Three Year Olds

Early Literacy

In the Wood Acres Three Year Old Program, early reading skills are cultivated through a print rich environment that encourages students to use their innate curiosity and enthusiasm for learning. Purposeful inquiry is at the heart of our literacy program that awakens the scientist and the explorer in every child.

A closer look into Wood Acres Early Literacy Program would reveal:

  • Discrimination and identification of sounds in spoken language
  • Demonstration of awareness of concepts of print
  • Engagement in written exploration
  • Knowledge that letters of the alphabet are a special category of visual graphics
  • Association of pictures with their labels
  • Engagement in activities related to stories
  • Continued emphasis on the joys of books, stories, and rhythmic poetry


The Wood Acres early numeracy program offers an activity-centered, manipulative math program in which students learn through the five senses. Materials, from pattern blocks to acorn tops, are real and physically present before the student, engaging the child’s senses. The activities are, in themselves, enjoyable and interesting. Embedding significant mathematical learning in play and classroom routines allows the integration of mathematical learning throughout the day, not just during “math time”. Initial work with calendars, schedules, times, etc blend naturally here as well.

A closer look into Wood Acres Early Math program would reveal:

  • Patterning that supports the development of numeric and spatial sense
  • Sorting and classifying encouragement of the development of logical thinking and language skills
  • Counting undergirding basic mathematical concepts including number recognition, counting skills, and an understanding of one-to-one correspondence
  • Geometric identification promoting shape recognition and manipulation
  • Application of these budding skills to seeing them in their actual environment

Social Studies

Students in the Early School Program will gain a global understanding of self, people and their lives, friends and family, and their immediate environment. They will also gain an increasing awareness of the relationship between themselves and the groups to which they belong. Wood Acres students will learn how to contribute to the successful functioning of the classroom community. They will also discover the similarities and differences among people in global communities. It is never too early to begin looking at the world through a more global perspective and learning how to serve others.


Three year old children are naturally curious about the world around them. Wood Acres Three Year Old students begin activities in exploration, investigation, and observation. They will develop their observational skills by using their senses to gather and record information. They will begin making predictions and have discussions about their ideas, critical initial stages of embracing the scientific process. Students will examine change over time in natural settings as well as develop respect for living things in the environment.