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Fun in February!

100 Day was a success! We met with our book buddies and practiced doing lots of things 100 times, like making a funny face and holding it for 100 seconds or doing 100 jumping jacks. Our snack was yummy and our necklace was fun to make. Now we must move on-ward to our next events!

**Mardi Gras is Tuesday. A parent plans to bring in a King Cake. I have some beads but can always use more. Send snack in as regular since we will have a piece of cake at the end of the day.

**Our Valentine’s Party is this Wednesday from 2-3. Along with the games, snacks, and centers, they will also pass out their Valentine’s during this time. We are making large envelopes this week for the Valentine’s to go in. Please make sure every child has a Valentine and goodie. You can send them in starting tomorrow. Your child will not be able to participate in receiving Valentines if they do not bring Valentine’s in to share. Thank you for understanding.

Center 1: Decorate Cupcakes
Center 2: Snacks and drinks …seem to be missing 1 snack (They can put s’mores pieces in a bag to take home???)
Center 3: Bingo
Center 4: Hot lips game
Whole class: Pass out Valentine’s


​**​C​onferences are next week. ​

**We started the Dr. Seuss project with picking the book and writing the report first. A few groups are ready to begin their diorama tomorrow. The week following conferences is Dr. Seuss week. Each day will be themed with certain things to wear or do for the day. It is already posted on the Shutterfly calendar, and I will also send out an email reminder the week of conferences.

With Mrs. Peltier taking Mrs. Littleton’s place for maternity leave, Maria Staggs is reading with our group everyday from 8:30-9:00. For now, I have her working in small groups going over main idea, setting, problem, and solution.

Math facts are coming along and we have 7’s this week and 8’s the week AFTER conferences. I will send home the 8’s in this weeks Friday folder to allow for LOTS of extra practice since the 8’s are the hardest fact to get down.
Our spelling words increased to 15 this week. We will do a practice test for THIS WEEK only on Thursday and will re-take on Friday if need be. The week after conferences, we will go back to the same test schedule, Fridays only.

Please continue to send in snack, order lunch AHEAD of time, and send back library books. Have a wonderful week and let’s hope everyone continues to stay healthy!!


Move over January and make way for February

Where did January go??

The 100th day is this Thursday and I’m still missing a few snacks. Please send those in ASAP! We are all set for the crafts we have planned for the day. Thank you for all the donations so far!!

We’ve had a few sick kids today, so we did not choose partners for the Dr. Seuss project. I will wait for all kids to be back by mid week.

**Please remember, if your child has a fever or has thrown up, they really need to stay home to rest and get better and not take a chance with infecting others. I have been flying through Lysol wipes and spray trying to avoid the “yuck” that is going around the school…and some classes have it BAD!! We are also washing hands throughout the day, not just disinfecting.

Math timed tests….many are getting the hang of it! Woohoo! I will suggest that everyone should continue practicing flash cards at home; we have our own set in the class. I spoke with Mrs. Butcher, and she gave me 3 web site suggestions to practice facts at home. As I have said before, I am not stressing the score/grade. The goal is for the student to beat their score from the previous testing day.

Sheppard Software

Cool Math

Math Playground

Thank you for signing and sending back the reading slip form. I do not usually give homework over the weekend, but with the crazy weather and missed days, I had to assign the reading in order to catch up with our work. We are taking a break from writing during the month of February. We will do more crafts and hands on projects to display and show off.

Friday, we will watch Puxatony Phil emerge from his burrow and hopefully not see his shadow!! Here’s to hoping Spring comes early!!

Coming up:

Conferences…reminders with day and time will come home soon.

Valentines Day….there is a sign up sheet and class list with names on Shutterfly. We will pass out Valentines and candy, so there should be enough for all 16 students! Thanks!!

Have a great and healthy week!!

P.S. If you’ve read this, tell your child the secret word “project.” They can come to me tomorrow (Tuesday) and whisper the secret word for a prize!!

January 8th weekly news

Brrrrrrr…’s CHILLY out!!

This email is filled with lots and lots of important and useful information. January is the start of quarter 3 and is the busiest quarter of the school year.

Spelling tests: Beginning the week of January 22nd and lasting until the end of the year, we will only have 1 spelling test a week, and it will be on Fridays. There will no longer be an opportunity to re-test. The spelling list will also increase from 10 to 15 words a week, starting February 5th. This helps prep the students for second grade when they need to spell 15 with an increase to 20 words a week.

