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Weekly Update August 19th, 2019

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all have been enjoying this gorgeous weekend!

We had a great week last week in second grade, getting to know the routines and figuring out what second grade will be all about. They appeared more relaxed and confident as each day passed, and I know we are going to have a wonderful year. Thank you to everyone for arriving right on time and allowing the kids to get settled into their new classroom. This week we will kick things up one more notch as we get started full steam into our curriculum. The first spelling list did go home Friday, so please be sure to check those Blue Take Home Binders for the attached homework. Spelling homework will be due on Fridays.

Important Notes:

– Parent Orientation Night is Tuesday, August 27th from 7-8PM to go over everything you need to know about second grade! Mrs. Legan and I will be presenting together- we will let you know what classroom as soon as we decide!
– Thank you for those of you who have brought in umbrellas. Please have your child bring in an umbrella next week if they have not already done so.
– Our canvas bags went home Friday. Please be sure to help your child find 3 – 5 small items they can place in their bags to help tell us something about them

Reading: This week we launch into our brand new Journeys Curriculum. Every week we will read a new story in our textbooks and focus on a phonics, vocabulary, grammar, and writing skill. This week, we begin our first story with a family favorite, Henry and Mudge. I will read the story in class on Monday, and Monday night they will read aloud the book to you for homework. We will have activities all week based on our story and a comprehension quiz on Friday.

Reading Skills and Strategies: For our first story we will be learning sequence of events. First, next, and last. We will also be working on inferring and/or predicting using clues within a story to determine what may happen next, or what the author is trying to say.

Grammar: In grammar this week we will be working on identifying parts of a sentence such as the subject and predicate.

Phonics: We will be reviewing short vowel a and i sounds.

Math: We spent our first week reviewing what students had learned in first grade (addition, subtraction, time, money, ten frames, geometry and graphing) and began working on our first entry in our math journals. This week we will begin our first chapter with addition. We will talk about addends, sums, and finding extra information in word problems. We really want to see those math facts memorized and working on flash cards at home will help!

History: We started our first history unit, which will be the study of the Constitution. With our big 50th celebration and Constitution Day this year we will be working hard as a class to understand and MEMORIZE the preamble. Our class did a fantastic job last year and I am excited to see what we can accomplish this year. So far, we have had some very enthusiastic historians! We began our unit with a review of the Revolutionary War and then a discussion of the importance of our 13 states uniting as a country instead of separate entities. We also focused on some key vocabulary words to help prepare us for the unit. Be sure to mention words like compromise, delegates, and government to your children as we will be using these terms often! This week we will learn about the Constitutional Convention and our “Father of the Constitution”, James Madison.

That’s all for now! Please feel free to contact me with any questions as I am always happy to answer them!


It’s time to begin a new school year. Whether you are a new family or a legacy one, we warmly welcome you to this special community that is Wood Acres. You are an important part of our 50th school year and we cannot wait to celebrate with you!

This blog is where you will find all kinds of information from your teachers and we hope you will visit it often. Please mark your calendars for these important upcoming dates:

• School Forms Due – Thursday, August 1
Student Profile 2019-2020
Tree House Parent School Agreement 2019-2020
Publicity Release 2019-2020
Authorization for Medication (If applicable) 2019-2020
Updated Immunization Form (Form 3231 from your doctor)

• Meet and Greet – Sunday, August 11
Drop in anytime from 2 – 4 pm.
Visit your child’s classroom, meet the teachers, collect supplies, and stop by the office to say hello.
Purchase ice cream, water, and spirit wear under the portico by the main office to raise money for the 8th grade capstone Spain adventure. Don’t miss it!

• First Day of School – Monday, August 12
Car lines open at the following times and our wonderful teaching assistants will help your children from the car and into the classroom.
 Kindergarten – 8:35 am
 1st – 3rd grade – 8:20 am
 4th grade – 8:20 am
 5th grade – 7:45 am
Please drop off 4th and 5th graders in front of the main office so that a member of our office team may great them as they make their way to Turner Hall. This is an important year for growing independence and we want to work with you to support that independence in your children.

