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5th Grade Weekly Update October 15th

ELA: All students should bring their Turn Homeward, Hannalee book by Monday. On Friday, students were introduced to our next outside novel study that correlates with Turn Homeward, Hannalee. They received a yellow overview sheet of this assignment that gives a description of the assignment, as well as, a brief description of each of the literature circle jobs. Please review this sheet with your student and sign and return it on Monday in the Friday Folder. On Monday, students will take a open vocabulary list quiz over the first two chapters. Due to other tests being taken on theses couple of days, we’re not having a test on these terms and students will be able to use their lists to help them match synonyms and complete the sentence. We will read chapters three through five this week and have discussions after each chapter. We will continue practicing diagramming sentences this week now that all parts of speech have been reviewed and we’ve learned how to diagram them all. Cumulative review is always the trickiest part!

History: We will continue our study of Westward Expansion this week, focusing on how the United States gained the Oregon Country and why it was desired, the Oregon Trail, mountain men, and what life was like on the trail. We’ll work on a new note-taking method, word webs using information from Lesson 9, War with Mexico. In Studies Weekly, students will learn about the fight for equal rights for African Americans and about their first educational institutions. Then, students will learn about several men and women who invented or created things that still help us in today’s society.

Science: Our unit test on Microscopic Explorations will be on Monday, October 15th. Students should review their study guides and flashcards in preparation for the test. In our Battleship review game, students did well and seemed confident in their answers. I’m sure they will knock this assessment out of the park! Later in the week, we will begin our performance assessment. Then, we will dive into our Inheritance and Adaptations Cell!

Math: We are wrapping up our division unit. This week, we will focus on problem-solving and complete a chapter review of the skills we have learned. Our unit test will be on Friday, October 19th.

Other: In Friday Folders, you will see a permission slip for our upcoming field trip to the Southern museum on Wednesday. Please sign and return it ASAP! We will leave at 8:30 and return to school by 1:30. Please have your child bring a disposable sack lunch and wear a Wood Acres tshirt on Wednesday!

Week at a Glance:
-Send back signed THH yellow form and field trip permission slip
-Field Trip Wednesday to the Southern Museum 8:30-1:30
-Microscopic Explorations unit test on Monday
-Math division unit test on Friday
-Microscopic Explorations performance assessment will begin on Tuesday for Armstrong’s class and Thursday for Rozier’s class. It will last for several days.

5th Grade Weekly Update Week of October 8th

ELA: We had so much fun working on our haunted house writing last week, please feel free to stop by at drop-off or pick-up to check them out in Mrs. Armstrong’s room! This week, we are starting our next novel study, Shades of Gray by Carolyn Reeder. Students will be introduced to a little background information about the Civil War and some basic Virginia geography to gain a better understanding of where our story begins. We will begin a new vocabulary unit covering terms in Chapters 1 and 2. We will also complete a character chart that covers all of the characters that they are introduced to within the first two chapters. In grammar, we will continue our study of diagramming sentences by learning how to identify prepositions, prepositional phrases, and the object of the preposition in sentences. Once we’ve mastered this skill, we will add this last section to our diagramming! Last week, I sent out an email about purchasing Turn Homeward, Hannalee for the start of literature circles by the 15th! Please make sure your student has his or her book by that date! More information about literature circles will go home in Friday Folders this Friday.

History: We will continue our study of westward expansion before the Civil War by studying how settlers took over more land following the Louisiana Purchase and how we acquired Texas from Mexico. Students will create a timeline of events leading up to Texas becoming part of the Union. In Studies Weekly, students will learn about Pittsburgh and what it was like in the 1800s and how the city grew. Students will learn about Chicago during the 1800s including the industries housed in the city and the 1893 World’s Fair. While learning about Chicago students will learn about the famous stockyard, which started in Chicago. Finally, students will learn about Nellie Bly and Andrew Carnegie who were famous during the period.

