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5th Grade Weekly Update for Week of August 19th

Photo Highlight of the Week: Students enjoyed sharing their knowledge of place value with one another as they raced around the room to find classmates to help them complete their “Find Someone Who” activity sheet.

Our first week together was a great success! Students participated in a variety of activities to help us get to know one another better, including making “selfie” posters that we will put on display. It did not take me long to discover that this truly is a special group of children who are kind and are eager to learn. This is going to be a great year together!

ELA: I am so proud of all the hard work students put forth into their summer reading projects! When students divided into book club groups to discuss the free choice book, the discussions were rich and filled with insightful comments from all group members. I was very impressed! In fact, one student enjoyed it so much, she has decided to create her own book club in her free time outside of school! I love it!

Wood Acres is proudly celebrating 50 years of higher learning this year, and we are excited to be a part of this special time! In honor of this celebration, we are creating a special bulletin board titled “50 Adventurers of Our Time.” On Friday, we discussed character traits of a great adventurer. We named famous adventurers in history that we admire and learned that our personal heroes also possess the same qualities of a great adventurer. On Monday, students will write a letter to nominate someone for our bulletin board. This person could be someone famous that they admire or someone they know personally. Students had fun showing their creative side as they participated in a watercolor art project that will be used to display the names of these great adventurers! I can’t wait to see the final product!

This week, I will also introduce our first quarter outside reading project, our booktalk videos. This is a meaningful project that children love to share! Students will choose a book they have never read before and create a video commercial that will help “sell” the book to their classmates. Then, we will keep a copy of the book in our classroom library for the year, so fellow classmates can read it. This project encourages children to read because we are more likely to pick up a book recommended by a friend! This week, we will watch videos of former students and practice writing a booktalk script together. By the end of this week, students will be well prepared to work on this project independently outside of school! We will discuss this project in greater detail on Parent Night.

Math: Last week, we kicked off our Place Value Unit. Within this unit, students will practice reading and writing numbers up to the billions place. They will also practice comparing and ordering numbers, rounding, and writing numbers in expanded form. Students are familiar with these skills because it builds on what they learned in fourth grade. Therefore, we will move quickly through these lessons, so the majority of our time will focus on building our understanding of decimal place value. This tends to be the area within our curriculum that students need more time practicing. Understanding decimals and fractions is an important component in our fifth grade curriculum, so we want to make sure that we have a solid understanding of what decimals represent and how to read, write, and represent decimals up to the thousandths place.

Science: Our young scientists are doing an incredible job in lab participating in our class discussions and working well with lab partners. We are diving into our first CELL, Microscopic Explorations. During this CELL, students will conduct Investigations focused on both understanding how the compound microscope works and utilizing the principles upon which its function is based in order to study microscopic structures of various specimens. Through their explorations they will come to a better understanding of the field of microscopy and will discover how microscopy can be used to understand the structure and function of living and non-living things.

History: What a great week in fifth grade history! We started our study of the United States this week. We labeled and colored a map of the United States that shows the regions and talked about how they are grouped based on climate, landforms, and other cultural differences. We will continue our study of the regions, focusing on the New England, Mid-Atlantic, and Southern regions. The current event instructions were handed out this week. Please review it and let me know if you have any questions. You should find the assignment in their history section of their binder. Pay close attention to the presentation date on the last page. Two to three students will present through the end of the quarter! Continue to study states and capitals! We will test the Tuesday after Labor Day!

Other: If your child has not signed and returned the Internet agreement form, please look for it in their homework folder. Friday Folders were sent home with your child on Friday afternoon. There is a parent letter inside with an explanation. It also has some of the getting to know you activities and homework assignments children completed this week. Please remove the papers and return the signed Friday Folder with your child on Monday.

Mark your calendar for Parent Night on Thursday at 7:00 p.m. in my room! If you are unable to attend the meeting, please e-mail me to let me know beforehand, and I will send home a handout that contains all the pertinent information we will discuss.

