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Fast Facts

About the Woods

The Wood Acres School is a well-known and well-respected private, accredited non-denominational school in Marietta, Georgia. Wood Acres has been educating students since 1969 and is proud of both its rich traditions as well as its focus on developing resilient, compassionate, engaging, and articulate young men and women ready to tackle life and living in the 21st century and beyond. The arts thrive at the Woods and STEAM(Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) also has a home here with a nationally recognized experiential science program as the adopted curriculum – all nestled on 9 acres with walking paths, playfields, and places to laugh, learn, and linger with friends, old and new.


Wood Acres was founded in 1969 as the Wood Acres Country Day School. Originally located on the corner of Johnson Ferry and Roswell Roads in East Cobb County (yes, it was once just a beautiful forest!), the school provided unprecedented educational programs for Early Childhood students. Wood Acres moved to its present location in 1983. A multi-million dollar campus expansion and renovation were completed in 2007 in preparation for program growth into the middle school years. The Wood Acres logo, the Ginkgo leaf, symbolizes longevity and endurance, a nod to our founding almost a half a century ago. With the addition of Turner Hall, Wood Acres adopted its mascot, Navi-Gator. The compass rose, found in the school plaza, provides the school community a daily reminder of the importance of direction and purpose in all that we do.

Teacher/Pupil Ratio

Many schools, both public and private, tout low teacher-pupil ratios (TPR) but embedded in the numbers are additional non-homeroom teachers and support staff. Wood Acres’ TPR is a true representation of the importance we place on small class size and personal attention to a student’s learning. The Twos average TPR is 7:1, Threes, Fours, and Kindergarten average is 7:1, Grammar School (first through 4th grades is 14:1 and Upper School (5th through 8th grades) is 16:1. These TPR averages include applicable teaching assistants as they directly impact instruction.

Tuition Value

For the discerning family who compares both educational value and expense, The Wood Acres School has no competition. Our tuition is not just competitive; it consistently ranks on the top of lists comparing quality vs. tuition. Wood Acres firmly believes that a first class private school education should not cost more than college tuition. Specifics concerning tuition and fees can be obtained online under the apply tab or by calling the Wood Acres Financial Accounts Manager.


Leadership at Wood Acres ascribes to the tenets of 30+ years of research on effective schools. Hence, The Wood Acres School focuses on a clear and focused vision, high expectations for student achievement, strong instructional leadership, a safe learning environment, close monitoring of instruction and time on task, a positive school climate, and close home-school-community partnerships. Through these lenses leadership and teaching teams constantly evaluate themselves for continuous improvement.


Preschool – 8th grade is accredited with quality by the Georgia Accrediting Commission. Founded in 1901 this commission accredits both private and public schools in the state.

Curriculum Approach

Wood Acres does not ascribe to any one teaching methodology, any one-curriculum approach, or any one academic mindset. The programs and adopted curriculum are strongly research-based, geared to national standards, and represent myriad approaches that have proven successful for student achievement and academic success.

Choice In Education

Choice in education can be both an invigorating experience as well as a challenging one to implement. The Wood Acres School works closely with prospective families in hopes of making a great educational match between student and school. One visit to our campus will help you shape your child’s educational journey.