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Happy New School Year!

Welcome back to a new school year! I am so excited to begin this year with an outstanding group of students and a supportive group of parents! I will be teaching English/Language Arts (literature, grammar, vocabulary, and writing) and History this year to both 5th grade classes. Mrs. Rozier will teach students science and math. We open our doors at 7:45 every morning, to begin teaching at 8:00. If you need to drop your student off before our doors open, treehouse services are available. We look forward to seeing everyone at Meet and Greet on Sunday, August 12th from 2:00-4:00. Drop by to say hello and meet our wonderful faculty, staff, and administration team in the front office!

5th Grade Weekly Update Week of May 14th

Math: Students have been working hard on their illustrated dictionaries. This week, I will conference with students before they submit their final product. We will continue to complete cumulative review worksheets as homework to prepare for the end of the year test this Thursday. Last week, students were given a large index card to write anything they like that may help on the test.

Science: On Monday, we discuss our findings for Investigation Three. Within this investigation, students learned the difference between physical and chemical changes. We learned the difference between endothermic and exothermic chemical reactions. To assess students’ understanding of this unit, students will complete an oral exam on Tuesday, May 22nd. As you sit at the dinner table, ask students to share with you what they have learned in lab so far!

ELA: We are continuing the work on our poetry books throughout the week. Final copies should be finished by next Monday at the latest. We will finish up Unit 4 in Grammar Workshop; focusing on conjunctions, prepositions, and prepositional phrases. We will end this unit with a take-home test that will be distributed Friday, and should return completed on Monday, May 21st. Additional practice will take place throughout the week to prepare. Students should be prepared to recite their poems for accuracy by Wednesday!

History: On Monday, we will review our study guides that were completed in class on Friday. The Renaissance test will take place on Tuesday. We will then begin our final enrichment unit: Japan! Students will be required to read the lessons on their own and then we will complete activities in class to enrich the reading material, for example: we will compare Kabuiki and Noh theater by watching videos of each and create origami to hang in the windows for our poetry coffeehouse.

(Ask your child what they are doing in this picture in history class! 😉 )

5th Grade Weekly Update Week of May 7th

Math: Last week, we explored the concept of volume by using sugar cubes to build rectangular prisms and measure volume. We also learned how to calculate the area of triangles and parallelograms, and students created a graphic organizer to help them practice this skill at home. Towards the end of the week, I introduced our geometry illustrated dictionary project. This is a project that will be completed in class. Geometry is filled with terms that students often mix up and learning to “speak” the language is an important role in being successful. Therefore, this project is designed to serve as a reference for students to use this year and future years. I have provided students with a list of the terms we have learned this year and their definition. Students are to add illustrations for each term and the geometric formulas we have used. Students will be allowed to use this reference on their end of the year cumulative math test.

Science: On Monday, students will head into lab to explore the differences between conductors and insulators. We will also learn about chemical reactions this week, including endothermic and exothermic reactions. For those who decided to participate in the extra credit density tower experiment, please remember it is due this Monday. Students should bring in a poster that states the liquids used and their density. They should also submit a video or include pictures of them with their density tower.

ELA: We will begin our cumulative poetry project this week. Students will create a poetry book that uses 5 of the 7 types of poems that we’ve learned about. Within each of the poems, students will use similes, metaphors, personification, a rhyme scheme, and alliteration; all skills we’ve studied throughout the unit. In grammar, we will study adverbs, using good/well and real/very, and comparing with adverbs.

History: On Monday, students will take their Renaissance Vocabulary Test. This is the last vocabulary test of the quarter, so students need to study over the weekend! They should prepare by using the terms in context and study the definitions. We will continue our study of the Italian Renaissance, by learning all about Michelangelo, some of the writers during this time period, such as, Baldassare Castiglione and Niccolo Machiavelli, and how the Renaissance spread to other countries in Northern and Eastern Europe.

Other: Don’t Forget! The Spring Band Concert will take place on May 10th at 6:30, it will be outside in the quad if the weather is nice! Additional details will go home this week from Mr. G.