We are happy for you to walk your child to his/her classroom on the first day. Please keep in mind that it important to be consistent with your drop off routine.

Morning Tree House is available at 7:00 am on the first day if you have pre-registered. You will need to walk your child inside to attend Tree House. Tree House will be located in the Few Cottage.

• 3rd – 5th grade Parent Orientation Meeting – Thursday, August 22
7:00 – 8:00 pm
Parent night is a night for parents to learn more about curriculum, ask questions, and sign up to volunteer.

• K – 2nd grade Parent Orientation Meeting – Tuesday, August 27
7:00 – 8:00 pm
Parent night is a night for parents to learn more about curriculum, ask questions, and sign up to volunteer.

Thank you for your attention to all of this and for choosing Wood Acres as your child’s academic home.

We are so glad you are here and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Weekly Update May 10, 2019

Hello Everyone!

We had a great week this week! We celebrated our ice cream party on Tuesday as our class won from donating so many cans for the Canned Food Drive. Way to go!

As we are approaching our final weeks as a second grade class, please read below for important information.

Yearbooks are complete and ready for order. Please let me know right away if you would like to purchase one so that we may add it to the order!

Book Reports are due Thursday, May 16th. Students MUST memorize their poem in entirety by this time. They will be presenting on the library stage in front of their class, and then presenting their work on their hand written poem.

Monday, May 20th is our End of Year Party, happening from 2-3PM. All are welcome to join the party!

Thursday, May 23rd we are meeting for our final Book Buddy activity. We’ve had a great year with Mrs. Schneider’s class, and I know the kids have loved being the “big” book buddy this year 🙂

Language Arts: We are continuing on our book study. The kids are doing great with their first book study and I’m proud of their hard work. They will have a vocabulary test the last week of school, Wednesday, May 22nd. Their vocabulary sheets will go home for them to study.

Math: The class did a FANTASTIC job on their fractions and probability test. We are moving on to multiplication and so far the kids really seem to grasp the concept. We will be continuing to work on their facts throughout the rest of the year.

Science: We are moving on to investigation three with our sound unit. The kids are really enjoying discovering how sound can travel through liquids, solids, and gas!

History: I will send home study guides for our last history unit on Monday, May 13th our test will be Friday, May 17th. The kids have been working hard on creating a poster of the civil right’s leader they admire most. As you also may have noticed, we completed our classroom mural of Rosa Parks. The class was very proud of their hard work, as am I 🙂

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Weekly Update April 22, 2019

Hello Everyone,

Testing is over! Wohoo. Hooray!

The kids did a fantastic job over the course of seven days and I’m proud of their hard work and focus.

Important Notes:
Book Reports are due Thursday, May 16, 2019
They must have their poem memorized by this date as we will be reciting poems in front of the class on the Library stage. They will also need to have their poem hand written- cursive is permitted- along with a picture detailing their poem.

We are finishing up some fun activities this week and will be moving onto our first book study starting next week. This is to get them prepared for third grade, which is just around the corner! We will be reading How to Eat Fried Worms. We will be reading this book together as a class. Typically, I will read aloud to them while they follow along. I may assign a chapter for them to read themselves, however, we will have a class discussion once it is completed.

There will be two spelling list throughout our book study, and some additional homework pages that correlate with the book. After each section, we will take a “mini-quiz” followed up by some fun journal questions about the book. We will wrap up our unit with a day of eating “worms” in dirt dessert 🙂

History: We are currently working on a Rosa Parks mural as we learn about important Civil Rights Leaders.

Science: We are moving on to our final unit of sound and vibration.

Math: We will be finishing our 10 unit with a tentative test date set for May 7th. This week we are working on equivalent fractions and fractions as a part of a set.

Weekly Update March 25, 2019

Hello Everyone,

Are you ready for the weekend?! We are too!