Math: Timed math tests will begin next week, January 16th, with the 4’s. We did a practice test each day last week and will continue with a few practice tests this week . Each student will make flash cards and will keep them in their desks. I highly encourage all students to have both addition and subtraction flash cards at home to practice nightly.
You will receive their first study sheet next Friday in preparation for the test the following Wednesday.
The test is timed for 2 minutes and they need to answer 25 addition facts. There will be all combination of 4’s up to 12. Ex. 4+12, 12+4, 11+4, 4+11 and so on down to 4+0.
Everyone takes the test on Wednesday.
Those who receive 100% do not need to re-take the test for the rest of the week.
Those that did not get 100% re-take on Thursday, and if need be on Friday, too. Be prepared for tears the first few weeks. This is a new concept and many expect perfection. It is hard to do 25 facts in 2 minutes (especially with 6, 7, 8, and 9 math facts.)
Friday’s grade is the final grade I take.

Footprints: We will continue with 1 Footprint sent home and 1 done in class a week. We have 9 to complete for the quarter. We will begin to write on smaller lined paper, which preps them for 2nd grade.
We will complete our first Footprint together next week. We will talk about using the word ‘and’ in our sentences to join two ideas together. Our sentences should be a bit longer and filled with more details from the story.
Most students should be completing these with little assistance.
We are still having a difficult time understanding how to correctly use quotations and dialog in our sentences, so I am asking that there are NO QUOTES in their HOME Footprints.
I promise these have a purpose!! If done correctly, they will learn to become independent writers who will be able to summarize any story given to them, which is a key tool needed in 2nd grade.

I​ updated the calendar and created a few sign up lists to the Shutterfly account. We have many in-class projects and events these next few months, and I need your help. Please take a look at the lists and see if there is anything you are able to contribute to the class. Thank you very much!
1st event is 100th day. Each student makes a necklace (with 100 beads each) and a trail mix with (100 food items). This will take place on Thursday January 25th.
2nd event is Dr. Seuss in class project. Please send in shoe boxes for diorama. There are other materials and supplies that are needed as well. We will start this project January 29th.
3rd event is Leprechaun Trap. We will use remaining shoe boxes as the trap, but will need other items to lure those sneaky Leprechauns in. We will start this project March 2nd.

Each subject has a common theme in quarter 3, and that is ‘to prep them for 2nd grade.’ Conferences are just around the corner, and I am looking forward to sitting down with each of you to share (and show) the growth your child has made this year. The sign up sheets are on Shutterfly for available times.

Wood Acres Winter Open house is Sunday, January 28th. This is a great opportunity for you to meet and visit our 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Littleton. Not only will she share some of the curriculum for next year, this also gives you an opportunity to explore her classroom and ask any questions you may have.

I appreciate all your support in what I do each day. Your children are all amazing! It will be a long 3rd quarter….but together, we will get through it!!


A New Year

Happy New Year and welcome back!

I hope you all enjoyed your break with your loved ones and are off to a fantastic start to the new year. I look forward to getting back into the swing of things this week.
Being that it is a short week, we will finish Superkids since that did not happen the week of break. Also, we will share stories of what we did during our holiday break. If your child has something special to share, they can bring it in any day this week.
I will post a detailed entry later this week (or weekend) about upcoming events, projects, changes in our curriculum, and reminders about report cards.

A little F.Y.I….if you have adult size shoe boxes, DO NOT throw them out. I will be asking for shoe boxes at the end of January for our in-class Dr. Seuss and Leprechaun trap projects.

Have a great day!

Winter events coming up!!

Please make sure your kids are reading AND bringing back their purple folder for Mrs. Peltier. It is hard for her to assign and send home new books when the others are not brought back. She will return back to school tomorrow and will catch up on the reading folders that are here.

Wednesday, December 20th from 2-3 will be our holiday/winter party. I will get with the room parents to talk about options for a few games and activities, a craft to take home, and food to bring in.

Thursday, 21st, students will be able to wear their P.J.’s, bring a pillow and stuffed animal for movie. We will have a popcorn snack and warm hot cocoa drink.

Thursday, December 21st is an early release day (at 1:00) and there will be NO Tree House. We return from break Wednesday, January 3rd.

I​ can not believe how fast this year is flying by!! As always, if you need anything, please do not hesitate to ask.

Welcome to Mrs. Bratcher’s 1st grade class.

Dear Families,

On behalf of Doc, Golly, Etta Betta and all the Superkids I send you this digital welcome to our new Wood Acres website, parent portal, and our class’s very own page! Communication is key for a successful school year and this page will provide you with another easy way to be “in the know” about the happenings @ the Woods, especially in our class. Visit it often and let me know what else we can post to help you feel connected to us.

Autumn is an amazing season at Wood Acres as the changing colors never disappoint. Yes, it also brings shorter days and chillier weather, but we still pack lots of learning –inside and out- into each day.

This Matters At Wood Acres.

  • High Expectations For Teaching And Learning

  • Strong Instructional Leadership

  • Safe Learning Environment For Everyone

  • Positive And Welcoming School Climate

  • Valuing Time On Task For Mastery

  • Close Home School Partnerships