February 21, 2020

Hello Everyone! We had a shortened day today with only 10 kiddos in class, and a very short week. We still got outside for a few minutes to enjoy the sunshine. In our 2 days on campus this week we reviewed numbers, and talked about our first president, George Washington. See if they can recall some of the facts that they learned. I would like to say thank you to Alma’s big sister and Grandma for coming in to be our mystery readers! The kids were introduced to a story about the constellations and got to do a project showing their new constellations. They will be posted below.

Enjoy the weekend and see everyone on Monday!

Mrs. Staggs & Mrs. Tallman

Weekly Update from Mrs. Pumphrey

Dear Parents,

I want to thank everyone for attending conferences. Typically, third quarter demands new growth in learning from your children, and sometimes that can be an adjustment and reflected in grades. Please encourage your child to proofread and check their work, and to care about their effort and penmanship. These little details make a big difference. However, please know how proud I am of your children. They are kind and caring about others, and they love to have fun and work. This is a special group of students, and I love coming to school each day to be with them!

Read on for what I have planned for next two week.

Save the Date:
Fri., Feb. 28th- Living Museum!

Mar. 18th-Report Cards go Home

Important Notes:
Living Museum Biography Book Report
Please save the date! Our Living Museum is scheduled for Friday, February 28th from 1:00-2:30 in the Multi Purpose room. All family and friends are invited.

Your child should arrive to school with most of their costume already on, since we do not have the space to change. Lunch will be at our regular time from 12:00-12:30, and then we will spend 20 minutes using the restroom and putting on wigs, hats, capes, etc. before heading over to the Multi Purpose Room.
Visual Display is due: Friday, February 21st. Please use a trifold. Displays must be able to stand on a table.

What’s Going on in our Classroom:
Reading: We have begun the book The Tale of Despereaux. Students are completing comprehension questions and reading jobs for their follow up work. Independent book projects are on display in The Madison Cottage.

Spelling: No spelling this week and the week of February 24th.

Vocabulary: No vocabulary this week and the week of February 24th.

Math: We will continue working on long division as well as begin our unit on measurement. Please help your child master their multiplication and division facts.

Grammar: We are working on our study of adjectives

Science: We will begin our study of the digestive system.

History: We are working on lessons and skits for ancient Rome. We will read, discuss, and complete follow up activities to lessons # 6, #7, and #8 in Ancient Rome.

As always, if you have any questions please contact me.


Marching on towards March

Quarter 3 is quickly coming to an end…can you believe it?! The last day of the 3rd quarter is March 13th and report cards will come home the following week.
• Next week is the 9’s/ 10’s math test. We plan to finish addition math timed tests the week of March 16th. We will begin subtraction facts before we go on Spring break and we start with the 12’s. I highly suggest practicing those soon!
• As discussed at conferences, quarter 4 Footprints will be completed independently at home. Your child can choose any picture book or chapter book. If they choose a chapter book, 3 or 4 Footprints can be written to summarize the book. Instead of 9 Footprints, they will need to complete 7 by Friday, May 15th. I would recommend continuing to hand in one a week instead of waiting until the end of the quarter to hand them all in. As a reminder, these are a grade on their report card. In order to receive an ‘E”, your child need to hand in a neatly written Footprint that has a detailed summary with multiple sentences (continuing to use transition words and no dialog.)
• The student’s last project of the year will be presented on Monday, May 11th. There will be more information to share mid-March. This is an at home project and can be any story of their choosing. Often, kids pick their favorite story to share and create a project to go along with it. Please no posters or drawing on a piece of paper, we are looking for creativity. The project can be constructed from materials found around the house or old boxes to make dioramas (just to name a few). Students are encouraged to be imaginative.
• March plans to be a busy month! Shortly we will begin our Leprechaun traps with hopes to catch those pesky Leprechauns. To prepare you (please DO NOT tell your child) I make our room an absolute disaster and they LOVE it!!
I like to leave treats and treasures around the room…left by the “Leprechauns.” If you would like to donate items, please feel free. I can always use themed pencils, stickers, or other goodies. Snack is a drop off event. Please send in something that is easy to pass out and drink (ex. green rice crispy treats and green juice or Gatorade.)
• We will have our Spring celebration Friday, April 3rd from 11:00-12:00, lunch from 12:00-12:30, and dismissal at 1:00. There will be more info to follow. Every child who would like to participate will need to send in 12 plastic (already filled and sealed) eggs for the egg hunt (which will take place on the playground). Many parents like to volunteer for this party; please be prepared to help and do lots of work! Terry will get more details from me soon and will send out a volunteer list, outdoor games list, and a snack and drink sign-up.

A few housekeeping reminders:

• Please return Friday Folders each Monday.
• Homework folders should be returned each day with homework completed.
• Mrs. Peltier’s folder should be brought back in order to change out the books.
• Please continue to read these books with your child nightly.
• Please sign reading slips (for Superkids hardcover book at home) and send it back by the due date.
•Please return library books each Tuesday.

Thank you!!

4th Grade Weekly Update Week of February 17th

History: We will continue our group early president projects this week. Student chose their presidents and are in the researching phase of the assignment. They will then prepare poster boards to present their material to their other classmates.