Week at a Glance:
Monday- Return Friday Folders and Internet forms
Thursday- Parent Night @ 7:00 p.m. in Mrs. Rozier’s classroom

Welcome to Fifth Grade

Adventure awaits us! I am incredibly excited to share in a momentous year together as Wood Acres celebrates our 50th anniversary! This year is going to be a special one for many reasons, and I’m looking forward to kicking it off together soon. See you at Meet and Greet on Sunday, August 11th from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Remember to arrive on the earlier side, so you can select your new binder and seat for the first day of school!


It’s time to begin a new school year. Whether you are a new family or a legacy one, we warmly welcome you to this special community that is Wood Acres. You are an important part of our 50th school year and we cannot wait to celebrate with you!

This blog is where you will find all kinds of information from your teachers and we hope you will visit it often. Please mark your calendars for these important upcoming dates:

• School Forms Due – Thursday, August 1
Student Profile 2019-2020
Tree House Parent School Agreement 2019-2020
Publicity Release 2019-2020
Authorization for Medication (If applicable) 2019-2020
Updated Immunization Form (Form 3231 from your doctor)

• Meet and Greet – Sunday, August 11
Drop in anytime from 2 – 4 pm.
Visit your child’s classroom, meet the teachers, collect supplies, and stop by the office to say hello.
Purchase ice cream, water, and spirit wear under the portico by the main office to raise money for the 8th grade capstone Spain adventure. Don’t miss it!

• First Day of School – Monday, August 12
Car lines open at the following times and our wonderful teaching assistants will help your children from the car and into the classroom.
 Kindergarten – 8:35 am
 1st – 3rd grade – 8:20 am
 4th grade – 8:20 am
 5th grade – 7:45 am
Please drop off 4th and 5th graders in front of the main office so that a member of our office team may great them as they make their way to Turner Hall. This is an important year for growing independence and we want to work with you to support that independence in your children.

We are happy for you to walk your child to his/her classroom on the first day. Please keep in mind that it important to be consistent with your drop off routine.

Morning Tree House is available at 7:00 am on the first day if you have pre-registered. You will need to walk your child inside to attend Tree House. Tree House will be located in the Few Cottage.

• 3rd – 5th grade Parent Orientation Meeting – Thursday, August 22
7:00 – 8:00 pm
Parent night is a night for parents to learn more about curriculum, ask questions, and sign up to volunteer.

• K – 2nd grade Parent Orientation Meeting – Tuesday, August 27
7:00 – 8:00 pm
Parent night is a night for parents to learn more about curriculum, ask questions, and sign up to volunteer.

Thank you for your attention to all of this and for choosing Wood Acres as your child’s academic home.

We are so glad you are here and we look forward to seeing you soon!

5th Grade Weekly Update for Week of May 20th

Math: This week, we will put the finishing touches on our shape books and print! Students from previous years have told me that these shape books have been a great resource to look back on in sixth grade, so I recommend keeping them as a reference!

Science: Students did an outstanding job with their first oral exam! I can tell they really studied those flashcards and knew their stuff! Well done! Rubrics were sent home in Friday Folders. It included the questions I asked and the response I was looking for. Please review and let me know if you have any questions!

History: Our final Renaissance test will take place on Monday. Students played a review game and checked their study guide. This should be all they need to study to prepare for the test. The vocabulary we tested on last week will be all throughout the test, so if they are still not feeling confident, they need to review that as well.

ELA: We are finishing up our “Letters to our Future Selves” this week. If you haven’t sent in a picture for this project, please send one ASAP! We are also completing a “Survival Guide” for our rising fifth graders. Many remember their guide the setting on their desks at the beginning of the year! Continue to practice poems leading up to our poetry coffee house on Wednesday.

Spanish: Final on Wednesday!

Bring in yearbooks Wednesday through Thursday for autographs!