Thank you to everyone for returning report cards so promptly. We had a great third quarter as a class and I’m proud of their hard work.

Important Notes:
– Book Reports are due Friday, March 29th
– Spring Break begins Friday, March 29th with dismissal at 1. There is no afternoon treehouse. Break is from April 1-5th. School resumes Monday, April 8th
This Week:
Language Arts Reading: We will be reading an informational text called From Plant to Seed
Vocabulary Strategies: We will be working on using context
Comprehension Skills and Strategies: Text and Graphic Features and Cause and Effect
Phonics: Words with au, aw, al, o, a
Math: We are wrapping up our unit this week focusing on word problems and the calendar. Our Chapter Test will be Thursday, March 28th
History: We have begun our next unit on civil rights leaders with Susan B. Anthony.
Science: We finished our fifth investigation exploring the effects of water pollution. When we return from break we will review and have our test tentatively that Thursday.

Weekly Update March 18, 2019

Hello Everyone,
I hope you all had a wonderful Saint Patrick’s Day! We visited with our book buddies on Friday for a game of Leprechaun Bingo, and second grade did a wonderful job of helping their buddies with the game. We were also visited by some very mischievous leprechauns in our class on Monday! However, the class was quick to pick up the mess that was made in record time!

Important Notes:
– Report Card go home Thursday, March 21st. Please sign and return report cards as soon as possible
– Book Reports are due Friday, March 29th
– Spring Break begins Friday, March 29th with dismissal at 1. There is no afternoon treehouse. Break is from April 1-5th. School resumes Monday, April 8th

This Week:
Language Arts: Reading We will begin this week with a folktale, Half Chicken
Vocabulary Strategies: We will be working antonyms
Comprehension Skills and Strategies: Cause and Effect, and Point of View
Phonics: Prefixes re, un, over, pre, mis and silent consonants

Math: We have been working hard on telling time, and the class has been doing a great job so far. One thing to be aware of is making sure the hour hand is where it needs to be. For example, when the time says 1:30, our hour hand should be between the 1 and 2 and not on the 1 as we are half way to 2 o’clock. We are set up to finish chapter 7 on Thursday, March 28th with a unit test.

History: We finished our Japan unit, and took our tests on Monday. We will start our next unit on Civil Rights Leaders on Friday.

Science: We finished our fourth investigation with the water cycle. The class is doing a great job with this concept. Next week, we will begin our fifth and final investigation for the water cycle where we will explore the effects of water pollution.

Weekly Update March 11, 2019

Hello Everyone,

We had SO much fun on our trip to The Tellus Museum. The kids were able to dig up fossils, make molds of fossils, and much more. They were incredibly well behaved and participated with enthusiasm in each activity!

This Week:
Language Arts: Reading We will begin this week with a narrative fiction The Goat in the Rug
Vocabulary Strategies: We will be working on compound words
Comprehension Skills and Strategies: Conclusions and Sequence of Events
Phonics: Suffixes –y, -ly, -ful
Math: We will be wrapping up the money part of our chapter at the beginning of this week and moving onto time. We will be starting with hours, half hours, and quarter hours. Lots of practice at home in encouraged!
History: We are moving on in our Japan unit and have been discussing many technological advances that have stemmed from Japan. We will be continuing our discussion with the traditional aspects of Japan, and then getting ready for a unit test! This unit is a quick one!
Science: The kids have been working so hard on learning the components of the water cycle. We experimented with condensation and precipitation last week. This week we will be experimenting with precipitation and collection.

Parent Teacher Conferences Week

Hello Everyone,

We’ve had a great week so far in second grade. The kids are very excited about Valentine’s Day and have been working hard on their “Pieces of My Heart” writing pieces for the board. If you have a moment, please come take a look at their work inside the classroom!

Conferences Week:

Monday, February 18th- No School
Tuesday and Wednesday, February 19th and 20th- Conferences

When you arrive for your conference, please give a little wave when you arrive- this way we can keep to our scheduled conferences times as best as possible. We are booked straight, so please do your best to be prompt!

