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5th Grade Weekly Update Week of March 25th

We were so impressed with our students at Camp Widjiwagan! They showed compassion, bravery, and an eagerness to learn something new each day we were away! We hope everyone was able to get a good night’s sleep and we look forward to only one more week until Spring Break! Remember, early release is on Friday at 1:00! Individual spring pictures are this week. If you still have not sent in the form, or want another, let us know ASAP and we’ll make sure to sneak you in before picture day!

Math: We will continue to review decimal operations this week as we begin to incorporate decimal of the day activities into our daily routine. Before we left for our field trip, students used their knowledge of decimal operations to complete a mosaic coloring sheet. Those who did not finish were instructed to finish it this weekend and bring it in on Monday. I would check with your child to see if he or she is one that needs to finish! This week, we will see how decimal operations can help us with metric conversions!

Science: We will head into lab this week to learn more about our final simple machine, the inclined plane. Since we are approaching the end of our unit, students will also receive the short response test question, so they will have plenty of time to perfect their responses and practice. Our unit test will take place the week we return from our break.

This week, we will focus on English/Language Arts subjects and will not have history. It will allow us extra time to, hopefully, get our research papers finished up and begin our next unit of study, poetry.

ELA: This week, we are starting our Poetry Unit! We will review some key terms that we will see throughout our unit and practice using those terms while reading poems by Tony Medina, Robert Frost, William Wordsworth, and William Shakespeare. Students will also be introduced to our outside reading for the quarter, Tiger Rising by Kate DiCamillo. This week’s assignment will cover the first six chapters of the book (21 pages) and will end with a discussion on Thursday. Pairing Tiger Rising with a poetry unit is a match made in heaven! Tiger Rising is full of figurative language that we’ll also notice all throughout our poetry unit. And just in case that’s not enough to do for the week, we’re also going to be typing up our research papers. Any extra typing practice you can work on at home will help us fine tune those typing skills is helpful! Mrs. Butcher has some great links on her blog to help practice, her favorite is Typing Club.

Week at a Glance:
Tuesday: Spring Pictures
Thursday: Tiger Rising Discussion Chapters 1-6
Friday: Spring Party and Early Release @ 1:00

5th Grade Weekly Update Week of March 18th

Math: Last week, we enjoyed participating in a variety of St. Patrick’s Day activities as we practiced our math skills. We learned how to “talk like a leprechaun” as we practiced adding and subtracting decimals. Then, students practiced multiplying decimals in order to reveal leprechaun mystery emoji pictures, which are on display in the classroom. We also mapped out our very own leprechaun villages as we reviewed area and perimeter within our problem-solving packets. This week, we will expand our knowledge of multiplying and dividing decimals by discovering patterns when we multiply or divide decimals by 10, 100, or 1,000.

Science: This week, we wrapped Investigation Four of our simple machines unit, which means we are nearing the end. We started to create our Investigation Four flashcards in class, and students are suppose to finish them over the weekend if they did not finish in class. We have learned so much thus far, and it is important that students study the four sets of flashcards we created so far within our unit! This week, we will complete some review activities of all four investigations.

ELA: We will work on typing our research papers this week!

History: Students will present their Maya, Inca, or Aztec civilization projects on Tuesday. They will practice on Monday to help prepare for Tuesday. Any artifact or costume pieces should be here, with their corresponding paragraph, on Monday so they can prepare for their final presentations.

Other: Please make sure you cancel lunches for Wednesday-Friday if you pre-ordered. We would hate for food to go to waste while we are gone!

Camp Widjiwagan: Please make sure your student arrives between 6:15-6:30 ready to go with a completely disposable breakfast and reusable water bottle. Please let us know if you need another medication form before we leave on Wednesday. Forms will need to be with medication and given to Mrs. Armstrong the morning we leave.

Our weather is showing a 50% chance of rain on Wednesday and temperatures in the 60s in the late afternoon, but 30s in the evenings for the whole time we’re there. So, as you begin to pack, keep that in mind. Layering is best for sure!

5th Grade Weekly Update Week of March 11th

Friday, March 15th is the last day of the third quarter. Since we will be traveling when report cards typically are sent home, we will send third quarter report cards home on March 26th.

