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A note from the Woods... 

An affordable private school in this economy? It exists!

While The Wood Acres School has rightly touted itself as a private independent school with an outstanding accelerated curriculum, consistently high academic achievement, and an educational atmosphere where children truly soar, we have never really promoted the obvious… we are affordable! In fact, in the realm of private education in metropolitan Atlanta, Wood Acres is a downright bargain!

Yet there is nothing generic about our affordability! We use national standards against which we gauge our curriculum, our school is accredited with distinction, our staff is extraordinarily talented and dedicated, our annual budget is committed to student success and achievement, and our campus is just beautiful. We offer a full array of programs and activities outside the realm of the basics while never losing sight that The Wood Acres School is first and foremost a school where education is valued each and every day. Our student seats are filled with the children of college professors, business executives, entrepreneurs, educators, and dual working families that know how important a Wood Acres education can be for their children.

We are real world, in real time, and in real touch with what makes The Wood Acres School a 40 year success in an area where the public schools are “pretty” good and other private schools are available. We are so much more that a school. It is the value of a Wood Acres education that makes all the difference in the world- public or private!

How is Wood Acres helping families afford a superior private school education? While other schools are raising tuition to combat rising costs and shrinking enrollment, we froze our tuition rates! Tuition for the 2010-2011 school year is the same as the the 2009-2010 school year.

In challenging economic times when difficult decisions as to expenditures are discussed at the family table, The Wood Acres School continues to offer you a very viable alternative to compromising your child’s education in exchange for a balanced family budget. After all a Wood Acres education is just…priceless!

Judy T. ThigpenHead of School


Important Tuition Information for 2010-2011

Dear Wood Acres Families,

‘Tis the season for celebrating and Wood Acres is replete with candy, kindness, treats, and gifts from the heart.  While the economic times have impacted all of us, the joy of seeing wonder through the eyes of our students provides many priceless moments for us.  We send them home to you this afternoon, a bit sugared and indulged, in hopes that you can experience the same wonders of the season.

The Wood Acres School is pleased to announce that tuition for the 2010-2011 academic year will remain the same as the current 2009-2010 school year.  This decision was both easy and challenging.  The ease came in wanting to honor our legacy families and helping parents maintain the highest standards of education for their children by matriculating @ the Woods.

The challenge is that we, as a school community, must maintain our current enrollment and hopefully grow new caliber families for the coming year. While we have admissions plans each year to reach new families, our legacy families are our best and most valued marketing team.  We hope you will continue that tradition so that, as a united school community, we can take “Cobb’s best kept secret” for affordable private education and let “the cat out of the bag”!

Now on to a wonderfully long winter break.  Not a creature will be stirring at school, but we are just an email away if you need or miss us. We will see you on Monday, January 4, bright and early for the beginning of a new decade of teaching and learning at The Wood Acres School.

With warmest regards,

Judy T. ThigpenHead of School


Discount for Early Tuition Payment

Dear Wood Acres Families,

Now that we have had a taste of spring… well not really - just snow showers mixed with pollen last week… it is time to plan for summer and the coming school year. With the current economic woes still with us and an ever-present eye on careful spending, I wanted to offer our legacy families two generous offers that will help our Wood Acres families as well as our school prepare for the next school year.

Wood Acres has traditionally offered our families a 5% discount on tuition if it is paid in full for the coming year by June 1. These early payments help Wood Acres take advantage of early purchasing of curriculum and materials for the fall as well as help us be ever so ready for our students in August. While that option is in place for the 2009-2010 school year, many of our vendors are offering quite enticing savings if we order even earlier - free shipping, volume discounts, etc. If you can, please consider prepaying the year in full by May 1 for a 7% discount on the total tuition due! You can even charge it online, earn the card points, cash back, or mileage credit (depending on your card features), and still benefit from the additional 4% discount after the online convenience fee! What an offer! Thank you for considering this option as both legacy families and Wood Acres stretch dollars to benefit our students and their learning. Jenny Tischer is a phone call away to assist. 

Summer Camp 2009 registration has already begun and will be fast and furious over the next six weeks. Legacy families are being offered a bonus if you register for camp by Monday, May 4th. Register for a week of camp at the advertised Wood Acres family fee and you will receive a 5% discount for each additional week of camp that you register for at the same time! Your early registration will permit our summer staff to be reassure of employment as well as provide them additional time for planning activities, field trips, and other Camp Rock 2009 events. Join us today!

We comment our families for continuing to choose a top quality, affordable private school education for their child, especially during challenging economic times. We are proud of you for placing such a high value on your child’s advanced learning at Wood Acres. We will stay the course in regard to your expectations of teaching and learning the Wood Acres way. Thank you for carefully considering these additional options in hopes of helping each other. Hurry sun! Hurry fun! Hurry summer!

With “warmest” regards,

Judy T. ThigpenHead of School