Discover Why.

The Wood Acres Advantage

Attending the Wood Acres School from Early School – 8th grade gives Wood Acres students the advantage for continuity during the foundation of their education. Students blossom into confident leaders and grow their academic success. Families, staff, and students also develop a strong sense of community that follows students through their high school years and beyond.

While researching the best school for your family, consider the benefits of becoming a student at Wood Acres and find out why Wood Acres is the number one choice for an education.

The 10 Benefits of Choosing the Wood Acres School

  • Early School engaged in learning, discovery, and exploration.
  • Grammar School focused on math mastery, reading fluency, and higher order thinking.
  • Middle School recognized for academics, leadership, and high school preparedness.
  • Inspiring students toward excellence since 1969.
  • Preschool – 8th grade accredited with quality by the (GAC) Georgia Accrediting Commission.
  • Small class sizes of 15 students or less.
  • Dedicated faculty who care, challenge, and nurture the whole individual.
  • Foreign language learning aligned to international academic standards.
  • Required 30 minutes of recess daily for all students.
  • After school and summer enrichment programs available.

Choice in education can be both an invigorating experience as well as a challenging one. Wood Acres works closely with prospective families in hopes of making an outstanding educational match between student and school. One visit to our campus will help you shape your student’s educational journey.

A student’s perspective…

“You really get to know the kids for a long time, and they become like your second family.”

“At Wood Acres you get more individual attention because the class sizes are much smaller and there are fewer distractions.”

“Being outdoors every day is my favorite! We get recess and PE!”

“I love that I can ask my teachers questions and not feel like I am bothering them.”

A parent’s perspective…

“Wood Acres is like 50 years of the best lesson plans strategically placed into an academic calendar.   It is warm and fuzzy, with a strong sense of academics.  It is the warm smiles that greet us each morning.  The inclusiveness.  It is the human element that is embedded in the Wood Acres education. ”

“Our oldest son, who was doing “fine” in public school, is now learning more and challenging himself. There is no such thing as “fine.” He wants to be “great.” He strives to be better. Just the other day, he looked at us and said, “thank you for sending me to Wood Acres. I feel smart.”

“One of the MANY things I love about Wood Acres is your constant reflection of what is working and what is not. What could be better than your fearless, take charge, do what the kids need to prepare them for life approach. I love that you strive for them to understand the WHY of what they are doing.”

“One of my favorite aspects of Wood Acres is the small community “feel”.  The principal knows my child by name and has a grasp on his strengths and weaknesses.  When I had concerns about his learning ability, she took 30 min out of her day to discuss it with me and was extremely helpful with feedback.  This school is amazing and an extremely good value.  I’d recommend this school to anyone who wants a higher standard of education with the best resources. “

A teacher’s perspective…

“True teachable moments are constants at Wood Acres since I have the freedom to introduce curriculum and implement it the way that best fits my students.”

“I love the flexibility to be able to take my students outside on a nice day and have them work on their lessons in the fresh air.”

“Wood Acres is a dream place to teach due to our challenging curriculum, amazing students, and wonderful families.”