ELA: This week, we will finish up our final Daily Paragraph Editing Lesson with a culminating test on Friday. The same skills we have covered over the last 8 weeks will be on the test. Ending punctuation, commas, spelling, language usage errors, and apostrophes will all be on the test. I’m choosing one paragraph from each of the last four weeks to make the test. Reviewing weeks 5-8 is the best preparation for the test. Some students are close to finishing their outlines, but most will need a couple more days to finish up before starting on rough drafts. Students will use their outlines to type their rough draft, then we will print and edit for mistakes. If you know your child is a slower typer, practicing their typing skills for a few minutes each day will help to prepare them for writing their rough draft. Mrs. Butcher has all students already set up on Typing Club and they are free to use it at home. Here’s the link to the fifth grade site: After our test on Friday, we’re going to take a little break from our research paper and students will participate in a fun St.Patrick’s Day reader’s theater. We’ll identify story elements like main characters, the problem and resolution, theme, setting, and the significant events.

History: Students are finishing up their posters for their Maya, Inca, and Aztec group project this week! Groups will present before we leave for Camp Widjiwagan on the 20th.

Math: National Pi Day is coming up on Thursday, March 14th! Last Friday, students made Pi Day bracelets and helped decorate a Pi Day mural, which we will hang on our bulletin board. On Thursday, students will compete in a fun Pi Day challenge to see who can memorize the most digits of Pi! The winner will receive a certificate and small prize. On that day, we will also explore the meaning of Pi with a hands-on activity that will help students explore the concept of circumference. Our next unit of study will be decimal operations. Students will practice adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimals. This week, we incorporate fun St. Patrick’s Day themed activities as we practice!

Science: Since I was out sick on Friday, students will present their extra credit science projects on Monday. I can’t wait to see them! We are working hard and efficiently in lab and moving quickly through our investigations of Simple Machines. This week, we will conclude our exploration of levers. In lab, students are learning that a lever does not change the amount of work done due to a trade off between the force exerted to lift a load and the distance over which the force exerted. Students will discover that a longer effort arm allows you to use less force over a longer distance. We will learn the difference between a first, second, and third class lever. Then, we will move on to the inclined plane. As students are creating more and more flashcards for our unit, it is important that they study these a little each night! Thank you for your support at home with this!

Week at a Glance:
Monday: Extra credit science presentations
Wednesday: Leadership Lite with Ms. Steele
Thursday: National Pi Day celebration
Friday: Daily Paragraph Editing Test

5th Grade Weekly Update Week of March 4th

ELA: Last week, we started our outlines for our research papers. We reviewed the proper format for writing an outline and found spots for topic and closing sentences to allow for easy typing of rough drafts. We will continue working on outlines, hopefully finishing by Friday. This week will be our second to last week of Daily Paragraph Editing. Students have greatly improved their editing skills throughout this unit and it will help them tremendously when editing rough drafts. In literature this week, we will review the Week 13 Studies Weekly that covers the Great Depression. Students will learn about the causes and effects of life during the Great Depression. They will learn that there were many different events that led to suffering across the country. Students will examine the numerous ways people helped those who were struggling and apply that to the present needs of people.

History: Last week, we started our ancient civilizations project. This project is a group project where students are researching either the Maya, Inca, or Aztec civilization and presenting their research to other groups by using a poster and cultural artifact or costume. In the beginning of the project, students were given a list of homework assignments that should be completed within a two week time span. As a group, they completed a plan using a two week planning calendar and have done a great job filling out their agenda each day with their group’s assignment and making sure to complete the assignment each day. Note taking has been the main focus this week, once groups have finished their notes, they will begin their posters.

Math: Last week, students enjoyed exploring the concept of probability with fun experiments. They learned how to make tree diagrams to help them find the possible outcomes. Then, explored the difference between independent and dependent events. On Friday, they even created their own probability experiment with partners and tested their predictions! This week, we will conclude our unit on probability and statistics. Our unit test will be Thursday, March 7th. On our unit test, students will need to know how to interpret various graphs including a line plot, histogram, circle graph, pictograph, line graph, and bar graph. They will also need to know how to find the mean, mode, median, and range when interpreting data. Finally, they will need to know how to calculate the probability of independent events. As we practice this week in preparation for the test, please remind students to use their notes and graphic organizers to help them!