5th Grade Weekly Update Week of April 30th

ELA: We will have our final Tiger Rising discussion group meeting on Monday. I will hand out a study guide that covers the topics that will be on the novel test on Thursday. Students will be given class time to work on their study guide to formulate their best answers. Last week, we reviewed tips on how to recite poetry and looked at examples on We’re focusing on dramatic appropriateness, physical presence, accuracy of memorization, voice and articulation, and evidence of understanding for our grading criteria. We will do some research this week to better understand our poems and poets. In grammar, we will review two lessons, comparing adjectives and comparing with good and bad.

History: We will continue our study of the Italian Renaissance by learning about the popes who contributed artistically and religiously during this 200 year span. Also, we will learn about the Jewel of the Adriatic Sea: Venice. We’ll study why it was important to the time period and it’s financial and cultural contributions to the Renaissance. We’ll continue our study of our Renaissance vocabulary terms, with a test following the next Monday (May 7th).

Math: Last week, students loved using our class manipulatives to classify solid figures. Students worked in groups to build solid figures using a given net and practiced calculating surface area. Next week, students will learn how to calculate the volume of cubes and rectangular prisms using sugar cubes! We will also practice finding the area of triangles. I’ve asked students to bring in a report cover by Wednesday because we will begin an in-class project. Students will create their own geometry illustrated dictionary to show everything they have learned. This will also serve as a useful reference in upper school!

Science: This week, we will begin our Investigating Heat Cell! Within this unit, students will learn about heat transfer and different types of chemical reactions. In Investigation One, students will learn that heat is the difference between molecules of high kinetic energy and molecules of low kinetic energy. Students will learn the science behind a thermometer and explain how it works.

Other: Progress reports will come home on Monday, April 30th. Please sign and return the following day. We are excited that Field Day will be this Friday at Fuller’s Park.

5th Grade Weekly Update Week of April 23rd

ELA: On Monday, we will meet for our week 4 discussion group for Tiger Rising. Students should be prepared with a vocabulary sheet, a writing assignment, and be prepared to discuss the questions they were given. The last assignment for Tiger Rising will be passed out after the discussion. In poetry this week, we will discuss types of poetry, focusing specifically on cinquain, lyric, limerick, haiku, sonnet, narrative, and concrete poems. We will practice recognizing these types of poems so we can eventually create our own. We’re going to start our last grammar unit this week as well, starting with descriptive adjectives, articles, and demonstrative adjectives.

History: Students were introduced to our next unit of study last week, the Italian Renaissance. We will check vocabulary terms they looked up on Friday and then we’re off! We’ll cover Lessons 1-3 over the course of the week, focusing on the differences between an artisan and a artist, many of the inspirations behind the Italian Renaissance; such as Plato, Virgil, and Cicero, why the Renaissance started in Italy, and the importance of Johannes Gutenberg’s printing press. I’m so excited to share many of my pictures from my travels to Italy back in November with students as we discuss perspective, realism, and Italian architecture!

Math: This week, we will review what students have learned thus far within our geometry unit and continue to explore geometrical figures. Students will use 3-D models to compare and contrast polyhedrons. They will learn the difference between prisms and pyramids and learn to identify the attributes of various solid figures. We will also learn how to calculate the surface area of rectangular prisms.

Science: On Monday, I will use a “Blob in a Bottle” demonstration to introduce our Exploring Density Cell, which one student will be able to take home! Within our new unit of study, students will learn how to define density and calculate the density of different liquids. There are several fun and easy density experiments that students can try at home! I will send home a handout with some of these experiments.

Other: We have our annual Field Day at Fullers Park on Friday, April 27th. Please look for an e-mail this week with more details.

Our canned food drive will be held on Saturday, April 28th from 9 a.m.-12:00 p.m. We encourage volunteers to join us and help collect cans for a good cause! Please contact our room parents if you are interested in volunteering.