ELA: We have finished note cards!!!!! We will move on to rough drafts after this short week. Instead, this week we will work through a Reader’s Theater: An Intruder in Hare’s House. Students will practice their reading fluency skills, learn knew vocabulary terms, and complete some reading comprehension questions that go along with the material.

Math: This week is all about measuring with metric measurements and renaming units to compare millimeters, centimeters, decimeters, meters, and kilometers. The following Monday, students will take a quiz that assesses their knowledge of customary units of measure. Students have a bright green sheet in their math section of their binder that will help them remember these equivalent measurements! (For example: how many inches in a yard, feet in a mile, pints in a quart, etc.)

Science: Last week, we concluded our unit on Forms of Energy and students completed the test for Investigation Four and Five. The graded tests will be sent home in Friday Folders. This week, we will begin the Ecosystems and Adaptations Cell. On Friday, students completed an Internet scavenger hunt to introduce them to food chains and food webs. We will continue to explore these concepts in Investigation One as students identify the various roles in a food web, including producers and consumers.

5th Grade Weekly Update for Week of February 20th

Math: Please look for the unit test for chapter 6 in the previous Friday Folder, and return the signed test on Thursday. This week, we will learn how to calculate the probability of an event occurring as we engage in fun probability experiments. Students will also learn how to create tree diagrams to determine the probability of events. They will use this knowledge the following week as they study the differences between independent and dependent events.

ELA: We had fun exploring the meaning of new words with a special valentine activity last Friday. We will continue to work with these new words over the next week, so hold on to that definition sheet we created! On Wednesday, February 26th, students will take our first Daily Paragraph Editing Test. Students should use previously graded sheets as a reference for studying. We are off to a strong start with our outlines for our research paper. We will continue to build our outlines this week as we wrap up the General Information section.

Science: We are finishing our Earth’s Forces Cell. On Thursday, students will complete a study guide, which we will review on Friday. We will play a class review game on Monday, and our unit test will be on Tuesday, February 25th. Again, students should be reviewing their flashcards 10-15 minutes daily.

History: We will continue our Maya, Inca, Aztec Group projects this week. On Friday, students used a group participation rubric to observe characteristics within themselves and others to grade their contribution, listening skills, focus, and preparedness. Students should be prepared to turn in all homework assignments related to their group project on Friday! It’s worth a double check to make sure it’s all done over these two days!

Other: On Friday, we will begin Leadership Lite! This class will give students a taste of our Leadership 101 class that is offered in sixth grade! Led by Mrs. Mazor, students will learn how to incorporate valuable study and social skills that will make their transition into Upper School a successful one!

Thank you for returning field trip forms. This gives me time to communicate with the staff about dietary restrictions and create a medical information sheet for myself. If you plan on sending medication with your child that was not listed on the forms, please let me know right away! This will help me out tremendously as I make a reference sheet for myself.

Week at a Glance:
Thursday, Feb 20th- Return signed math test
Friday, Feb 21st- Leadership Lite
Tuesday, Feb 25th- Earth’s Forces test
Wednesday, Feb 26th- Daily Paragraph Editing test

Valentine’s Day at the Woods

Dear Parents!

Well it’s been another busy week in the books for us, especially with Valentine’s coming up!

We have jumped right into the Superkids club and have been working hard! The kids have noticed that their new books are a lot thicker than before and contain much more material. Now that the Superkids have decided on the bus as their meeting spot, they have worked hard to clean it up. Next up, decorating it! We have worked really hard on trying to master the letter b and not get it confused with d! This week we also met the letter R and practiced our new R words. Keep up the practicing kiddos! For the first time ever on our dictation this week, we had a sentence. Get ready because they will only get more challenging, but I know we are up for the task!

Subtraction has been our focus in Math for the week. Next week we will close it out with our chapter test on Friday. I have to say, it stumped us at first but we sure have gotten the hang of it. I sure am proud of your kids. It’s a tough task to have to learn plus, minus, and equals all in just a few weeks, but we did it!

We scurried to lab for Science this week to continue our measuring unit. The kids have learned centimeters and meters and have worked with rulers and meter sticks. We even measured the length of the Science lab using meter sticks. You’ll never guess how many meter sticks it took! If you guessed 12.45 meters you were right on it!

Thomas Jefferson was the Mount Rushmore president we focused on this week. Let’s give this third president of the United States and the main author of the Declaration of Independence a round of applause!  Did you all know that Jefferson created and constructed his beautiful home in Virginia, which he named Monticello or little mountain in Italian? Once we concluded the lesson on Jefferson, we worked to complete our Andy Warhol president Pop Art work. Stop by and check them out. The kids loved learning a little bit about Warhol’s iconic colorful creations!

To say Valentine’s Day was fun would be a complete understatement! We started off the day with an amazing snack of cheese, crackers, and fruit brought in by Aiden’s family! Thank you so much for filling our tummies with a healthy snack. Then we put the finishing touches on our love bugs, and decorated their little homes! Thank you to Ryan’s mom for providing the rocks for us! Once that was complete, we moved on to passing out our valentines to all of our friends. We were all showered with love and it felt so good! We concluded our day with delicious donuts from Dunkin Donuts brought in by Luke’s family! Thank you so much for the yummy donuts, you know we all enjoyed them! 