Wednesday is our Poetry Coffeehouse that we’ve been preparing for! Students have memorized their poems and are ready to present! Parents, grandparents, and siblings are all invited to attend our culminating event! It will take place on Wednesday morning at 8:00 in Mrs. Rozier’s room. Coffee, hot chocolate, and goodies will be served.

We made adorable bookmarks for our book buddies last week, please send in a gently used book to give them by Wednesday. We will be delivering the books that same day! If you don’t have one, you can always purchase one from the used book sale on Monday and Tuesday!

On Thursday, students will participate in our annual dodge ball/handball tournament with the sixth graders. We will start at 1:00 and end the event with an ice cold treat! Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the heat and has a refillable waterbottle. We will be switching back and forth between the grassy area behind the STEAM building and the multi-purpose room.

Cure Childhood Cancer is a great cause our Jr. Beta Club has chosen to support this year. If you would like to donate to Ca$h for a Cure, please bring your contribution to your homeroom teacher through Tuesday, May 21st. Thank you for supporting this wonderful cause!

The Used Book Sale will take place Monday, May 20th and Tuesday, May 21st. Come shop with your family and get a jump start on summer reading! 100% of the profits support the rising 8th graders’ trip to Spain.

All families are invited to attend the Wood Acres Honors Assembly on the last day of school, Friday, May 24th at 9:30 am on the Quad. Come enjoy a morning of excitement as we wish our 8th grade graduates a farewell, give scholarships to graduating high school Wood Acres alums, and pass out loads of well-deserved awards to our amazing students. Students are allowed to leave with their families after the assembly. Just please make sure to check out with your homeroom teacher. Otherwise, we have early release at 1:00. There is no treehouse on the last day of school.

Week at a Glance:
Monday: Renaissance Test, Used Book Sale, report cover for shape book due
Tuesday: Used Book Sale
Wednesday: Coffeehouse @ 8:00, Yearbook signing, Spanish Final, bring in book for book buddy
Thursday: 5th/6th Tournament, Yearbook signing
Friday: Candy awards and honor’s assembly @ 9:30

5th Grade Weekly Update for Week of May 13th

Math: I’m so proud of the hard work that students are putting forth in their memory shape book projects! This week, we will learn how to classify quadrilaterals and solid figures to add to our project. Students are learning to see shapes in a whole new way!

Science: On Thursday, we will have our oral exam for Investigating Heat. I have selected some of the flashcard questions as our exam questions. Therefore, students will not receive a study guide for this exam. On Monday, we will complete Investigation 5 and students will complete the last set of flashcards. On Friday, I sent an email to parents that included all the flashcard questions for Investigations 1-4. Please let me know if you did not receive it. Students should be studying these flashcards daily and practice answering them in their own words! On the exam, students are NOT expected to have the answers memorized. However, I am looking to see that they understand and can verbalize the correct answer for the questions I ask.

ELA: On Monday, students will complete their final memorization check. They should have their whole poem memorized to receive full credit. We are finishing up our poetry book project this week! We are also going to continue to practice our poems and even complete a student/peer critique. Last year, we started a project where the students write a letter to their future selves. We’ll mail them when the students graduate high school. The project was inspired by Mrs. LeSieur’s son, who received a letter from his fifth grade self when he graduated high school last year! Please send in a picture of your child to be included with the letter.

History: On Monday, students will take their final vocabulary test covering Renaissance vocabulary. The test will contain matching as well as completion within a paragraph. Yesterday, a Power Point was emailed to help students prepare. The answer sheet we used in class was included in the Friday Folder. The grade is a good indicator on how much they need to study and prepare for the test on Monday. We will also complete our final two lessons on the Renaissance this week. Lesson eight covers information about “How-To Men” Castiglione and Machiavelli. Lesson nine covers the spread of the Italian renaissance to other areas in Europe. Once we’re finished with these final two lessons, students will receive a study guide to prepare them for their final history test on Monday, May 20th.

