they do not want to make their own box at home.

Science: On Tuesday, we will have a test on Investigations 4 and 5 in our Forms of Energy Cell. Parents should have received an e-mail with a copy of the study guide. Students will have an opportunity to complete the study guide in class on Monday. I sent it early for those who would like to use it this weekend in preparation for the test. Next, we will begin our Ecosystems and Adaptations Cell!

Math: This week will be all about Measurement! We’ll add and subtract customary units, compare customary units of capacity using cups, pints, quarts, and gallons, and estimate and compare customary units of weight using ounces, pounds, and tons. We’ll end the week with a fun Valentine’s Day activity that ties it all together!

ELA: This will be our last week for completing notecards. Last week was tough because of all of the indoor recess and a missed special on Thursday. It’s hard to focus on those days when we just aren’t able to get the wiggles out as much! If I feel like your child is behind with their note card taking, I will let you know. I will stay in my classroom Tuesday afternoon until 4:15, Mrs. Rozier is in Treehouse Wednesday afternoon and they can work on notecards in Homework Help, or I am also working in Homework Help on Thursdays, and that’s another opportunity to work on note cards! Please make a Treehouse reservation if you choose to use Wednesday or Thursday. This week, we will turn our focus back to reading comprehension. We will read short passages that will help them monitor their own comprehension by keeping track of material by using specific strategies. We will use skimming, rereading, ask questions, take notes, and paraphrase together to monitor comprehension. Our spelling words directly correlate to the reading passages we’ll be using over the course of the week.

History: On Monday, students will take their U.S. Constitution Test. They have a study guide to help them narrow down the topics we’ve covered throughout the whole unit. Once we’ve tested, we’re going to start a project based on early United States presidents. Students will work in pairs to create a visual aid and present their findings to the class about the president they researched. Some examples are Washington, the Adams, and Hamilton. We will also start Daily Geography again this week, our focus is using road maps! We’ll use a bar scale and color-code interstate highways and U.S. highways. Great practice for using a scale, always a more challenging skill to master!

Welcome to the Superkids Club

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Superkids Club!!

We have now joined the Superkids club! This week we focused on the letter B! Watch out because this letter is easily confused with the the letter D! The kiddos in our class have learned how to form the upper and lower case letter and have mastered the sound! Now that we have joined the club, the Superkids are working to solve a problem. They need to find a meeting place where they can meet safely whenever they want. Thank goodness for Gus and Gert who helped them discover an old bus! Stay tuned to find out what they do with their new meeting spot!

We have entered the world of subtraction in math this week. At first we were stumped, but we have now gotten the hang of it! I am proud to say that all of your children received a 100% on their test today! Keep up the hard work kiddos!

In Science this week, we headed to the lab to begin our new unit on measurement! We worked with rulers and meter sticks. The kids learned about centimeters and measured different objects around the science lab.

This week in Social Studies, we continued our lesson on Mount Rushmore and dove into learning about our very first president, George Washington. He started out as a surveyor since he excelled in math, and quickly moved into the role of a General in the army. Washington was known for his leadership skills and was well liked by the people. It’s no wonder why he was named the Father of our Country! After the lesson, the kids used all the letters from George Washington’s name to create words. I must say this was a difficult task, but they did really well!

Another great Fabulous Fun Friday was had today as we were able to go outside and experience some snow flurries! The class had so much fun and even tried to catch a few flakes in their mouths! Later on in the day we worked on decorating our Valentine’s boxes for next week! I can’t wait for you all to see their beautiful creations 🙂 To top off the day, Mrs. Siegleman hosted crepe day for us! In her country of Switzerland, they celebrate the Day of the Crepe to symbolize prosperity on the same day we celebrate Groundhog Day. Each child took a turn flipping a crepe in the pan while holding a coin for good luck! We even got to enjoy some delicious crepes afterward! It was such a fun experience!

One quick reminder:

If you haven’t already signed up for parent/teacher conferences, please be sure to do so on our sign up genius account. Looking forward to catching up with you all about your wonderful children!