5th Grade Weekly Update Week of April 16th

Next week is testing week! Students may arrive at 8:15 a.m. each day to assure extra rest and/or a good breakfast. Testing will begin promptly at 8:30 a.m. However, if you need to drop your child off at our regular start time due to work schedules, you may still do so. We will test Monday through Friday from about 8:30-11:00 a.m. Please plan all appointments accordingly. Thank you in advance for helping your child be present and ready to shine on those days!

Parent volunteers have signed up to send in snacks for each day. However, if your child would prefer to bring their own snack, they may. Our rooms tend to be a bit cooler with all those still bodies, so sending in a light sweater or sweatshirt is a great idea!

Our Tiger Rising discussion will take place on Monday after testing. Students will receive the Week 4 assignment that same day. They will have a couple of opportunities to work on it after testing throughout the week. On Friday, students will get a sneak peak of our new history unit by watching an “All About the Renaissance” video!

Last week, students enjoyed our measurement scavenger hunt and using their knowledge of measurement and interpreting scales to create their very own treasure maps! After testing week, we will be able to put our maps on display for others to see, so come by and check them out! On Friday, we learned about different types of transformations, including reflection, translation, and rotation. Then, we studied familiar logos to see how transformations are used in the design. Students were challenged to find three real-world examples of transformations this weekend to share on Monday. They can print a picture or even draw an example of what they find.

5th Grade Weekly Update Week of April 9th

Math: This week, students will continue to explore geometric concepts, including parts of a circle and circumference. We will learn how to find the area and perimeter of complex figures. We will also practice measurement with a measurement scavenger hunt!

ELA: On Monday, we will have our second discussion group for our novel study, Tiger Rising. This discussion will consist of a comprehension worksheet that we will check together and students should also be prepared to discuss the list of questions given to them prior to the break. On Thursday, we discussed how to appropriately lead a productive discussion and how to actively listen. Students practiced responding to others, and we will continue to practice this skill throughout the five weeks we will meet to discuss the novel. We will also continue our poetry study this week by reviewing what we learned about before the break and figurative language found in various types of poetry. We will continue to work on typing our research papers as the computer lab is available.

History: This week, we will prepare for standardized testing by reviewing the branches of government and checks and balances. We will use an interactive website to explore the various jobs each branch performs and how the branches are constructed.

Don’t forget! Standardized testing is April 16th through the 20th every morning. Please plan all appointments accordingly.

5th Grade Weekly Update Week of March 26th

ELA: This week, we are starting our Poetry Unit! We will review some key terms that we will see throughout our unit and practice using those terms while reading poems by Tony Medina, Robert Frost, William Wordsworth, and William Shakespeare. Students will also be introduced to our outside reading for the quarter, Tiger Rising by Kate DiCamillo. This week’s assignment will cover the first six chapters of the book (21 pages) and will end with a discussion on Thursday. Pairing Tiger Rising with a poetry unit is a match made in heaven! Tiger Rising is full of figurative language that we’ll also notice all throughout our poetry unit. And just in case that’s not enough to do for the week, we’re also headed to the computer lab to type up our research papers. Any extra typing practice you can work on at home will help us prepare for typing those research papers with ease! Mrs. Butcher has some great links on her website to help practice. Here’s the link to her website: She says that the typing club is the best one to use to practice. It requires a login and password that each student has previously used.

History: Since we finished our Ancient Civilizations unit before we left for Camp Widji, we’re going to focus on a couple of map skills before the break. We’re going to review grid map skills and population maps. Instead of regular old maps, we’ll use a grid map of constellations and a population map that follows the “Sasquatch population of Canada”. On Thursday afternoon, starting at 2:00, students will participate in a Presidential Trivia. They will create questions and compete with teams for top bragging rights! Parents are invited to join us for this fun activity that uses facts we’ve discovered during our presidential research paper. Better brush up on your presidential facts!

Math: On Monday, we will get to play a review board game designed by our students who were unable to attend the field trip. They have worked hard on them, and I can’t wait to see the final product! Then, we will move forward and begin exploring geometric concepts. Students will learn how to use a protractor to measure angles hidden in their names! They will learn about types of transformations and lines of symmetry too!

