The Wood Acres School Privacy Policy

At The Wood Acres School, we respect and are committed to protecting your privacy with regards to both electronic and print media. This privacy statement informs you of the following:

Information Collection and Use

We will only collect personal information about you when you complete a form that requests such information (e.g., filling out a Web form, registering for an event, etc.).

The situations where personal information may be collected, include the following:

  1. Web forms (requests for information, registrations, and feedback)
    The Wood Acres School Web site may provide the opportunity for you to complete forms and registrations, such as admission request forms, alumni event registration, and feedback forms. The personal information you provide will be used only for such purposes as are described at the point of collection, such as to send information to you.
  2. The website automatically tracks access; however, it does not collect any personal information, but only the Internet address of the computer accessing the site, together with some information on the web browser being employed on that computer and a record of the pages visited on the site.
  3. At the present time the website does not employ the use of cookies to collect information about how you use the site.

Disclosure of Information

The identifiable personal information you provide through e-mail lists, web forms and surveys is considered private data. The data may be shared with employees of The Wood Acres School as necessary to provide the specific service requested, but no personal identification information is ever shared with other organizations, advertisers, or other third parties without explicit permission.

The school does reserve the right to share user information in the event that it is necessary to comply with any legal process.

Use of Photographs

Photographs of The Wood Acres School community members, including students, alumni/ae, faculty, staff, are used on this web site. Our guidelines regarding public identification of students is:

  1. We will NOT use either first or last names when referring to students, their work, or images in the public section of The Wood Acres School web site.
  2. We may use either first or last names when referring to students, their work, or images in the secure Parent section of The Wood Acres School web site.
  3. We will always attempt to use photographs of staff, parents and/or students that reflect positively on them.

Please be aware that The Wood Acres School has no control over photos and materials once they are posted online, and these can be copied or sent without our knowledge or permission.

Legal Information

The Wood Acres School provides links to other Web sites and resources. We do not control these sites and resources, do not endorse them, and are not responsible for their availability, content or delivery of services. In particular, external sites are not bound by The Wood Acres School’s privacy policy. They may have their own policies or none at all. Generally you can tell you are leaving The Wood Acres School Web site by noting the URL of the destination site.

Copyrighted Materials

All materials on this site are copyrighted by The Wood Acres School unless otherwise indicated. Wood Acres will not post copyrighted material without written permission. For permission to use any material from this site, please contact the Wood Acres’ office.

Contact information

If you have a special request,any questions or concerns regarding this privacy statement, please contact the Wood Acres office.