Don’t forget the word of the week is: centimeter

With love,
Ms. Porto and Ms. Kathie

February 4th Gazette

Last Friday, we started the Superkids’ Club! Yeah! How exciting! This book has two units: Bb and Rr. In the first unit, the Superkids are in search of a clubhouse where they can all have fun together. We are learning to name and write capital B and lowercase b and we are already realizing how important it is to form our letters correctly in order to not mix d & b. The Word List went home on Monday. As you saw, the word list is getting longer and longer as we are learning about new sounds. The children were surprised to see how they were able to decode those words so quickly. They are becoming wonderful readers. They are enjoying reading to the class in circle time and are doing very well. Children can either bring a book from home or get it from my library. They seem to all be very excited about it.
* Please, encourage your child to review any of the letters we have learned so far.
~Creative writing has been keeping us very busy too. Please continue to practice handwriting, the Word List and numbers at home.
The WORD LIST TEST will be on February 25th.
Chapter 7 is over! We learned the hard way not to rush and to always check our work in this chapter. 😊
On Monday we started chapter 8: subtraction readiness. We are learning that one meaning of subtraction is to separate a small group from a large group. We’ll use connecting cubes and other objects to help us understand the meaning of subtraction. We’ll learn how to use the minus and equal symbols to complete subtraction sentences. We will subtract numbers in vertical form too.
CHAPTER TEST is on Friday, February 21st.
Our ‘ Animal in Winter Unit” was great! The children specially enjoyed the “Blubber experiment.” Tomorrow we are starting a new Lab Learner Unit called “Making Measurements.” During this Unit, we will have many hands on investigations. We will measure with rulers and meter sticks. Next, we will use beakers and pitchers. In this unit, we will be working with pan balances and gram cubes as well. The children absolutely love going to the Beaker Junior!
The Mount Rushmore Unit is going well. We even have our own Mount Wood Acres in the classroom. This week, we will focus on our first president, George Washington. We‘ll talk about his life and why is he called the Father of Our Country. We’ll talk about the different jobs he had before he became our first president. We’ll discuss the similarities between the way children learn in school today and the way that George Washington learned in school.


I have attached some pictures from celebrating the Super Bowl! This month we will learn all about community helpers. We will be focusing on the letters P, Q, and R and numbers 14 and 15. The shape is heart and color is pink. Our class will celebrate Valentine’s Day next Friday, the 14th by having a special snack and handing out Valentine’s to our friends. I will send home a letter later this week with details.

Love for learning is all around us!

Love for learning is always around us here at the Woods! The children are coming along very well with letter recognition. As we continue to breeze through the alphabet, this week we will be focusing on letters “F and G”. For creative art, the children will create firefighters and gumballs. For science, we will make goop using borax, water and glue. For physical movement, we will have a frog race and see who can leap the furthest. The theme of the week is Arctic animals. During large group we will discuss animals that live in the Arctic. For creative art, we will finger paint polar bears and for science will explore how ice is made.

Investigator Club;

Physical Awareness: Beginning Sounds

Objective – To identify letters of the alphabet. Letter (F and G)

Music and Movement: “Dilly Builds with a Hammer,”

Oral Language: Let’s set the stage for the letter F and G

The object is to recognize the letters in the alphabet.

Mark your calendar;

Fun Friday is: Spirit Day! Wear your Wood Acres shirt to school.

We would like to welcome Jasper’s grandmother as our mystery reader. We look forward to having her as part of our Fun Friday and as well as listening to some of Jasper’s favorite books.

Valentine’s Day party will be held on February 14th. We would like to exchange Valentine cards with each other. If you would like to be a part of it please bring in Valentine cards for your child to exchange that day. Thank you.

The Wood Acres school will be closed February 17th in honor of President day.

Lee Bryan “That Puppet Guy” will present “Traveling Tales” on February 25th.

Reenrollment packets were sent home. If you have not done so, please fill out the paperwork and return it to the office to secure your child’s spot for the next school year

Summer is shortly upon us. If you haven’t had the chance to check out our camp, please do so. Spots are filling up fast and I know this year our camp is set up to be a magical one! If you have any questions about summer camp, please address it to the main office. They would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

We want to wish Ryan a very Happy 4th Birthday!

Have a great week,
Ms. Orasno & Mrs. Thomas

Play-dough Fun

Cold, wet, January days called for lots of time sculpting, molding, and just using our hands to play with play-dough! They all loved it and could not get enough! Listed below is how to make your own play-dough if you are interested in making some at home!