Math: We had a blast this week as we played partner games, such as Bump, and participated in classmate trivia! In classmate trivia, students learned surprising facts about their classmates as they solved long division problems to uncover the facts! This week, we will continue to explore division and order of operations. On Tuesday, students will take the divisibility quiz. Students are expected to write the rules for 2,3,4,5,6,8,9, and 10. Then, they will need to apply these rules to determine if larger numbers are divisible by them. On Friday, students completed an activity to see if they are ready for the quiz. You will find this worksheet in Friday Folders labeled “Am I Ready for the Divisibility Quiz?” If he or she would like additional practice, please refer to the PowerPoint I sent last week or textbook.

Science: I am incredibly excited to see our cell models on Monday! We will all share our cell models at 9:45 am. Students will walk around to see all the projects. Then, they will partner up to try to identify the organelles of a classmates’ model. As students are in Spanish, I will prepare our edible models to share at lunch time. If you are sending in an edible model to share, please provide a serving utensil. I will have plates, napkins, and cutting tools if needed, but I do need serving utensils. Thank you again for helping in this fun learning experience!

Last week, students received a study guide for our first unit test. They were given class time to work on it. The guide is due on Wednesday, October 10th. We will check it together and students are expected to refine answers based on our discussion. I will grade it using the attached rubric. The unit test will be on Monday, October 15th. Then, we will begin preparing for the performance assessment!

Week at a glance:

-Cell projects due Monday.
-Divisibility quiz Tuesday.
-Science study guide due Wednesday.
-Microscopic Explorations test on October 15th.
-Purchase Turn Homeward, Hannalee by October 15th.

5th Grade Weekly Update Week of October 1st

Math: We packed in a lot of information in this short week! We learned how to use division patterns with zeros to find quotients. Students really enjoyed playing a game of BINGO as we sharpened our mental math skills using the division patterns! We also practiced finding quotients when those tricky zeros are involved. On Friday, we introduced the divisibility rules. I e-mailed a PowerPoint with the rules and links to on-line practice. I encourage students to practice over the next few days, as there will be a quiz later in the unit on the topic. This week, we will focus on using compatible numbers for estimation and dividing with two digit divisors.

Science: Thank you for sharing your cell models project plan. October 8th will be a fun day as students proudly share their models with others! I can’t wait to see them! In lab, we are wrapping up Investigation Five this week. This is our last Investigation before our performance assessment. Students are going to LOVE our performance assessment as they become “CSI agents” and use their knowledge of the microscope to solve a mysterious case!

ELA: Last week, we talked about ways to improve our writing skills by using appositives, complex sentences, and compound sentences. This week, we will put those lessons to use by creating a fun descriptive writing piece about a haunted house. We will brainstorm together, find strong descriptive nouns and adjectives, complete a descriptive writing planner, and conference before creating our final copies. They should be hanging on the will by next week, so stop by to check them out! Book Talk projects are due on Friday! Please email me or send in a flash drive with your child’s video. Scripts should be typed and turned in with the rubric by Friday at the very latest. Students have been encouraged from the beginning to turn in the assignment early to assure that it works with our technology that will share the Book Talk video.

We enjoyed playing some review games to practice punctuating and identifying appositives. I told the students I would attach the link so they could play the games at home, so here it is!

In grammar, we are working on adding modifiers to our diagrams, including, adjectives, adverbs, and articles.

History: This week, we will focus on advances in transportation during the early years of the growth of our country. We’ll look at how stagecoaches, turnpikes, steamboats, canals, and railroads all changed the growth of our country out west. We will create a step booklet that includes advantages and disadvantages of each type of transportation, as well as, a picture of each.

Week At A Glance:
– Book Talk projects due Friday!
-Picture day for Rozier on Wednesday and Armstrong on Thursday

5th Grade Weekly Update Week of September 24th

Math: This week, we will dive into division! We will begin by learning the division patterns. Students will make a foldable to bring home to help remind them of the steps and they will play a fun dot to dot partner game to practice in class. Then, we will dive into long division. Please remember to sign the chapter two math test and return it on Wednesday!

Science: Last week, students were given their cell models project planning sheet. They are suppose to write down their plan for both the plant and animal cells. The project is due on Monday, October 8th. The planning sheet is due on Wednesday when we return to school. In lab this week, we will complete Investigation Five and study plant and animal tissue. Please remember that students should be studying their science flashcards 5-10 minutes each night. A little review each night will help them tremendously as we prepare for our first unit test.