I hope everyone has a fabulous Valentine’s Day, you all certainly deserve it! Thank you again for the lovely valentines and candy. I sure did feel special today!

Looking forward to speaking with you all next week during conferences.

Have a wonderful weekend!
With love,
Ms. Porto and Ms. Kathie 

February 14, 2020

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

We have enjoyed our sunny weather even though it was cold. The kiddos were so excited about exchanging valentines and full of anticipation about what they got. They had to take all the loot home because we also had special cupcakes to eat. So. much. sugar!

Our week went as follows:

* Introduction to a new story: The Nightingale
* The letter “W”
* A visit to Technology
* Math was about weights (heavier and lighter)

A big thank you to our mystery reader, Mrs. Brown…always fun to have you in!

Have a restful and warm long weekend!

Mrs. Staggs

Thoughts for February

As this is the month of hearts, flowers, acts of affection, and sweet treats let us remember these special four letter words and take them to heart and into action… not just in February but in the other 11 months of 2020!



“Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery, today is a gift which is why we call it the present!”

“Today is a good day for a good day!”

“Time is the most expensive thing we can give.  Spend it with love.”

Love is in the air!

Wood Acres families,

This week, we will continue our journey through the alphabet with the letter “H”. For creative art, we will make heart people and work on our fine motor skills by cutting out hearts and glueing them into the letter h. For story time, we will read “The Story of Valentine’s Day” and “Cliffords Valentine’s”. The children will also be working on their Valentine’s Day gifts that will be sent home on Friday. Love is in the air!

Investigator Club;

Alphabet Knowledge: Finding Letters.

Objective is to know the letter in the alphabet are a special category of visual graphics.

Readiness: Alike and Different.

Objective is to compare several objects based on the attributes.

Literacy: Dilly and JT’s Alphabet Book.

Objective is to listen to a story and answer question.

Mark your calendar;

Fun Friday is: Red Day! Wear a red shirt to school.
We would like to welcome Ms. Linda (Cooper’s nanna) as our mystery reader. We look forward to having her as part of our Fun Friday and as well as listening to some of Cooper’s favorite books.

Valentine’s Day party will be held on February 14th. We would like to exchange Valentine cards with each other. If you would like to be a part of it please bring in Valentine cards for your child to exchange that day. Thank you.

The Wood Acres school will be closed February 17th in honor of President day.

Lee Bryan “That Puppet Guy” will present “Traveling Tales” on February 25th.

Reenrollment packets were sent home. If you have not done so, please fill out the paperwork and return it to the office to secure your child’s spot for the next school year.

Summer is shortly upon us. If you haven’t had the chance to check out our camp, please do so. Spots are filling up fast and I know this year our camp is set up to be a magical one! If you have any questions about summer camp, please address it to the main office. They would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

We want to wish Ryan a very Happy 4th Birthday!

Have a great week,
Ms. Orasno & Mrs. Thomas

Fabulous February 2020

100th Day was a success! We met with our book buddies and practiced doing lots of things 100 times, like making a funny face and holding it for 100 seconds or doing 100 jumping jacks. Our snack was yummy and our necklace was fun to make. Now we must move onward to our next events!

**Our Valentine’s Party is this Friday from 2-3. Along with the games, snacks, and centers, they will also pass out their Valentine’s during this time. We are making large envelopes this week for the Valentine’s to go in. Please make sure every child has a Valentine and goodie. You can send them in starting tomorrow. Your child will not be able to participate in receiving Valentines if they do not bring Valentine’s in to share. Thank you for understanding.

Center 1: Decorate cookies
Center 2: Snacks and drinks
Center 3: Decorate a frame/or make and take item.
Center 4: Game
Whole class: Pass out Valentine’s

**Conferences are in two weeks. I sent home conference sheets in Friday folders. Please check the day and time, sign it, and send it back to me this week. If we need to schedule another day and time, I need to know ASAP so we can make other arrangements to meet after school.

**We plan to start the Dr. Seuss project by picking a book and plan to start writing the draft to their report. The first week of March is Dr. Seuss week. Each day will be themed with certain things to wear or do for the day. It is already posted on the Shutterfly calendar, and I will also send an email reminder the week of conferences.

Please remember to read, sign, and send back the books Mrs. Peltier reads with your child. Many kids are not practicing which will slow their progress and they could miss an opportunity to move into harder books.

Math facts are slowly coming along. We have 8’s this week and we will have 9’s the week AFTER conferences. If you need extra practice sheets, place a note in your child’s homework folder. 8’s are the hardest facts to get down, and MANY kids need LOTS of extra practice!

As a reminder, our spelling words have increased to 15. We are not having any more practice test; our test schedule is Fridays only.

As always, please continue to send in snack and order lunch AHEAD of time.

Each week there have been LOTS of kids not able to check out library books. Please send them back before Tuesday, our scheduled library day.

Have a wonderful week and let’s hope everyone continues to stay healthy!!