Wood Acres students soar!

Student Honors

While learning and growing in one’s academic studies are often reward enough, Wood Acres is proud to participate in several national honorary programs that recognize students for their academic excellence.

Fourth graders at Wood Acres participate in Duke University’s TIP program to recognize qualifying students for inclusion into their outstanding network of young gifted and talented students. If a student does not qualify in fourth grade, he/she is automatically reconsidered in fifth grade. Wood Acres students have a 98% qualifying record in this outstanding program.

Fifth and eighth graders are tapped for membership in the President’s Education Award Program, jointly sponsored by the National Department of Education and the National Association of Elementary and Secondary School Principals. Students qualify based on nationally set academic and conduct requirements. Students receive certificates, presidential letter, and awards pins to commemorate this outstanding accomplishment. It is with pride and honor that Wood Acres students have qualified for either the silver or gold award each year in a decade of our participation.

Seventh graders are invited to participate in the next level of the Duke University’s Talent Identification Program, commonly called TIP. With support and documentation from Wood Acres, qualifying seventh graders apply to take the SAT or ACT two years out of sequence and can qualify for some outstanding summer learning opportunities throughout the United States with other students as bright and charming as they are! With multiple years of participation, Wood Acres is so proud of the number of qualifying seventh grade students.

Eighth graders are eligible to receive the official International Spanish Academy diploma issued by the Embassy of Spain if students have successfully completed at least two Upper School years in the Wood Acres ISA program. The receipt of this diploma, in addition to their graduation diploma from The Wood Acres School, is an outstanding honor and is recognized by both private and public high schools as a symbol of excellence in academics.

A Wood Acres education is certainly for all the right reasons!