ELA: This week we are focusing on writing, reading comprehension, and grammar! One of my goals for this year is getting our fifth graders writing with more complex and compound sentences. This week, they will be introduced to these types of sentences. We will practice identifying the sentences and how to use them in our own writing. We will also practice identifying and using appositives in our writing. These lessons are in preparation for a fun descriptive writing project we will start the following week. We will also continue to practice with adjectives and adverbs in grammar.

History: We will finish up our Daniel Boone booklet that we started last week on Wednesday. We will also review our Studies Weekly from last week by practicing our reading comprehension skills. Students will complete the crossword on the puzzle and use the articles to help them find their answers. We will study Lewis and Clark’s expedition westward and how it affected the growth of the United States.

Week at a Glance:
Book Talk due date is coming up October 5th-Early turn-in is encouraged!
Cell Model plan sheet due tomorrow

5th Grade Weekly Update Week of September 17th

Math: Students received the multiplication unit test in Friday Folders. Please sign and return on Monday. If you would like a copy to keep at home, please just include a note indicating so, and I’ll make a copy for you. This week, we will wrap up our multiplication unit with a few chapter review lessons and take our unit test on Thursday. Our next unit will be division!

Science: Last week, everyone received the details for our cell models project. This week, I will send home a sheet asking students to share their plan for each model. Once students share their plan with me, they do have flexibility in changing it if they need to. However, I just ask that a parent emails me with any of those changes, so I may also plan accordingly in the sharing of the projects. Fifth grade is all about helping students learn time management and planning, especially with project planning!

In the lab, students enjoyed examining their own cheek cells under the microscope. Last week, we also studied plant cells. We learned about photosynthesis and students created comic strips illustrating the concept, which are on display! This week, we will wrap up our discussion of the plant cell and begin turning our focus to comparing tissues found within plants and animals.

ELA: In grammar this week, we will focus on adjectives and adverbs. Sometimes the two can get mixed up! Especially, if an adjective is before an adverb. We will practice identifying these tricky parts of speech within the sentences before we start diagramming them. Our novel study, Tuck Everlasting will end this week. After we finish our last few chapters on Monday, students will be given a study guide to help them recall the main characters and main events throughout the novel. Our test will take place on Friday, before the Constitution Day Rally. The test will include vocabulary matching from terms we studied throughout the unit, matching with the main characters, true/false, and multiple choice questions. At the end of the day, we will celebrate by watching the movie and enjoying some tasty treats!

History: In Studies Weekly this week, students will learn about the time known as the “Gilded Age” during the Industrial Revolution. They will learn about company owners or “robber barons” and about the Progressive Movement. Students will also learn about the life of the factory workers and about the unions who tried to help the workers. We will also begin our next unit of study, Westward Expansion Before the Civil War. This week, we will focus on what the country was like before most states were formed and who was helping explore the land at this time.

A couple of dates have changed this week-
Constitution Day is on September 21st at 9:30 in the Quad (due to Florence’s rain coming our way)
Southern Museum Field Trip is now on Wednesday, October 17th (due to a bus scheduling conflict)

Picture Day Reminder:
Please send in picture money and forms on Monday. Pictures for Mrs. Rozier’s homeroom will take place on Wednesday, October 3rd and Thursday, October 4th for Mrs. Armstrong’s homeroom.

Week at a Glance:
Thursday-Multiplication Unit Math Test
Friday-Tuck Everlasting Novel Test, Constitution Day (9:30am in the quad), and Tuck Movie Celebration at the end of the day!

5th Grade Weekly Update Week of September 10th

Lily’s math textbook has gone missing! Please look around for us. It has a number 2 on the spine of the book. We want to be sure someone didn’t accidentally take it home before we order another. Thanks in advance for checking!

