The Wood Acres School is proud of her graduates and revels in their successes in high school and beyond!  We are excited and proud to announce that Wood Acres has established The Wood Acres Graduate Scholarship that will be awarded annually to highly qualified applicant/s who both excelled in high school and understand the positive impact that their years at Wood Acres has contributed to their success and education.

The alumni scholarship is awarded through completion of the attached application and by meeting all the established requirements and deadline for annual submission.  One or more scholarships can be awarded based on applications and current funding.  Award recipients must be available to speak to the school community at the annual Awards and Honors Assembly in late May. Applicants will be notified by email and/or phone if they are chosen as a recipient/s.

Thank you for being such great ambassadors for your alma mater and for embracing all the teaching, learning and caring you can throughout your life.  That IS the Wood Acres way!

Click here to apply for the Wood Acres Graduate Scholarship 2023-2024