1 cup plain flour
1 Tbsp. oil
1 cup water
½ cup salt
2 Tbsp. cream of tartar
Food coloring

1. Pour all dry ingredients, flour, salt and cream of tartar together into a microwave heat proof container, casserole dish or bowl.
2. Add water and oil to dry ingredients. Add food coloring until desired color is achieved.
3. Mix together using a whisk to remove lumps and blend the ingredients well.
4. Cover and place in the microwave for 2 minutes on high.
5. Remove from microwave and stir with a wooden spoon.
6. Place in the microwave for 1 min, remove and stir to combine. Cook for a further minute if the play dough is still runny.
7. Then turn out onto a clean surface and knead into a smooth ball. Be careful the play dough will be very hot! Use a little bit of flour if the play dough is sticky.
8. Allow the play dough to cool before playing with it.
9. Store in a plastic zip lock bag or air tight container.

Super Sunny Sunday!

Hello Everybody,

Let the big game begin as Super Bowl Sunday is always a day loaded with lots of friendly fun. Well, we had our fun this past week as Mr. Kiang came to 2nd grade and explained the traditions of the Chinese New Year. Thank you, Mr. Kiang, for sharing your memories and stories about you and your family will celebrate this festive holiday.

On Friday, the book reports were absolutely amazing. We had adorable story book characters come to life. I was reintroduced to Humphrey, Flat Stanley, Jack and Annie, Pippi Longstocking, and a few cute mermaids. Please stop by and look at the character wheels created some pretty talented 2nd graders. Also, please enjoy the pictures that I’ve attached to my weekly update.

This week, we will be busy learning in all subjects. A quick heads-up, my homeroom will have a science quiz on Wednesday because on Thursday, our beaker buddies will assist us with Investigation 4. Mrs. Littleton’s class will have their quiz on Tuesday. We have been reviewing for the quiz because there will not be a study guide. Their SDR is their study guide to practice and review the vocabulary, the procedures, and results from the last three investigations. Thanks for your help in studying with your student for this upcoming assessment.

Also, thanks for being so efficient in signing up for your student’s parent-teacher conference. I truly enjoy sharing the growth I have seen in your student since we started school back in August. Please bring any questions you may have for the rest of this year or for 3rd grade. We have an hour to talk, laugh, share, cheer, as well as get ready for what’s coming up in 2nd grade.

Take care, and I hope the first week of February is a fabulous week for one and all.

Yours truly,
Cheryl Leagan
2nd grade teacher

Feb. 1, 2020 Newsletter

It looks like from the weather forecast that the Groundhog will see his shadow tomorrow and you know what that means……6 more weeks of Winter!! Is it just a silly folk tale or does it have any truth to the story?? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Any way, the children had fun with their shadows and with animal shadows. I had planned an animal shadow parade yesterday, but Mother Nature rained on our activity! We made cute groundhog puppets instead.

We focused on letters D & E this week. To reinforce letter D we made, “Harry the Dirty Dog,” from the letter D after hearing the story. It’s an old book, but it brings a smile to my face every time I read it. To introduce the letter E, I read the story of “Elmer the Elephant.” Elmer was a multi colored elephant who was laughed at by the other elephants because he just didn’t look like them. At the end of the story, something happens to make Elmer embrace his uniqueness. I loved the way the children created their own Elmer. This also ties into Dr. King’s message: it doesn’t matter the color of your skin, we are all alike.

We’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day with a party on Friday Feb. 14. Please send in 13 UNADDRESSED cards that day in a ZipLock bag. Have your child write their names on the back of the card or candy. We will decorate a bag for all our goodies!

I am looking forward to the Parent-Teacher Conferences on Tues Feb. 18 & Wed. Feb. 19. Monday Feb. 17 is a school holiday in observance of President’s Day.

Next week’s themes will be Letters F & G and Polar Animals!

Thank you to Jessica Riddle for being our Mystery Reader yesterday.

ON A PERSONAL NOTE: My daughter, Nina, helped produced a Super Bowl commercial airing during the game tomorrow!! The commercial is about Katie Sowers who is the first female Superbowl coach in history! This is Nina’s second Super Bowl commercial so needless to say my heart is bursting with pride!!

Mrs. Roussarie and Mrs. Alger

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