Math: I’m proud of all the effort students put into our first unit test. As soon as all students have made up the test, I will be able to send it home in Friday Folders. We started our new unit with a bang and with fun review games of our multiplication facts! Students enjoyed our Whodunnit activity as they worked fervently throughout the room to solve math problems and gain clues to solve our mystery! Students learned how to use multiplication patterns with zero to estimate products. This week, we will discuss how to avoid mistakes with “tricky zeros” and practice 2 and 3 digit multiplication!

Science: On Monday, I will introduce our 3-D cell models project. Students in the past LOVED this project, and I’ll share pictures with students for inspiration! I will email parents with the handout students will receive. In lab, students enjoyed examine their own cheek cells under the microscope and we will continue this week with plant cells!

ELA: We will continue to practice our vocabulary terms from Chapters 15-19 on Monday and Tuesday before the test on Wednesday. After the test on Wednesday, we will not have a new vocabulary list. We are studying analogies this week! We’ll study how pairs of words work as synonyms, antonyms, characteristics, part to whole, and person/occupation. We will read through chapter 23 this week in our novel study, Tuck Everlasting. In grammar, students were introduced to predicate nominatives and predicate adjectives. We will learn how to diagram these types of sentences this week!

History: Students were given a study guide on Friday to help them prepare for the test on Thursday. We will play a review Jeopardy that will be emailed out later in the week to help students prepare. Students are expected to be able to label a map with the 9 different regions we’ve studied. There is a practice map on the back of the study guide to help prepare, and there is a regions map in their history section of their binder. This week with Studies Weekly, students will study how the Industrial Revolution affected the country. They will also learn about what life was like for families and children working in the factories. Students will learn about entrepreneurs during that time period and how new machines helped people. We will end the week with Constitution Day activities to prepare for Constitution Day next Monday. All are welcome to join us at 9:30 in the Quad!

Check out Book Buddy pictures below from our meeting on Friday! Lots of fun!

Week at a Glance:
Wednesday- Ch 15-19 Vocab Test
Thursday-History Regions Test
Next Monday the 17th- Constitution Day, all are invited to join us rally around the flag at 9:30
Monday students will receive Cell Model Project Info, Due Monday, 10/8

5th Grade Weekly Update Week of Sept 3rd

Math: Our first unit test will be on Wednesday, September 5th. On Friday, parents should have received an email with a Jeopardy review game and study guide attached. All students were also instructed to bring home textbooks this weekend to help study. Our next unit of study will be multiplication!

Science: I am so excited to begin our next investigation of animal cells! Students will be introduced to eukaryotic cells and learn about the organelles within the cells and their function. In lab, students will obtain a sample of their own cheek cells to examine under the microscope! We will also introduce our 3-D cell project!

ELA: This week, we will continue to read Tuck Everlasting, reading through chapter 17. Last week, students were introduced to 12 vocabulary terms from chapters 9-14. We will test on these terms on Thursday, after plenty of practice. We will review diagramming direct and indirect objects early in the week. Students were introduced to these types of diagrams on Friday. Later in the week, we will learn how to identify predicate nominatives and predicate adjectives in sentences.

History: We are finishing up our United States regions unit this week. Our last regions to study are the southwest, the west coast, and the Alaska/Hawaii region. We will read our first Studies Weekly on Tuesday! These weekly newspapers are used to introduce students to historical events, people, and places, as well as, practicing reading comprehension. The focus this week is the Transcontinental Railroad, and how it affected the country. They will also learn about some entrepreneurs who gained from the new railway system. Students will learn about the struggles workers from each company faced as they worked to build the railway.

Week at a Glance
-Math Unit Test Wednesday
-Tuck Vocab Ch. 9-14 Test Thursday
-Current Event due on Friday for: Michael, Alexis, Noah, and Hudson

5th Grade Weekly Update Week of August 27th

ELA: We read chapters 1-5 last week in our novel study Tuck Everlasting. We will continue reading this week through chapter 12. We will start the week off by reviewing some of the figurative language found within our novel; specifically similes, metaphors, and personification. We will use quotes from the text to practice identifying these three types. We will create acrostic poems using our characters’ names to display the attributes we’ve noticed within our novel so far. Students were introduced to vocabulary from chapters 5-8 last week, we will test on these terms Wednesday, August 29th. The next day, students will be introduced to vocabulary from chapters 9-14. We practice these terms by creating flashcards, completing crosswords, and using them in context.