Science: Congratulations to Madelyn for being selected as the winner of our writing contest! Our outside judges had a difficult time selecting just one winner because there were so many impressive short responses to choose from! Each child should feel so proud of his or her work! Inside the Friday Folder your child recently received, you will find a copy of your child’s writing samples. I also included a copy of their original response on our test, so they can feel proud when they see how much they improved! Moving forward, each of our unit tests will include a short response question, and students will be given ample time to practice it before the test. They will become pros by the end of the year!

In lab, students learned that work is a measure of the distance over which force is applied. They learned that work is represented mathematically by the formula Work = force x distance. They learned there is a direct relationship between the force required to move a load and work done, as well as the distance a load is moved and the work done. In lab this week, we will build on this understanding as we calculate the work done when using a fixed pulley. Within this investigation, students will discover the advantage of using a fixed pulley, although it does not actually change the amount of work done.

Week at a Glance:
– Monday: Dr. Seuss breakfast with book buddies at 8:30 a.m.
-Thursday: Statistics and Probability Unit test

5th Grade Weekly Update Week of February 25th

Math: Last week, we learned how to interpret circle graphs using our knowledge of fractions. This week, students will practice interpreting all the graphs we have studied within this unit before we move on to our probability lessons. Within the probability lessons, students will learn how to calculate the probability of dependent and independent events and learn how to create tree diagrams to show the possible outcomes of an event. Students will enjoy learning about probability as we incorporate fun class games within the lesson!

Science: Last week, we revisited the short response questions that were part of the last unit test. We learned how to build a strong response by creating strong topic and concluding sentences, how to provide supporting details, and how to use transition phrases to help the writing flow. After practicing together, students are using what they learned to compete in a writing competition! Students will answer their own short response question independently, and we will have an outside judge select the best writing to win a special prize! In Friday Folders, please look for these writing samples and keep them for future reference for our next unit test! You will love seeing the difference between students’ original response and their new responses!

In lab, students will build a new understanding of “work.” They will learn that work done is the relationship between distance and force applied. They will learn how to calculate work done and use this to explore how simple machines help a task feel easier without actually changing the work done.

ELA: We will review concluding sentences this week before we begin writing our outlines for our research papers. In previous weeks, we discussed five types of topic sentences and practiced creating them. When creating concluding sentences, students will learn that you can use one of those same types of topic sentences to construct a closing sentence as well. We’ll practice creating conclusion sentences based off topic sentences using different methods with a partner, and then review the created sentences and decide what we like/dislike about the sentences as a whole group. Outlines will also start this week. We’ll study a model, and students will create a model about themselves before we start our president’s outlines. We’ll continue our grammar study of Daily Paragraph Editing, to help prepare for editing of our research papers. Vocabulit test grades from Friday will go home in Friday Folders this week. Lesson 5 terms will be introduced this week.

History: Cowboy Day on Friday was so much fun! I’ll email photos of the event! This week we will start our next unit of study: Maya, Inca, and Aztec Civilizations. This will be a group research project. Each class will be broken up into three groups to study one of the ancient civilizations. They will create a poster and a costume or artifact that relates to their chosen civilization. This week, groups will focus on the research process and create a schedule to complete their research and homework assignments.

5th Grade Weekly Update Week of February 11th

Math: Last week, we explored the meaning of mean, mode, range, and median as we analyzed past Super Bowl scores and learned how it could help us make future predictions. We also discovered this year’s score was definitely an outlier! We also introduced graphs we will practice within this unit. This week, we will incorporate fun Valentines activities as we learn how to create stem-and-leaf plots, box-and-whisker plots, and histograms!

Please look for the chapter six unit test in Friday Folders. Please sign and return on Monday!

Science: We will look begin our Work and Simple Machines unit! Within this unit, students will learn to redefine their understanding of “work” and learn how simple machines make work feel easier without changing the amount of work performed. At the end of the unit, I will have a fun STEM challenge, but I need your help! This week, I will send home a list of household supplies we will need such as paper towel rolls, etc. I’m sending the list home early to leave us plenty of time to collect some of these materials.

Please look for the Earth’s Forces performance assessment in Friday Folders and sign and return Monday!