Other: The Book Drive has been extended through Monday. So, if you have a bit of time to go through books this weekend, please do! Thank you for donating your gently used books, board games and puzzles. Our 7th graders will sell these at the Used Book Sale on May 20 and 21 in the Madison Cottage from 1:30-5. That you to all the families who have donated already!

Please make sure you swing by the office before May 16 to recover any remaining Lost and Found items. These will be donated on May 17.

On Thursday, information was sent out by Ms. Steele regarding the Junior Beta Family Night at the Woods event. It will take place on Friday, May 17th from 6-8. 100% of the proceeds raised will be donated to Cure Childhood Cancer, the cause that this years Beta Club has chosen to support. If you’re having a hard time RSVPing on the Google Form that was sent out, let us know, and we can make sure your RSVP is counted.

Be on the lookout for an e-mail from our room moms about purchasing yearbooks! We plan to sign our yearbooks on Thursday, May 23rd! A big thank you to Donna Winchester for designing them.

Week at a Glance:
Monday: Renaissance Vocab Test and Final Memorization Check
Thursday: Investigating Heat oral exam
Send in picture of student for letter sometime this week!

5th Grade Weekly Update for Week of May 6th

ELA: On Monday, students will complete their stanza two memory check to make sure they are progressing on the memorization of their poems! Students should have at least through the second stanza ready to recite. Students will also use the technology available in our classrooms to research information about their poets, as well as meaning behind their poems. We will continue with our final review of homophones before the final grammar test of the year on Wednesday. We will begin our cumulative poetry book project this week. Students will choose 3 of the 7 types of poems we’ve studied and create their own poems using figurative language. Be on the lookout for a “Parent Critique” sheet coming home on Wednesday. Parents will use the same grading sheet we will use to grade recitation at the Coffeehouse to evaluate their own child on the different areas we’ve been working on! Be sure to send it completed by Friday!

History: We’ll continue our study of the Renaissance this week. Focusing specifically on Venice and Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci’s contributions to the Renaissance. We’ll also continue to study our Renaissance vocabulary with lots of opportunities for practice!

Math: Students are working diligently to complete our shape books! Last week, we explored the campus to find circles and students learned how to calculate the circumference of a circle by measuring a circle’s diameter. We are currently working on classifying triangles and will search the campus this week to identify different types. Later in the week, we learn how to classify quadrilaterals.

Science: On Friday, we wrapped up Investigation Three. We learned the difference between endothermic and exothermic reactions. We started to create our flashcards in class, but students need to finish over the weekend and turn them in on Monday. This week, we will learn how heat transfer relates to our bodies.

Other: Our band concert is scheduled for Thursday and will begin at 6:30 p.m. Mr. G. plans to send an email soon with more details!

Please support our 8th graders by donating gently used books and games! Collections will begin on Monday!

Week at a Glance:
Monday: Second Stanza Memorization Check; Bring in used books and games; Science Investigation 3 flashcards due
Wednesday: Homophones Grammar Test
Thursday: Band Concert 10:00 and 6:30
Friday:Parent Critique Due; Last day for used book and games donations

5th Grade Weekly Update for Week of April 28th

Math: Students did a wonderful job as we learned to use the protractor to measure and classify angles! Each child created a poster with his or her name, and then measured the angles and identified letters with half-turn symmetry. They are on display for others to see! What a fun way to practice our new skill. We also learned about the parts of a circle! This week, we will build on this lesson as students practice finding the circumference of a circle, and we search the campus for our first shape in our shape book project! The next shape we will focus on will be the triangle. Students will learn how to classify triangles, as well as, how to find the missing angles of a triangle.

Science: On Friday, students were enthusiastic as they worked in teams to design and build a thermos that would slow the rate of heat transfer! On Monday, we will discuss what we learned through this experiment as we wrap up Investigation Two. As you can see, we will be moving quickly through this unit. Therefore, it is important that the children are studying the flashcards we are making daily for 5-10 minutes! It will pay off! At the end of the unit, we will not have a written exam, instead it will be an oral exam. In order to prepare them, I encourage you to ask them to tell you about what they are learning in lab! In past exams, I have focused on helping students improve on communicating what they are learning in writing through our short responses. Now, my focus is to help them also learn how to communicate it verbally!