Week of Conferences:

Language Arts- We will be spending the remainder of the week working on our next bulletin board writing pieces. Stay tuned for what is to come!

Math: We finished out Geometry unit and I could not be more proud of all the hard work the kids put into this unit. They all did fantastic on their tests. We move onto Money and Time next, another somewhat tricky topic. There will be lots of hands on activities in class for them to practice with, and some additional extra credit packets going home.

Science: We will be continuing our first investigation with condensation and evaporation.

History: We wrapped up our American’s Move West Unit today. We will be launching into our next unit next week which will be Japan.

Weekly Update February 11th, 2019

Hello Everyone,
We had some great book reports that came in last week. The kids did a wonderful job presenting them and dressing up as a character in their book. We practiced a lot with speaking to the audience and not reading directly off their character wheels. February book report guidelines went home on Friday. Most have already gotten back to me with their biography choice, but students have until Friday, February 8th to get their selection to me. I will be taking out some books on Wednesday from the library or students to choose from as well. Please let me know if you have any questions!

Important Notes:
– Valentine’s Day is Thursday, February 14. We do not have a “class” party as we have done with our winter and Halloween parties, however, we will celebrate! The class will be decorating their own Valentine’s Day bags and we will do an exchange on Thursday. Please be sure to have a valentine for each child to deliver. If your child would like to bring in a small goody bag for the class they are welcome to do so!
-Conferences are February 19th and 20th. I will be sending out a SignUp Genies with available times. Please be sure to sign up right away.

This Week:
Language Arts: Reading We will begin this week with a humorous fiction The Signmaker’s Assistant.
Vocabulary Strategies: We will be working on shades of meaning
Comprehension Skills and Strategies: Text and graphic features and point of view
Phonics: Words with ar

Math: We are wrapping up our Chapter 6 unit. The kids are doing an amazing job on this very difficult unit! We are wrapping up the week with sorting figures, and ordered pairs. We will have a check progress on Monday, February 11th and a Chapter 6 Test on Tuesday, February 12th.

History: We finished up our discussion on ghost towns and cities, and will wrap up this week with the Native Americans. We will review next Monday, February 11th and have a unit test on Thursday, February 14th first thing in the morning. Their packets that they have worked on for this unit will serve as their study guides.

Science: We are starting our next unit, which is the Water Cycle. Students will be exploring evaporation and condensation this week!

Weekly Update January 28th, 2019

Hello Everyone,
I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend! Tune in for details about week in second grade!
Important Notes:
– Open House is January 27th from 2-4PM
– January book reports are due Thursday, January 31st

This Week:

Language Arts: Reading We will begin this week with a biography My Name is Gabriela.

Vocabulary Strategies: We will be working on suffixes –y and –ful.

Comprehension Skills and Strategies: Understanding Characters and Author’s Word Choice

Phonics: Long e sound for y and change y to an i

Math: The class is doing a fantastic job with our geometry unit! We bumped up our Check Progress to Thursday so as not to overload the class with tests on Friday. They did great! Next week we get into some trickier terrain as we learn about congruent figures, lines of symmetry and flips, turns and slides. This is where some difficulty arises. I will send home some extra practice for students should they need it. Please also keep in mind that extra credit packets are due February 1st for an additional 10 points on their Chapter 6 test.

History: We learned a lot about the gold rush and the first men who found gold in a California river. Next week, we will explore more of how pioneers continued to move west with a discussion on the development of cities and ghost towns.

Science: Study guides were sent home on Tuesday. Please have students study for their test on Monday, January 28th.

This Matters At Wood Acres.

  • High Expectations For Teaching And Learning

  • Strong Instructional Leadership

  • Safe Learning Environment For Everyone

  • Positive And Welcoming School Climate

  • Valuing Time On Task For Mastery

  • Close Home School Partnerships