ELA: Last week, we finished note cards and created our thesis statements. This week, we are focusing on topic sentences before we begin working on our outlines. We’ll focus on five different types of topic sentences to help give direction to the types of sentences we could use when creating paragraphs. In vocabulary, we’ll review Lesson 3 in Vocabu-Lit and then test for Lessons 1-3 the following Friday (the 22nd). Daily Paragraph Editing will reinforce capitalization, commas, spelling, apostrophes, and fixing run-on sentences. I told the students on Friday that I would give them a BIG hint for Daily Paragraph Editing if they read the blog! They may write these words down on a scratch piece of paper to have available to help them this week: business, special, bought, decide, chemicals, earnings, brought

History: Students are having a fun time participating in our Cowboy Cattle Drive Experience. Each day, students are picking scenarios that a true cowboy might face while herding cattle across the country, all while keeping tabs on their miles traveled and cattle lost/gained. We will continue work on this unit using the independent study and fun activities in class to reinforce concepts.

Other: Valentine’s Day is on Thursday this week! Please be sure to send in 21 Valentines for each of our students. The class lists were sent home earlier in the week via email. We will exchange Valentines first thing in the morning, share a treat at lunch, and complete a fun Valentines vocabulary activity in Language Arts class with Mrs. Armstrong!

Camp Widjiwagan forms are due on Friday! The final payment is not due until March 8th. Please use the edited forms send home in Friday Folders two weeks ago.

Thank you for such a quick response regarding conferences. We truly value the time spent discussing your child’s education and future plans!

Week at a Glance:
Thursday: Bring in Valentines
Friday: Last day to turn in forms for Camp Widjiwagan

5th Grade Weekly Update Week of February 4th

Math: I postponed our chapter six math test to Monday, February 4th. With our absence on Tuesday, I wanted to ensure that all students have an adequate amount of time to prepare and feel confident. Applying our knowledge of multiplying and dividing fractions to word problems is a challenging concept, so we spent an ample amount of time practicing. In our weekly e-mail, I included an electronic copy of a guide that students were given to help them tackle this challenging task. I highly recommend that they use it to prepare this weekend. I would also review the worksheets that we completed over the week related to problem-solving. They came home in Friday Folders.

Our next unit in math is a fun one! Students will explore different types of graphs, such as the box-and-whisker plot, histograms, and line plots. We will conduct probability experiments and learn to analyze data. As a fun way of previewing our new topic, I created a Super Bowl stats bulletin board. It is chock full of interesting tidbits about the Patriots and Rams using graphs that students are familiar with and that we will practice in our new unit. We displayed our class prediction of who will win this Sunday using a pictograph. We are excited to see the results!

Science: Students did an incredible job displaying their knowledge of how to measure force and interpret the results within our performance assessment! This week, we will prepare for the written assessment, which will be on Friday, February 8th. Students will turn in their databooks on this day as well. On Monday, students will complete a study guide in class. We will also play a Jeopardy review game in preparation for the test. As we have played in-class review games, I am so proud of those students who have been consistently reviewing their flashcards! Those students really know their stuff and it shows! Mrs. Hofeler made these wonderful flashcard holders for us as well! It has a pocket where students can divide the cards they know from the cards they need to practice. A big thank you to Cori!

ELA: We will finish up our work on note cards this week and then construct our thesis statements for our research papers. We will choose some action words to use in a thesis and also look at strong and week thesis statement examples. In a fifth grade thesis, you’ll see a claim or argument, as well as, two supporting statements that mirror their major accomplishments chosen earlier in the research process. In Studies Weekly, students will learn about key people, products and technology that helped shape the American West. Students will also learn about the contributions that African Americans played in cattle drives and the rodeo. Our practice with reading comprehension using the Studies Weekly ties into our next unit of study in history. In grammar, we will focus on commas, when to capitalize names of places, quotes, abbreviations, and apostrophes.

History: We will start our next unit of study: Westward Expansion After the Civil War. This unit focuses on the final frontiers gained after the Civil War, boom towns, the transcontinental railroad, the cattle frontier, cowboys, and the Oklahoma Land Rush. This unit mirrors some of the same content as Westward Expansion before the Civil War, so students will be given an independent study packet that they will work on during history and for homework assignments. It will be due February 22nd. In class, we’ll be doing some fun interactive activities that will give them a good idea what life was like in the west during this time period. We’ll have a “Cowboy Day” and share some wild west adventure stories.

Other: Students met with Ms. Steele this week for our first Leadership Lite course. The focus this week was on communication and getting to know our fellow students even better. We look forward to many more lessons and conversations that will help us navigate the months headed into Upper School!