History: In Daily Geography, we will study grid maps. We will create an index and use relative direction to describe location of geographical features. We will also continue our study of regions, focusing on the Midwest, the Great Plains, and the Rocky Mountain region. Our first group of presenters will share their Current Event assignment on Friday. For Mrs. Armstrong’s class Sammy and Lily and Garratt and Davin for Mrs. Rozier’s class. This is an individual assignment. Students are not presenting with the other students listed. Please let me know if you have any questions about this assignment, as it is weighted as a project grade.

Math: This week, we will continue to practice our decimal place value! Students will practice reading and writing decimals, rounding, and comparing decimals. We will also practice adding and subtracting large numbers by identifying the mistakes that students often make as students play the role of teacher for a day!

Science: This week, we will move forward in Investigation Two as students learn the advantages of each of the objective lenses. We will learn how our field of view changes as we increase in magnification. Students will examine cross fibers and cork specimens as we discover these principles. At the end of the investigation, students will take an oral microscope quiz. Last week, they received a study guide to help them prepare. They should be reviewing a little each night!!!

5th Grade Weekly Update Week of August 20th

Thank you to all who donated supplies this week! We greatly appreciate your generosity!

Math: All students did an incredible job with summer math presentations! We had several creative ideas including a student who built her own candy dispenser from cardboard! We also started our first unit in math. We reviewed how to read and write numbers to the billions place and are shifting our focus to understanding decimal numbers. We played a fun class game of I Have Who Has with a friendly competition between classes! In the week ahead, we will continue to learn how to read and write decimal numbers and play some fun partner games to practice.

Science: Our young scientists have hit the ground running in our Microscopic Explorations Cell. Last week, students toured the new science lab and familiarized themselves with the equipment we will be using this year. Students are currently learning why refraction occurs and how it affects the image we see when viewing an object through a convex and concave lens. Next, we will pull out the microscopes!

ELA: Last week, we practiced making a Book Talk script for our first outside reading project. Students have a project sheet and rubric in their yellow homework folder on the projects side. Students are required to bring 3 choices (Titles and authors) for their Book Talk. I will approve one of the choices so they may begin reading as soon as possible. All choices must be turned in by Wednesday. We are starting our first novel on Monday. We will be reading Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt. We will read through the first 5 chapters this week in different ways: orally as a whole group, partner read, or listen to the audio version of the book. I will introduce students to vocabulary found within chapters 5-8 to prepare them for the following week’s chapters as well. In grammar, we will begin our diagramming sentences unit. We will focus on complete subjects and predicates, and how to diagram them. This is a great unit for all of our visual learners!

History: Last week, we practiced every day for the upcoming states and capitals test. This first test will take place on Friday, August 24th. Spelling for the states and capitals is required, so make sure to practice both ways. We will begin our regions unit this week, looking at the New England, Mid-Atlantic, and Midwest regions. We’ll compare the climate and geography of these regions and look at what sets them apart from other regions within the United States. In Daily Geography we will study the Earth’s hemispheres. We’ve found that it’s very important to read the questions carefully and check for spelling mistakes when completing Daily Geography!

Other: Parent Night is this Thursday from 7:00-8:00. We will review curriculum and what to expect for your child’s 5th grade year! Please let us know if you are unable to attend and we will send home what you missed in your child’s Friday Folder.

Happy New School Year!

Welcome back to a new school year! I am so excited to begin this year with an outstanding group of students and a supportive group of parents! I will be teaching English/Language Arts (literature, grammar, vocabulary, and writing) and History this year to both 5th grade classes. Mrs. Rozier will teach students science and math. We open our doors at 7:45 every morning, to begin teaching at 8:00. If you need to drop your student off before our doors open, treehouse services are available. We look forward to seeing everyone at Meet and Greet on Sunday, August 12th from 2:00-4:00. Drop by to say hello and meet our wonderful faculty, staff, and administration team in the front office!

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