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Student Safety

Knowing how to respond quickly and efficiently in a crisis is critical to ensuring the safety of our schools and students.
Student safety has always been a number one priority at The Wood Acres School. While we fervently hope to never utilize our preparedness plans, we are proud to have been one of the first private schools in the area to have a complete plan modeled after the recommended plans in Washington, D.C.. The plan is reviewed each year with faculty and staff and amended as needed. While the details of the plan are confidential, the following should underscore the details to which we protect your children.

The Wood Acres School Emergency Preparedness Plan attempts to address:

  • Natural disasters (earthquake, tornado, hurricane, flood, etc)
  • Severe weather
  • Fire
  • Chemical or hazardous material spill
  • Field trip bus accident
  • Shooting
  • Bomb threat
  • Unwanted persons on campus
  • School lock down
  • Medical emergency
  • Act of terror or war
  • Outbreak of disease or infection

The Wood Acres School’s Emergency Preparedness Plan is in full compliance with Presidential Policy Directive (PPD) 8. We review and update our schoolwide plan annually before the start of school. Although there is never a blueprint for emergencies, plans such as ours provide a framework of reference that is common to all responsible adults on campus and help instill a sense of order, calm, and confidence that Wood Acres will always do its very best to protect, deter, and proactively manage all situations deemed urgent.