ELA: We will have our final Tiger Rising discussion group on Monday. After we meet, students will receive a study guide that covers the content from the book, as well as a figurative language review. They’ll have time to work on it in class and we will check it the next day for our test on Wednesday. We will continue to review types of poetry so we can begin a final project that will contain some of the types of poetry we’ve covered during the unit. We’ll touch on our last of the homophones, your and you’re to prepare for a test the following week. We’ll play some cumulative games and practice more independently. Students are doing a great job memorizing their poems! We’ll have our first stanza check on Monday. They’ll be required to give me the first stanza orally to make sure we’re staying on top of memorization in preparation for our end of the year poetry coffeehouse. I’m attaching links for some fun figurative language games to keep practicing the figurative language we’ve learned in class.

Wizards and Pigs

History: We will continue studying the Italian Renaissance this week, focusing more on painting and how it changed from the middle ages into the Renaissance era. We’ll look at examples from Ghiberti, Botticelli, Brunelleschi, and Masaccio. We’ll learn about the Medici family’s influence during the Renaissance and take a fun quiz to see “Which Medici Are You?” We’ll keep brushing up on our Renaissance vocabulary, too! The more practice, the better!

Week at a Glance:
Monday-First Stanza Check
Wednesday-Tiger Rising Test
Friday-Rescheduled Field Day at Fuller’s Park

5th Grade Weekly Update for Week of April 22nd

Photo Highlight of the Week: Students were enthusiastic about learning how the eye works as they conducted their own bovine eye dissection!

ELA: On Monday, we will meet for our second to last group discussion about Tiger Rising. Students should have completed the vocabulary sheet on the back of their discussion questions and a writing assignment that correlates with the chapter selection. During testing week, students chose the poems they will recite at our end of the year coffeehouse. On Tuesday, we will review examples of poetry recitation from, which sponsors the national recitation contest every April. We have modeled our poetry recitation after the competition by breaking the skills up into physical presence, voice and articulation, dramatic appropriateness, evidence of understanding, and their overall performance. We’ll watch examples of students from the actual contest and practice reading our poems while incorporating these skills. We will also review seven types of poetry: haiku, cinquain, sonnet, narrative, limerick, lyric, and concrete. We will also start our final grammar unit of the year, homophones and homographs. We’ll review too, to, and two and their, there, and they’re this week.

History: We’ll start our last, and my favorite, unit of the year: The Renaissance! We’ll start off by reviewing terminology we’ll be covering throughout the unit and watch an introduction to the Italian Renaissance. Our first lesson covers some of the ancient Greek and Roman philosophers that inspired the Italian Renaissance and an introduction to some of the biggest contributors, including Leonardo, Da Vinci, Raphael, Machiavelli, Shakespeare, Johannes Gutenberg and Cervantes. We’ll learn about why the Renaissance started in Italy and the Patrons that supported the artists.

Math: On Monday, students will share the treasure maps they designed. Students will work in small groups and answer the questions each student created with his or her treasure map. Later in the week, we will begin a fun and meaningful in-class project that will help students explore geometrical shapes that surround us. Students will design and create their own shape books to bring home! This project will allow students to show what they are learning as we explore these various concepts, and it will also be a wonderful keepsake that will be fun to look back on years from now!

Science: Wow! Our young scientists did such a wonderful job with our bovine eye dissection! Before and during the dissection, we discussed the different parts of the eye and their functions. After the dissection, we compared what we learned about the bovine eye to the human eye. This week, we will begin our Investigating Heat Cell. Students will learn the difference between insulators and conductors and learn the difference between endothermic and exothermic reactions!

Other: We have many events planned for this week outside of our already full academic schedule! Check out the list below for a full run-down.

Monday: Sign and return science test that was sent home in Friday Folders.