Mrs. Armstrong will offer the after school help again on Thursday. She will contact you if she thinks your student needs to stay after to finish up note cards. The goal is for the group to be completed by Tuesday.

5th Grade Weekly Update Week of January 28th

Check out the pic of us with our Book Buddies celebrating the 100th day of school!

Math: When introducing multiplying and dividing with fractions, we built our understanding of the meaning by using manipulatives to demonstrate and then drawing pictures to show our understanding of the concept. Then, we learned the procedures. Now that students have gained a lot of practice with the procedures, we will work on showing our conceptual understanding by applying our knowledge within word problems. Our unit test will be on Friday. Students will receive a study guide on Monday. We will check the study guide in class on Thursday.

Science: We are wrapping up our Earth’s Forces Cell and completing our performance assessment this week. Within our assessment, students will become upper management for a toy factory. Their first task is to design an experiment that will help them discover the most efficient way to move toy packages across the warehouse. The second task is to select the best surface to load the packages down a chute. Students will design experiments and use the data they collect to write a recommendation to their boss. Students will use their knowledge of measuring frictional force and pull force as they design these experiments. Our unit test will be the following week, so please make sure students are studying those flashcards 10-15 minutes a night! We are stressing the importance of how to avoid “cramming” for a test.

ELA: We will work on another Vocabu-Lit unit this week. Students will be introduced to the terms on Monday. We will continue our note card research this week as well. Additional after school time to work on note cards will be offered again on Thursday. It was extremely beneficial for those who stayed last week! Hopefully, this will be our last week to work on note cards before we start on outlines! If your student has been out due to illness, I highly recommend they stay Thursday afternoon to stay caught up. Our Daily Paragraph Editing this week will focus on comma usage, words in quotations, capitalization, spelling, and ending punctuation.

History: Students were given a study guide on Friday to prepare for their final test of the Civil War unit. We will check it on Monday and play a review Jeopardy on Tuesday to prepare for the test on Wednesday. We will wait to start our next unit of study the following week so we can use Thursday and Friday to strictly work on finishing note cards. Our next unit of study is Westward Expansion After the Civil War. This unit is more independent work with fun in-class activities to drive home the concepts.

Other: Two of the forms in the Camp Widjiwagan packet were incorrect. They were mixed up with an old file! Whoops! The two corrected forms were in yoru child’s Friday Folder. Please fill them out and return them in the Friday Folder when you are able.

The Authorization for Medications form was also sent home in the Friday Folder. Save this to give with the medication the morning we leave for our trip to add it the ziplock bag, along with the prescription or over-the-counter medication needed for our journey.

Mrs. Siegleman is still collecting gallon milk jug donations for her igloo! Please send them in if you are able.

A fridge box was found for Mrs. Adkisson’s project! Hurrah!

Week at a Glance:
Monday: Civil War Study Guide due
Wednesday: Civil War Test Covering Lessons 18-25
Thursday: Math study guide due
Friday: Multiplying and Dividing Fractions Unit Test
Tuesday-Friday: Science performance assessment will stretch over the course of a few days. Attendance is very important during this time.

5th Grade Weekly Update Week of Jan 21st

A flyer went home in Friday Folders about our upcoming meeting regarding our overnight field trip to Camp Widjiwagan in March. Please let us know if you are unable to attend the meeting on Wednesday after school, and we will send home the packet of information about the trip and forms to be filled out.

Math: This week, we will continue to practice dividing fractions and mixed numbers with partner games that students have designed! As we develop our confidence with our procedural knowledge, we will also develop our conceptual understanding by applying our knowledge in problem-solving. As we practice these skills, please encourage your child to use resources we have created in class, such as graphic organizers and interactive notes!

Science: In lab this week, students learned how to support their findings with quantitative data by learning how to measure an objects force of friction using Newton’s first law of motion. This week, we will spend our time analyzing the data collected in lab and students will see the direct relationship between an object’s mass and frictional force. Our unit test is approaching quickly, so students should be studying flashcards 5-10 minutes every night!

ELA: Last week was a great first week for notetaking! This week we will continue taking notes on note cards covering their president’s background history and add notes on his major accomplishments this week. We will also continue with our Daily Paragraph Editing in grammar. This practice will help when we arrive to the editing part of our research papers!