Science: Last week, students received a list of all the big ideas we have learned throughout our unit on simple machines. They have been instructed to look over their flash cards to ensure they have questions for each big idea and to make flash cards for any that are missing. We will check these on Monday. Then, students will complete a study guide with review questions in preparation for our unit test on Wednesday.

Other: We have an early release on Friday at 1:00 for Spring Break. Our party will start at 11:00 with lunch and lawn games, that will most likely move indoors due to weather. Report cards come home on Tuesday, since we were gone for the original date of release!

5th Grade Weekly Update Week of March 19th

Math: Congratulations to our Pi Day winners! Colin set a record by reciting the first 127 digits of Pi! Sohini placed second with 78 digits, and Leanne was a close third with 73 digits! This week, we reviewed decimal place value and adding and subtracting decimals with a fun game of Jeopardy. We also introduced multiplying decimals, and students enjoyed creating Leprechaun emoji pictures while practicing! Next week, we will continue to practice multiplying decimals.

Science: This week, students will complete their simple machine STEM challenge. On Monday, each student should bring in 3-5 household items they think will be useful in creating a simple machine to lift a 200 gram mass weight. They will work in teams to engineer and test their machines. Some useful items may include dental floss, string, water bottles, paper plates, plastic cups, etc.

ELA: This week in Studies Weekly, students will practice their reading comprehension skills by studying how the GI Bill helped veterans returning from World War II and how helping the veterans in turn improved the economy. Students will also learn about the Baby Boomer time period and about the immigrants coming to the U.S. after WWII.

History: Students will present their Ancient Civilization reports on Tuesday. They have practiced their presentations, prepared a poster, and created a costume piece or artifact that represents their civilization! We will get another practice in on Monday before the final presentation. On Friday, we reviewed some map skills: latitude, longitude, and time zones. This quick re-cap will help them review their map skills. I’ve gathered some activities together into a map skills packet that will be due Tuesday.

Overnight Trip Reminders!
Please be sure to arrive between 6:15-6:30 Wednesday morning, and NO EARLIER! Fourth grade will be leaving right before us, so it is crucial that fifth grade does not start clogging the parking lot before their bus pulls out! We will make it out of the parking lot by 7:00 at the latest. Don’t forget a brown bag disposable breakfast for the ride and a reusable water bottle to drink throughout our time at Camp Widji. Let your homeroom teacher know if you have any more questions!

5th Grade Weekly Update Week of March 12th

Math: Students loved making Pi bracelets to go with our Pi Day contest! Since we will be shadowing with sixth grade on Pi Day, our contest will be on Tuesday. We will have our chapter 7 unit test on Monday. Last week, students completed a study guide independently as a review. They were graded, and we reviewed answers in class. Then, I gave textbook pages for each problem where students could find additional practice problems. The study guide was placed in Friday Folders. Later in the week, we will dive into multiplying decimals!

Science: This week, students will explore the inclined plane. We will learn the advantages this simple machine has to offer and how it relates to the work done. Our simple machines STEM project is around the corner. Students will work in teams to design and test a simple machine using only household items! Please send in empty paper towel and toilet paper rolls if you have them at home!

ELA: This week in writing we will use our outlines that we we created about ourselves to create a well-constructed paragraph. We will add a strong topic sentence, a summarizing closing sentence, and use the transition words we reviewed last week. This modeling will help us prepare to type our research papers!

History: Students are wrapping up their presentations for their Maya, Inca, and Aztec ancient civilizations. We are going to review presentation tips to help us prepare for our group presentations the day before we leave for Camp Widjiwagan!

Other: Please send in 50 pennies with your child by Wednesday for our Shadow Day for a science experiment Mrs. Paquette has planned!

A statement of health form went home in your child’s Friday Folder, please make sure to fill it out and send it back in the Friday Folder on Monday. We need this form for our upcoming trip to Camp Widjiwagan. Attached below is a link to our packing list for the trip if you lost it!

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