Wednesday: Book Buddy Hot Dog Cookout-During our lunch time, we’ll meet with our Book Buddies to share a fun lunch! If your child still wants to order lunch or bring a lunch that’s fine! Please cancel lunch if your student is going to eat the hot dog lunch provided.

Thursday: We will shadow the 6th grade students to see what a typical day looks like for a sixth grader at WA! We’ll go to their regularly scheduled classes, go to lunch and recess, and spend more time getting to know Mrs. Seeba and Mrs. Kuegeman as sixth grade teachers! We are still planning on attending Band at 1:00 since we have a concert fast approaching. Be sure to still send in your student’s instrument that day.

Friday: The long awaited FIELD DAY!!!! More info about this fun event at Fullers Park will be sent home later in the week. We are watching the weather carefully. If the fields are too wet due to rain, or it is raining, our rain date would be the following Friday. T-shirts and team assignments typically go home the day before the event.

Saturday: Our Annual Canned Food Drive supporting MUST Ministries. Please stop by to help collect cans from our WA families to fill MUST’s pantry. We’ll need student volunteers to help count cans collected into the collection barrels. We’ll be at school in the main parking lot taking donations from 9-12. Stop by for part or all of the time to help!

5th Grade Weekly Update for Week of April 15th

Our standardized testing begins on Monday! Testing will begin promptly at 8:30 a.m. We want to make sure that students have a good night of rest and time to eat a healthy breakfast; therefore, he or she may arrive at 8:15 a.m. and not be considered tardy. Our doors will still open at 7:45 a.m. for families who still need to drop off at our regularly scheduled time. Also, snack will be provided by our parent volunteers each day of testing; however, your child is welcome to bring his or her own snack if so desired. It’s always a good idea to bring a light sweater or sweatshirt to keep at their desk the week of testing. The rooms seem cool with less moving bodies!

ELA: On Tuesday afternoon, students will take place in our third Tiger Rising discussion and receive the assignment for the fourth discussion that will take place on Monday, April 22nd. For our discussion Tuesday, they should be prepared with the figurative language hunt, the journal entry, and they should be prepared with their answers to the discussion questions by reviewing the list. Later on in the week, students will pick their poems to recite for our Poetry Coffeehouse at the end of the year!

Science: This week is the perfect week for a science enrichment activity. Students will participate in a bovine eye dissection! This is an optional activity that previous students have always looked forward to!

5th Grade Weekly Update for Week of April 8th

We hope everyone had a wonderful break and are ready to come back ready to get down to business! Believe it or not, we’re into the final quarter!

ELA: On Monday, we will have our Tiger Rising Week 2 discussion. Students did a wonderful job before the break modeling appropriate discussion using the first section of the book. Students should review the discussion questions again today or tomorrow to refresh their memories since it’s probably been a week or so since they’ve looked at it. We will also continue our study of poetry, practicing some of the skills we learned before the break, and learning about figurative language; specifically, similes, metaphors, hyperbole, idioms, personification, symbolism, allusion, and imagery.

History: This week, before testing, we will review the branches of government, their jobs, and how to make a bill a law. A quiz will take place on Friday reviewing all we’ve learned over the course of the week!

Math: This week, we will continue to explore measurement concepts and gear up for standardized testing next week!

Science: Before our break, we completed the final investigation in our Work and Simple Machines Cell. This week, we will prepare for the unit test, which will be on Friday. Before we break, students practiced the short response test question, and it was sent home in Friday Folders with a note asking parents to keep as a reference for studying. This week, students should practice recreating their strong response, so they are ready to write it on the test.

Week at a Glance:
Monday: Tiger Rising week 2 discussion
Friday- Work and Simple Machines Cell test

This Matters At Wood Acres.

  • High Expectations For Teaching And Learning

  • Strong Instructional Leadership

  • Safe Learning Environment For Everyone

  • Positive And Welcoming School Climate

  • Valuing Time On Task For Mastery

  • Close Home School Partnerships