History: On Friday, we talked about Martin Luther King Jr. and the legacy he left behind. We watched a Brain Pop video to learn some basic facts and watched a clip that shared 30 inspirational quotes from MLK. Students loved the quotes, so I’m attaching the link for you. Great discussion points to share at the dinner table! We’ve posted a foldable that we created, along with the “I Have a Dream….” poems they created in technology in our classroom. Come check them out!

This week, in Studies Weekly, we will study the era that was known as the Roaring 20s. Students will identify people and important events of the time. Studies Weekly newspapers are used as literature/comprehension grades during this semester while we are working on research papers

We will also finish up our Civil War unit this week: Focusing on plans for reconstruction, the impeachment trial of President Johnson, carpetbaggers, the 15th amendment, the Ku Klux Klan, and the end of reconstruction in the south. When we’re finished reviewing, students will be given a study guide to narrow down the content for the test that will take place on the following Wednesday, January 30th.

Other: Mrs. Adkisson is in desperate need of a refrigerator box for a fifth-grade STEAM project. She has called all over and had no luck! Please let us know if you have a lead on a box!

Kindergarten is collecting gallon milk jugs to make an igloo in their classroom. Mrs. Siegelman has 20 so far, and needs about 200! She’s always wanted to make one and is determined to finish the job! She asks that they are cleaned out with soap and water and you keep the lid on the top. Thanks so much in advance for helping her make her dream a reality!

Please don’t forget to turn in your Pop Tops to support the Ronald McDonald Foundation that is so near and dear to our hearts!!!

Re-enrollment packets went home last week, please send them back whenever you are able to secure your spot for 6th grade at Wood Acres! Let the office know if you have any questions you need answered before you make this important decision.

Week at a Glance:
Wednesday: Camp Widjiwagan Meeting at 3:15 in Mrs. Rozier’s Classroom

5th Grade Weekly Update Week of Jan 14th

Don’t forget! Second quarter report cards go home on Thursday! Please sign and return them in the unsealed envelope.

ELA: We worked hard last week learning how to take note cards for our research paper. We practiced and practiced, and now it’s time! We will start taking notes on Monday! Please make sure that your student has all they need for this project on that day. In order to still keep our vocabulary, reading comprehension, and grammar skills sharp, I will insert mini-lessons throughout the weeks. For vocabulary, I’ll be using a program called Vocabu-Lit. It gives the student a small passage from an age appropriate text and chooses 10 words to highlight and learn how to use in context, as well as practicing analogies, synonyms, antonyms, root words, prefixes, suffixes, etc. After introducing the terms, the exercises will be ELA homework throughout the week. For grammar, we’re going to use a text called Daily Paragraph Editing, some may already be familiar with this program. Since we’re going to use so much editing in our research paper, this is the perfect time to edit paragraphs, find mistakes, and figure out how to fix them! DPE will be completed all in class.

History: We are finishing up our last few lessons in the Civil War unit. These lessons cover Lincoln’s assassination, along with Congressional and Presidential plans for reconstruction.

Math: We had so much fun on Friday as we strapped on our aprons and turned our science lab into a five star restaurant! Afterwards, we had a great discussion about the difference between multiplying fractions because of repeated addition versus multiplying fractions to find part of a whole. This week, we will practice multiplying mixed numbers and dive into dividing fractions! On Monday, we will have a homework check on last week’s homework.

Science: On Monday, students have been instructed to bring in a pack of index cards that we will keep in the classroom to use for our flashcard assignments. These will be kept separate from the index cards they are purchasing for the research paper. Last week, we discovered that no matter their mass all objects accelerate towards the ground at 9.8 meters per second due to unbalanced forces caused by the gravitational pull of the Earth. We watched related Myth Busters episodes where they tested similar theories we are studying in class. We also watched a terrific video about the common misconceptions that many adults have regarding these principles. This week, we will learn how to calculate the forces that oppose motion, such as the force of friction.

Other: We have just confirmed with Ms. Jennifer Steele that we will begin our Leadership Lite classes the week students return from the MLK holiday. These classes will be a mini version of the leadership classes they take in Upper School. She will cover an array of topics, for example, dealing with changing friendships, self confidence, and qualities of good leaders.

Week at a Glance:
Monday: All research paper materials due
Monday: Bring in index cards for science
Thursday: 2nd Quarter Report Cards go home

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